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Awww, another cutie! What an adorable bunch of babies so far! love.gif

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Here is Carrick Dale, 37w6d, my stubborn breech baby!

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Carson, He's adorable! joy.gif I hope you're feeliing good and recovering well!

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Madi and Carson, such such such cute kiddos <3 <3 <3 <3 thanks for posting! these baby pics are so helpful in this final push!

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Awww... all this cuteness!!!

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Carson I was hoping we'd get a look at your little guy soon! Too cute. smile.gif
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I love these baby pictures.  My heart is swelling with joy for you all and anticipation for the rest of us!

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Congratulations Carson.
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OMG what adorable babies! I can't wait to snuggle my own LO... IF he ever gets here!!

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afternoon nap, two days old, - today (three days old) his wrinkled face is starting to unfold a little bit and we're getting a few glimpses of his eyes <3 <3

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Aaawww...so cute Miranda. He's adorable.

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I am loving all of these photos, mamas! Keep the adorable coming!

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making birth announcements, had to share again smile.gif

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Aww!!!  I love sweet birth announcements!!  I've *gasp* never made one or sent one .... but maybe I"ll start now because they're so darn cute!

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they are cute and make a fun keepsake!
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She is about seven weeks old here.



After her first bath at home, we discovered her hair likes to curl!  It does tame down as it dries, but I think she got my curly hair!  She's about 4 weeks old here. 


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Kathryn's protector, He doesn't leave her side!

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