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Holy cow it's September! 9/2 weekly thread

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Hey mamas hope all is well and you are all having amazing weekends!
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Thanks for starting this thread darkblue! Greetings to all of you - I haven't been very good about posting on here because I have been so busy at work, but I have been keeping up on reading and I'm thinking of you all (even if I don't post very often!)


My stress at work has been fairly high on some days and I worry about it affecting LC.  I have been trying really hard to mentally s-l-o-w down when I start feeling overwhelmed/frustrated and that helps a little.  Also, not bitching about it once I get home or taking it with me.  Its tough though.  


The good news is that we were able to go up to our cabin for a night and pick a bunch more blueberries (about 10lbs)!  Last night I made muffins and cobbler that was absolutely to die for (I was trying to channel your baking mojo darkblue)!  I love to bake and I haven't had much time to lately, but the blueberries are a good excuse.  We are freezing most of them so we can enjoy them over the winter.  





Here is a pic of my DH in front of our cabin that we (mostly he) built.  It is a work in progress but is nice and cozy inside when we fire up our woodstove.  We can't wait to bring LC out here!

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Aaaah, how.is.this.possible? Another week just flew by. 26 weeks now? REALLY? I am coming right up on that LAST trimester....holy cow.


DarkBlue, I know things have been crazy at your end...is everything OK?

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AlaskAnne, that looks like a great, private location for a home birth! winky.gif

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Tropicana - I don't think you could find a more private location!!!!  Some...ummm...amenities (like a hot shower!) would be lacking.    

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Hi Mummas!

Gah are we already here?? When did that happen? Wasn't I just charting my ovulation ten minutes ago?!?!
Things here are up and down... I had a realization last night about why I DO NOT want a c section. I was sexually abused as a child and it's the idea of not feeling my body and others having control over it again..... So now that I have weaseled that outta my subconscious I am going to have to work work work through it! Tough....

Positive things?? It's Spring here now! We spent the first day of spring in the front yard in the hammock reading Birthing From Within! 'twas glorious! I still needed a few layers but we got there lol!
Last night DH and I went out for tea at a gorgeous Thai restaurant and we have figured out all of the names for this babe! We have 7 possibilities! So we are bound to run into a match lol! They are all great and we are in love with them all!!

Can't believe that soon I should be thinking baby showers and mother blessings! Ahhh when did this happen?
Anyway I best be off, I have an appt at the chiro to have some crunching and cracking done on my poor pelvis and hips!
Love to all xxxxx
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hug2.giftravelmummm!  Dealing with abuse with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can be so hard.  I don't know if this would interest you or not but there is a book called When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simmkin.  It's fabulous.  I have served mommas with abuse in there past and it has been very useful. 

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Originally Posted by cocobean View Post

hug2.giftravelmummm!  Dealing with abuse with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can be so hard.  I don't know if this would interest you or not but there is a book called When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simmkin.  It's fabulous.  I have served mommas with abuse in there past and it has been very useful. 

Thanks for that Coco.. I do have the book at home and I read some parts of it at the beginning of this pregnancy, but didnt find it too helpful, although at the time i felt like i needed a break from healing... Now that I am having something to work through I think i might have to go back and re look at it again.. Hoepfully find some good tid bits!


On a positive note, I jut had an appt at the naturopath (my second appt ever) and I am in love!! She gave me a whole bunch of "Potions' to keep me healthy and happy, and I cant wait to start chomping through them lol

Chiro on the other hand was no good... They explained that my pelvis is rotten and that "manual adjustments" wont be a good idea anymore... hmmmm

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I swear the last 5 weeks just *flew* by! Of course, I said at my book club this past week how great I was feeling...and when the calendar flipped to 25w Saturday, my body started mocking me. And idk if it's just my choice of dress the past 2 days or what, but I think I look way bigger than 25w all of a sudden.

I'm about to go to sleep, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate the respectful discourse in these threads and this group in general. I have a local parenting group that seems to be going through a disrespectful, judgmental phase right now, and it's so nice to come here and read about birth choices, etc, without that negativity. (that statement seems very unusual for most mdc groups, lol) anyway...thanks ladies. smile.gif
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Jumping in early while I can! Being new to this DDC and all, I read all through the last weekly thread but it's so hard to post when you don't know people yet and the thread is so long. I do have to say I LOVE that you gals all seem really close and these threads are active. There is something really important about a sense of community for me while pregnant, and I just don't have that IRL right now.




Travelmumma -  I can't believe you guys came up with, agreed upon, and equally love SEVEN different name possibilities. You guys are like baby naming superstars lol! 


AlaskAnne - hug2.gifI'm having a hard time controlling stress too and then I go and stress about how my stress is stressing my baby! lol. I have an anxiety disorder anyway, so good luck getting me NOT to be stressed, but I'm having an extra difficult time right now because my emotional state is always somewhat iffy with this pregnancy, compounded with the fact that we've been having some financial problems and work problems and I still don't know if I can take any maternity leave, not to mention how we are going to deal with having another baby for just...a multitude of logistical reasons. Anyway, I find that a daily meditation period for about 15 minutes after work REALLY helps reset my mind. I just go in my room and sit or lay down and just try to quiet my mind. Sometimes it's helpful for me to have music. I try to focus on being accepting and trusting and present. It does seem to help. 


Anybody else feel like they absolutely MUST have blueberry cobbler immediately. Sheesh :P


AFM - getting so excited for fall! It's my favorite season by far. I love the smell in the air, all things pumpkin, pretty leaves, football, cute jackets and boots, etc. I do not however love winter and fall is too dang short! I live in Oregon and am pretty happy with the first couple months of the rainy season but after that....blah. I just hate kids being cooped up inside driving me nutso, and driving in the rain, and getting my hair wet (I just can't seem to become an umbrella person, which is stupid because I have curly hair which I straighten all the time so...it's pretty necessary but alas). Plus getting in and out of cars etc with a newborn in pouring rain seems...annoying. But fall is coming and I adore it and I choose not to look past that so...lol! 


Anyone else working on fetal positioning? My daughter was misaligned which I believe was the reason for my epic 43 week pregnancy and 33hr labor at home at which point I lost track because I transferred to the hospital. This is my last baby and final attempt at a HB (HBA2C if all goes well!), so I'd like to tip the odds in my favor if possible. Starting this week I hereby solemnly swear to do inversions and pelvic rocks daily and to never lounge on the couch again until this baby is born. 

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Hi, everybody -


I'm at the beach with my family for the holiday weekend.  Best part so far: there was a big fireworks display we didn't know was going to happen last night but which we could see really well from our house.  That was awesome.


It's interesting to watch the interactions . . .  I feel like when we are around DH's family, the attitude is, what the kids want/need comes first, adults can socialize around the outside of doing what their kids need.  Here, the attitude is more, what can we find the kids to do so they'll stay out of our hair so we (adults) can do what we want?  DH and I are a lot more comfortable with the former than the latter . . . I bet my kids like it better the other way, too. 


I feel bad though - I've been SO TIRED that I've been doing a lot of sitting like a lump (okay, I did some work while sitting like a lump, which will make next week at work easier, but still) and DH has been on pretty much constant kid duty.  I am telling myself that he has a great time on the beach/in the water with them, which makes it okay, but I still feel guilty.


AlaskAnne, how big (or small!) is the cabin?  DH & I lived in a shack that was MAYBE 250 or 300 square feet when we moved there for the first 5 years or so of our marriage.  (It wasn't, however, in a place as interesting - to me - as Alaska.)  Interesting experience!

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Anyone else have morning sickness coming back?  I've been waking up the past week with nausea and vomiting like it's the first trimester all over again.


Marilyn:  I look forward to Fall all year long!  It's such a magical time of year.  We don't get that much of a Fall/Winter season here in California, which is so disappointing to me.  This is my first baby, but I've been doing pelvic rocks and I did my first inversion on Saturday with the help of my dh.  I noticed that the baby moved around a lot after doing the inversion.  I hope it helps the baby get into a good position.

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Travelmumma- *hugs*!!! I have been in your shoes...the circumstances may not be identical, but as a sexual abuse survivor myself, I know what you mean...totally BTDT and got the t-shirt, lol so I completely understand where you are coming from. When I ended up with a true emergency c/s with DD2, it completely devastated me...in ways I wasn't really prepared for, so if you want/need someone to talk to please send me a PM!


Tropicana-Thanks for asking mama! things here are good, but definitely bananas, lol, DH's new job is great but I barely see him, one of our neighbors ran into some trouble as she started a new job but hadn't considered how she would pay for childcare and I offered to do it for free so I have two little ones in my brood Monday thru Friday-indefinitely, who are fine, but not really used to the things we do, ie homeschooling-let alone Waldorf schooling, lol so it has been different! Annnd I have a big paper due next week for one of my classes (and I only have 2 pages out of 12 written so far hide.gif)  Our grapes are officially in and we are up to our ears harvesting them, which is awesome as the smell is terrific, but I am SOOO over bending over!


Alaskanne-Your cabin looks epic, (and so do your yummy treats!!)

Stegenrae-So sorry you aren't feeling supported in your group!! You are such an awesome mama!!

Marilyn-Fall is my favorite season too...I am sooooooooo geeked out about the fact that September is finally here!!! Yay!!

Mamabeakley-Don't be so hard on yourself mama-cooking babies is hard work! (we get no breaks, lol) The beach sounds lovely, sorry the vibe isn't a bit better!

Kalikikila-No moring sickness here (thanks goodness!!) Sorry you are dealing with that :( I will be sending some good babe positioning vibes your way goodvibes.gif


Hope all is well mamas!! I think of you all even when I don't have time to post!

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Hello ladies!


Hope everyone is enjoying a nice holiday weekend. I am, unfortunately, at work today, but holidays tend to be pretty mellow, so I have plenty of time to slack off.



Mamabeakley - Hope that you get some good relaxation in at the beach and go home well-rested. 


AlaskAnne - your cabin looks charming! How lovely to have a nice private place to retreat to!


Marilyn - Another autumn lover here! The season aren't quite so pronounced here in the SF Bay area, but I look forward to all the fall holidays and traditions, so much. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I have been thinking a lot about a good costume that will incorporate the pregnant belly.


AFM - I have been battling some pretty painful sciatica the past week or so. I am doing a lot of yoga/stretching, applying heat, and had a massage last week, but I am not getting a lot of relief. It is making me pretty cranky. I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow afternoon, and I feel really confident that he will be able to help. I have been seeing him for years and he has always been able to help me with my aches and pains. My partner and I have tickets tonight to see one of my favorite bands and I am really hoping that my pain won't make standing for the show unbearable.


Tomorrow morning is my follow-up ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved away from the cervix - so my fingers are crossed. I am really hoping that the problem will be resolved tomorrow and I won't need to have another ultrasound. 


We are driving down Thursday to Southern California for our final pre-baby family visit. I am really excited to spend some time with my parents, sister and niece/nephew. I haven't seen them since January and miss them terribly. I love my family dearly, but we really have different political/world views, which can sometimes be weird and stressful, so I am hoping to avoid any political discussions and just enjoy our time together.

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Hello all! Another fall lover here! Although we won't really see cooler temperatures in Houston until November (seriously, it is 100 degrees today!), I love football and planting our fall garden and mornings that are not unbearably hot so that I can get out the jogging stroller again. When it can reach 90 before 9 am, who in their right mind goes jogging? Not this girl!


Alaskanne - Your cabin is adorable! How far is your cabin from where you live? How often do you get to go out to it? I really hope that your weekend of berry picking helped you escape some of your work stress and that can carry over into this week. And that cobbler looked delicious!


Travelmumma - I love that as the rest of us are entering fall you are beginning to enjoy Spring! A quiet day reading in a hammock sounds like a lovely way to enjoy the weather. And well done on the baby names! Care to share some of the favorite possibilities?


Stegenrae - I, too, am loving the community that we all have made here! It is great to be part of such an interesting group of women that truly seem to respect and care for one another. And I hope your 25 week aches and pains were relieved by a good night of sleep.


Marilyn82 - Best of luck on the baby positioning work. I love that you are making a commitment now to keep up with inversions and pelvic rocks. I was super committed to doing that during my last pregnancy and it paid off very well during labor. But I have not been so great about it this time around and I too am worried about baby's position. Well, you have inspired me and starting today I will do my pelvic rocks.


Mamabeakley - Your weekend at the beach sounds wonderful! Where were you staying?


Kaliki_kila - I am so sorry the morning sickness has returned! That happened with my first pregnancy and it was awful. I hope you can get some rest and feel better soon.


Darkblue - I am so sorry that it has been so crazy for you lately. Do you have anyone that can help you out some so that you can focus on your paper?


Kateadelle - Sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow with your ultrasound and your chiro appointment. Please let us know how everything goes. Hoping that you get peace of mind in the morning and some relief from your sciatica in the afternoon.


As for me, we are spending our labor day doing lots of small house projects and reorganizing. Before this little one comes, we are going to move our DD to her own room (what is now the playroom/office/guestroom), and then we will freshen up the bedroom she and her brother have shared so that the two boys will share a room. Realistically, this baby will not sleep in that room for a long time, but he will need closet space and drawer space. We are also beginning to slowly transition DS to sleeping in his bed a little bit more. As it stands now, we rock him to sleep and then lay him in his bed, but he wakes up within a few hours to potty and then joins us in our bed. It would be REALLY cozy to bed share with him and a newborn, so we are trying to get him back to his bed after the potty break. Thus far, he is fine with that as long as I sit on the floor and rub his back while he goes back to sleep BUT he doesn't sleep very well the rest of the night and generally wakes up every hour or so between midnight and four a.m, and every time I have to sit on the floor and rub his back. All of this to say that several nights into this process and I am sleep deprived and pretty achy from sitting on the floor so much. DD was much easier about transitioning to her own sleep space because she never really woke up all the way in the middle of the night (after a middle of the night potty break, we could carry her back to her room and she would be out before her head hit the pillow) and she didn't care who took her potty/put her back to bed. But DS is really making this challenging because he only wants me in the middle of the night and he takes forever to go back to sleep every time. Have any of you dealt with this before? Any advice on how I can continue to do this as gently and kindly as possible but hurry the process along as much as possible so that I can start catching up on sleep before this little one comes?


Well, the end of naptime is approaching so I am going to get a little more stuff done before the kids wake up to "help". Hope you all have a great week!

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Long Beach Island, a barrier island off the coast of New Jersey.  I've been there every year of my life but one - to a house my grandmother joined a co-op to own in the '60s.  :-)  There's no TV or internet (except now folks with cell phones can set up networks, so we do have internet a little bit), no a/c, no heat (so summer season only), 3 bathrooms for 20+ people, and we really just hang out and play on the beach - there are arcades and restaurants and stuff but they aren't part of our family tradition, really.  The controversial technological inovation of recent years was putting in dishwashers.  I love it!

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Dee Gee, do you have space in your room to put a mattress (or sleeping bag, even) on the floor next to your bed? Just thinking that your DS could go pee, then crash in there so you can get more rest, without him actually being in your bed. We first transitioned DS1 out of our bed to a mattress next to me, so if he awoke, I just put my hand down on his back or to hold his hand, and then he was fine, and I didn't lose much sleep. If you have a less comfortable option, it might make him see the benefits of being in his own bed instead of a sleeping bag on your floor. (though kids can tolerate that way better than us heavy adults!) Good luck...and rest up!

Funny you mentioned getting a good night's sleep for me--I got up at my usual time this morning, went pee, then back to bed...and slept until 11! I can't believe my noisy kids didn't wake me up. After hanging out at a pool with friends all afternoon, I crashed on the couch with dh, and moved to my bed a bit ago. Basically I'm playing possum right now, but I'm just.too.wiped to do anything but lie in the dark, surfing the web from my phone anyway.
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Hi Everyone - I love reading everyone's updates. I get overwhelmed making specific responses and am so impressed with those that do. But do know that I just read through all of this week's posts.


I too have been thinking about baby positioning. I've been doing inversions and pelvic tilts, and mayan abdominal massage. I can't seem to keep it up everyday though. I just hope that it all helps. This is my first baby so I have nothing to compare. I'm 27 weeks and this baby seems to be changing positions a lot. It's hard for me to palpate the baby myself, but I do listen with my fetoscope and last week I tracked it from head down to breech, then transverse and back over a few days! At my prenatal last week, the baby was head down and last night, I'm pretty sure it was breech again. I know there is still a lot of room for the baby to move, but it amazes me!


I periodically have frequent braxton-hicks contractions. Last night, we walked to dinner from my folks house and on the way back, I had 3, then on the drive home another one. It freaked me out a bit. When we got home, I rested, drank water and ate some protein (well drank some kefir!). Anyone else have this happen? They never hurt, but are intense squeezing of my uterus.


My other complaint :) is my pubic bone - it is sore. Actually, it seems like more of the mons area over the bone and my labia, not sure it's the bone at all. In fact, I stopped bike commuting to work last week because it got so uncomfortable. Now my exercise has dropped to walking to and from the bus (and the walk to dinner last night). On the walk to the bus this am, another braxton hicks - is that normal to have them with exertion? Even sitting right here it is a bit sore, very uncomfortable.


Ok, I'm going on and on... DH and I decided that it was time to finish the bathroom "remodel." I started it 5 yrs ago before DH was in the picture and ran out of steam. So it's been in limbo this whole time - and had some exposed lead paint - so it really should be finished before the baby comes. It really only involved tearing out a built in medicine cabinet, fixing the walls and painting, but it expanded as these things do and he didn't get done this weekend. I pretty much stayed at my folks house and we slept there so I wouldn't be exposed to the lead dust and painting. So it was really all my DH he is so great, but I feel bad that I'm not helping. I just tell myself, I'm working hard at making a baby - that is enough. Anyway, He decided that the door needed to be stripped of all the paint layers (there were many) and that the lathe and plaster walls didn't look good with the patch so they all needed a skim coat. Well, 3 days later, the door is half stripped, the walls are almost ready to paint (needs some more sanding and smoothing). Hopefully that can all be done next weekend! We'll be staying at my folks again. It wasn't that bad, I just sewed most of the weekend. I've been making the Rockin Baby Gowns out of old t-shirts. Mostly as gifts for all the other babies in my life. But I have 1 or 2 for our baby.


I'm really excited to have the bathroom almost done though, yay!


Cheers everyone. Have a great week!

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mamabeakley, so crazy! I was just up in LBI on vacation with my family a month ago. We spent a week there every summer when I was growing up and I love it. I hadn't been in a few years so I was dying for some Slice of Heaven pizza and a trip to Fantasy Island. What part of the island do you usually stay on? We're pretty much always in Beach Haven, but this year we were in Ship Bottom.

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Chica, Harvey Cedars - it's the narrowest point on the island and we can see the bay and the ocean from our rooftop deck! 


Lulu, probably that pain in the front low down is your pubic bone starting to separate.  That sounds scary, but is relatively normal.  Also quite painful.  Chiro care can help a lot.  Mine is not too bad this time - I am mostly having trouble with my hips.  But it's allll connected.


Stegenrae, we just tried the sleeping bag on the floor trip with DD (3 yo) for the first time this past weekend.  At home, our family bed is really big enough for everyone (King + Queen) and as we only have 1 bedroom right now, we just all pile in.  But at te beach house DH got a bit of a sunburn and I thought he'd be awfully uncomfy sharing a twin bed with DD, which is what we've been doing when away from home.  She took to it with no difficulty at all - both nights she just woke up a little in the pre-dawn hours and came into my bed (also a twin, which I could handle for a couple of hours in the early AM).  Amazing.  DS1 had me so well trained - would not sleep AT ALL without touching someone for the first 2 years of his life!

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