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Help for cat who has suddenly turned into a panther/murderer (w/newborn on the way)

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I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and we recently moved to a new house that has quite a big property with lots of hedges, trees etc. and it is very close to the water in a rural/suburban community... an island, in fact.

We were living in a nearby town in the countryside before, but for some reason the new house has brought out a new side of our cat's personality:



In the past week, she has killed three rats, three mice and eaten two birds (this is all just that we know of.)

Unfortunately she has been bringing the rats inside to eat and the first time she did this very cleanly without much mess but this morning my husband has informed me there are rat guts in the hallway!


I FIND THIS SO DISGUSTING and I am wondering if I should be concerned about disease with the newborn coming IMMINENTLY.


The rats are not like city rats-- they live in the juniper hedge and probably eat seeds and berries and snails and such, and probably our compost.


I read a warning recently about West Nile Virus being carried by local birds...


Please help!


We need to find a solution, SOON!

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Can you keep he as an indoor cat? 

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I dont mean to sound rude but it's a cat, what did you expect? They are hunters, obligate carnivores, it is in their nature to do. It is extremely unlikely that your cat will bring anything into the house that could harm you or your baby. I would recommend regular dewormer as well as some sort of flea treatment. Or as mentioned above, keep your cat indoors.

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All cats are killing machines.  You will never be able to train her not to hunt.  Your options are to keep her indoors, or find her a new home.  Cats can pick up parasites and diseases from wild animals, and so can people. 

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Yup, cats are killers and it's very hard to stop it. Does she have a bell on her collar? That at least gives a tiny bit of warning she's coming, so maybe some of her victims can get away. 

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I agree that the bell on the collar is a great idea. thumb.gif

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If you are worried about West Nile virus, make sure there no pool of standing water.


I always have cat  who hunt like crazy. If anything, I think they reduce possibility of various illnesses by keeping mice and rate population under control.


Once a year vet visit for rabbies shot. Flea/. tick treatment like Advantage or Frontline.


Wash your hands and teach your kids to wash hands after touching the cat.


My children learned many neat things from caring for our cats. Some lessons were fun, some were sad but all were memorable.


I do not think there was ever a case of a cat killing a baby...unlike dogs.



There is one illness called cat scratch fever that can cause some issues but it will not happened if you teach kids not to tease the cat or at least, treating every scratch right away with soap, water and antibiotic cream.



I think cats are amazing!

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I agree, I think living in the country you will be so glad to have your cat keeping pests like rats, mice and squirrels under control and out of your house!  Having animal droppings in your walls, or between floors etc. is much worse, IMO than having to deal with the occasional carcass (gross as it can be!).  I'm surprised your cat is eating the rats, they often just hunt rats and mice for sport and eat the birds.  Though we did have one who liked to eat squirrels...


Keep your cat vaccinated and tick/worm free.  Wash hands regularly.  If you are concerned about scratching down the road, these are great:


http://www.softpaws.com/ but might prevent effective hunting if your kitty is keeping pests under control for you and I wouldn't recommend them for an outdoor cat who needs to defend itself.


Also, FWIW, my mom tried to convince me that having our cats and a new baby would be such a bad thing.  DS is great with our cats and our cats have always been really great with him.  Our one kitty is really his best little buddy.


Good luck!

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Solution #1- Don't let your cat outside at all. We have 3 outdoor cats who transitioned to being indoor only cats.


Solution #2- If you let the cat go outside then don't let it come back in the house.


Solution #3- Re-home your cat.


You aren't going to change the cat's hunting behavior. It is doing what cats do naturally.

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