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Tips for EC with a newborn boy... positions, potty, etc.

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I haven't figured out a good position/set-up for a tiny boy yet... I didn't start EC with my dd till she was 6 months, and what worked for her just isn't working for a little boy.  We've been holding him over the smart potty or toilet but he's too limp/wobbly for me to hold him in a leaning back position... and he fountains over the splash guard pretty often.  He gives great cues for pee and wakes up crying if he needs to go, so I'd like to try to catch more if I can figure out a position that's comfy/safe for him.  Haven't been able to distinguish poo cues from just gas yet.  Any suggestions??

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We tip the potty back in the beginning.

In the thread linked below there are a few pictures of how we held the potty or bowl tipped in front of the important parts (if you pull his knees up, the poo goes forward, too). The baby on the toilet under the newborn heading is a boy. He was leaned back against my thigh and arm. The other two boys have a harder time getting their pee to go down. One thing I don't have a picture of, if you hold him in the cradle hold at the very front of the toilet facing back, there is a good amount of space for gravity to act upon the pee and get it into the bowl. I might try to get a picture of that tomorrow, the youngest boy has no pictures on the thread.


No ideas for distinction between gas and poops, I don't think the babies themselves can tell the difference before about 5 months.

Good luck
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Thanks seraf... the photo timeline is really helpful!  I've been practicing tipping back the potty... it's tricky holding him and getting the potty "just right" so we're still overshooting a lot.  I'm getting better with the pee catches though, at least after naps during the day.  I'd like try catching at night, but he pees (and breastfeeds) every hour at night it seems like right now, so I may wait a few weeks to start with night-time EC... unless someone has suggestions to make it easier!

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I'd love to have some more tips too! I'm due with boy #2 in a week and we started with ds #1 at 6 months. He could sit on a potty and hold himself up already. I keep reading about girls and keep thinking "that will never work with a boy!" 


How on earth do you get a limp newborn boy propped up over a bowl without making a mess? My now 18 month old is awesome about going potty, but overshoots the spray guard thing constantly!

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You know those large rectangular aluminium foil  dishes intended for baking?  Those, i used those for my two boys. I held him over the top, and the large rectangular receptacle was plenty of space to catch the pee.  I didnt bother with a potty at the beginning.


 I thought EC might be easier with a girl (who is now 8mths) but in fact it has different challenges.  Although i dont have to worry about catching the pee in the potty, it is more difficult when out and about as her clothes get a bit wet. This was not a problem for boys.

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In the link I posted above, 4 out of 5 of those newborn pictures are of boys.


Here's one that mostly demonstrates, we just tipped the container back.




On the toilet, for one of the boys, I used my  hand as a splashguard because I planned to wash my hands anyway but it saved me from also washing the toilet lid, tank, seat, under seat and wall.

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