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First vaccine went well!

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My 2 month old got the DTaP in prep for possible exposure being baby sat on my University campus while I teach.  My older DD did not start getting vaccines until almost 4 months because she was so tiny and did not have to come to campus until 6 months old.  I worry about every vaccine, but have a great pediatrician who supports selective and delayed vaccination.  I am so glad she came through this one with absolutely no negative reaction- no fever, no fussiness.  She even slept through the vaccine itself.  My Pediatrician uses this shot blocker thing that spreads out mild pressure around the site so they feel the needle less- it works great.  Baby just grimaced and kept sleeping.  Relief!

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I'm glad it went well!  Just keep an eye on her for the next couple of days.  My kids never had a fever until 2 days later.  I just had to have the Tdap, for the tetnus shot, and I my fever didn't hit until the 2nd day either. 

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Congrats! My son has so far had similar reactions. He actually laughed during his most recent shots. Never any fevers, fussiness, or anything. He just seemed... totally fine. I was totally prepared for a fever or something! Much easier than expected.

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My son never had any reactions either. He only cried during some injections, not all, and he always stopped when he got a sticker smile.gif
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That's great. My son (UTD on all his vaxes at 14 months) has only cried a bit for the shots and has never seemed to have any after effects whatsoever. He actually did the most crying for the oral vaccine, rotavirus! lol... 

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Congrats!  The only issue we have ever had was a sore leg during the 2 month dtap.  If that happens to you a warm bath fixes it.

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