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Thank you! and HELP please! (salicylates)

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First I just want to say thank you for all the amazing information I've found in this forum.  I've learned more on here to help my daughter than going to my pediatrician, allergist and naturopath.


And that brings me to...I haven't found any help from my pediatrician, naturopath or allergist.  Around 5 or 6 months my DD began having mucous in her poop, which quickly turned to diarrhea.  She is now 10 months old and I've yet to see a healthy looking poop.  I eliminated the top 8 allergens and saw zero improvement after about three weeks.  I felt like I was starving so I started eating what I wanted, but at the same time thought I'd try giving up just almonds, as I ate a lot of them, especially during the elimination diet.  Within days I saw an improvement.  The recent rough skin on her cheeks and mild eczema on her neck disappeared and her poops became almost normal.  So I stopped eating all nuts.  The skin problems never reoccurred, but her poop got worse again.  Stopped eating anything in the rose family (almonds are in the rose family), no improvement. Took the top 20 allergens out of my diet.  No improvement.  


Then I read a thread on salicylates about the same time I learned that my MIL in super allergic to them (kill her dead allergic, to meds and fruits).  I also got in touch with a mom whose child had diarrhea issues and was also autistic, but was able to reverse both the diarrhea and autistic symptoms.  She brought up the Feingold diet.  Not having the funds to spend on the whole diet material I started researching which foods were low in salicylic acid and tried that.  Saw no improvement.  Went back to eating what I wanted and immediately realized that the diet really had made a difference.  She stopped sleeping through the night, her poop became more full of mucous, and she became really whiny and clingy.  Things seemed to be much better and I was desperate for flavor, so I ate some tomato basil marinara sauce and immediately my lips felt like they'd lost a couple of layers of skin and broke up in little bumps along the edge and the corners cracked.  I suppose that makes sense that I am unknowingly intolerant of tomatoes/salicylates and have leaky gut, leading to her problems.  Looking back I had only two signs, a tendency towards anxiety (less stressed and anxious after limiting salicylates), and prickly heat when exerting myself or occasionally when eating spicy food.  My poops have always been great, so I thought my system was healthy.  


Here are my issues/questions:


I began to think that her diarrhea is actually constipation.  Especially because after giving her flax seed oil twice a day she started to poop six or seven times a day before it normalized back to once a day.  Thought I fixed it and then after a bit there was a lot less substance and sometimes she'd go a day or two without pooping.  Oil and probiotics didn't do the trick anymore. Enemas didn't seem to make a difference, so that leads me to think I was either wrong about the constipation, or it's so bad I need to do more enemas?


I'm vegetarian.  Philosophically I'm not opposed to eating meat, but I've never eaten it in my life (hate the smell, taste and texture) and I don't actually think I could swallow it without vomiting.  Plus, after 30 years, I might not be able to digest it (takes a long time to lose those enzymes, but it happens).  That makes a low salicylate diet pretty rough.  I've been using Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins, but being that they are made from whole foods, lots of which have a high salicylate content, I stopped taking them, along with my Vit D3, magnesium supplement which is Country Life and blueberry flavored.  I've started giving her DHA which has obviously high omega 3, which concerns me a touch because I was reading about a mom on here who had great results after lowering her omega 3s and upping her 6s.  My pediatrician, who I have no faith in, wants me to give her tri-vi-sol, but after looking at the ingredients, that's totally unacceptable to me.  I'm giving her Vit D and DHA supplement as I said and a blood test shows that her iron levels are good.  If both of us have good iron levels I don't think its necessary to supplement for iron, but the ped is really pushing for it.  Thoughts?


I'm also eating a lot more wheat, dairy, and potato now than I think I should because those are the things that add fun texture and flavor to food, which I'm so desperate for.  Thank god for shallots!


I haven't been sleeping well lately.  I tend to become wide awake after her 4am nursing session and even though she goes back to sleep in takes me  a couple of hours, and then she wakes up shortly after.  Or very recently she started waking up and not going back to sleep after her 4am feeding.  The lack of sleep, the limited variety of available foods, the frustration of her still having diarrhea...I feel like I'm about to lose my cool.  


I need suggestions and ideas.  This is so hard while trying to limit diary, wheat and soy, and not eating any meat, poultry, fish or eggs.  I'm happy to eat eggs in things, but I can't cope with taste, texture or smell, so no crepes, quiches or the like.  I'm really worried that amines might be a problem for her to and I'll have to become a breatharian.  :-)


She's not very interested in food, and nursing full time.  Neither of us is ready to stop nursing, but it's a lot to ask of my body on such a limited diet.  


I'm really looking forward to any ideas!


Thank you!

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I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you, but I am bumping this up for more attention.

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Thank you Pokey.  Sorry for the slow response.  Family is in town.


Last night was horrible.  She didn't poop yesterday and woke up crying several times like she was in pain.  Then woke up wanting to play for over an hour before pooping.  No mucous but it was thick and pasty.  She seemed fine after pooping.  But this morning she has bright red dots all over her bum and around her anus and opening to her yoni are are all red.  What did I eat?  My diet is already so limited.  I tried eating a couple pickled pepper slices the other day.  Could be be a delayed reaction?  I really do need ideas and suggestions ladies.  I feel like I'm losing my mind.


Oh and she's also had her poop analyzed at the lab.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  

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