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Insensitive comment about pphn

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Long story short my daughter was diagnosed with pphn with meconium aspiration as of Monday when she was born. She had an amazing home birth but was transferred to the hospital soon after her birth. Most of her team has been fantastic and she is progressing well with each day moving further away from possibility of echo. Yesterday though, the dr on shift started her "update" with "ok, first lesson learned, never have a home birth".... I was so in shock I didn't even know what to respond and heard nothing after that point. She has been the first dr on her team to be completely insensitive and made me feel like this was all my fault. Of course when i tell others nurses or people i was 41 +3 days they ask why i didnt induce. This post is mostly just to vent. I appreciate everyone's posts on pphn as they give me hope my little one will come out of this ok.
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As far as I know, the cause of PPHN is unknown. If the doctor was implying that the location of your birth canal (home, not hospital) during the baby's birth in some way caused the PPHN, he is quite incorrect. Some babies just come out and their circulatory systems just don't make the switch. It sucks, but it couldn't have been caused by the location of your birth.


You didn't need to induce, because you went into labour! That's what you say when people ask. Induction is for when you don't go into labour. But you did. Jeez, it's like they're idiots over there.

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Oh,mama, I'm sorry that happened to you. As a (former) L&D nurse and a (former) NICU mama myself who lovingly and carefully chose to plan a home birth, this is positively infuriating. PPHN happens to hospital-born babies, too. As does mec aspiration. As do all sorts of unpredictable complications (MRSA is running rampant in the L&D unit of a nearby hospital right now!) When I was working I saw several term, previously healthy babies sent to the NICU after doctors made unfortunate errors. But does this doctor, when giving report on a baby like that, begin with stating that one should NEVER choose a hospital birth? Of course not!

This was not your fault. The PPHN would have happened if you gave birth in the hospital too. This doctor is an insensitive, narrow-minded jerk, and I'm so sorry that he said that to you about your precious baby and your lovingly chosen home birth. It is your right to "fire" this doctor, if you wish. I had to fire one after he refused to listen to me when I said something was amiss with my baby (guess who turned out to be right...) A doctor that's too attached to his ideology and sense of superiority is not one I want making choices about my child's critical care.
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File a formal complaint with the hospital about this doctor and be specific about what was said! Really, that's the only way things change.

BTW, I don't homebirth but I have known plenty of hospital born babies that have had the same issue. That doctor was outta line.
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