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Crafting for baby

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Hello all!


I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can talk about, and post pictures of, what we are making for our babes. 


All crafts are welcome!

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I just finished these:




They are so soft and squishy! 


They are LTK Picky Pants Preemie size in Patons SWS Natural Green.


On the needles I have a tiny little hat to match.


Next up I want to knit this adorable little witch's hat! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-witch-and-elf-hat-pattern


What are you working on or considering crafting?

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Right now I have 2 big things on my baby to do list:

A blessing outfit: dress, blanket, sweater (knitted), beanie (knitted), booties (knitted)

A coming home outfit to match these cute little cowboy boots I found at Old Navy: dress, blanket, beanie (knitted), sweater (knitted)


A few other things Id like to get done:

small stuffed penguin to match coming home outfit

carseat blanket

a couple extra dresses and bootie sets.


What I get done will totally depend on my energy level. I have had NO energy lately so things haven't been getting done.

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omg...I've knit so much. 



 The Baby Sophisticate...my pride :-) I had to knit up to the 6 month size because the first time I knit it, I found it def. ran small. Even knit at the 6 month size, I bet it's really a 0-3 month. 


Some booties to match knit from a pattern in Aware Knits...I love how they tie with ribbon, so maybe they'll actually stay on!


Some newborn covers, and a pair of longies that seem pretty big, but the ankles draw in a lot, so I bet they'll fit but just look like balloon pants for a while ;-)


I completely forget what this pattern is called...it's a free one on Ravelry, and I love it because it's a little girly, plus it's def. a bit smaller than the Sophisticate, so it'll look cute right away!


There's a chalice-style blanket, a few hats, and legwarmers etc... as well. I just love to knit baby things now that ds is SO big!


I'm working on a wool sleeper right now...styled like those gowns you can buy...hoping that will give us some extra protection from wetness in the bed! After that, I am DEFINITELY casting on for a pair of these http://www.knittedbliss.com/2012/08/wee-wednesday-lilas-legwarmers-modelled.html. They're absolutely stunning!

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Wow - you guys are really making some cute things! Love the pics too!


I've knit the baby a hat and DS a matching hat so far. Since hats seem to be all I can do with confidence, I'll just knit a couple more in different colours :)


One question for those who have knit a newborn hat. Can you tell me how many stitches you cast on and how tall the hat is from rim to top? I made the baby hat, cast on with 50 stitches, but am worried it might be a little short, just trying to see what others have done :)

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I'm just here to admire all your work! I'm the least crafty person ever. Er I wish I were crafty but I just never learned. Though my friend is teaching me to crochet right now. I just have trouble finding time to sit and do it bc my 3 yr old insists she can do it and it's her turn. I think I need to get her her own needless so shell leave mine alone.
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Okimom- I hope you get the energy to make all of that! Please post pictures as you make stuff. 


Pregnova- Wow! So much knitted goodness! I love the little sweaters and the pumpkin hat. I plan to knit a pumpkin hat too. I ordered the yarn and it should be here sometime the end of this week.


Springmum- I just finished a newborn hat and I cast on 64 stitches. I used worsted weight yarn. I knit until the hat measured 4 inches then I started decreasing. It is another 3 inches from the start of decreases till the top of hat. I have knit this before with my other babies and it fits, my babies are early though and small, so I usually roll up the hat a bit at first. wink1.gif


This is the hat I knit to match the longies in my previous picture. 




I cast on for the witch's hat last night. I have yarn coming for a pumpkin hat and I also want to knit this http://www.pullingatstrings.com/item_868/The-Emma-Tunic-tiny-sizes-by-Pulling-at-Strings.php and matching longies. 

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Vegan- It's great that you are learning to crochet! I bet your little one would be thrilled with her own needles or hook and a ball of yarn. Good luck!

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springmum- Yes, for newborn hats, I also cast on somewhere around 60 sts, knit for 4" and then begin my decreasing. They seem to have plenty of room, so I'm sure the one you knit will fit just fine!


I have to say, I've knit so many baby things now that I feel can be gender neutral, that I'm absolutely DYING to know the gender so I can make at least one very girly or very boy sweater! lol 


Love! everyone's projects!!!

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Love seeing everyone's projects!  So fun!  


Pregnova-I hear you on being ready to knit some non-gender neutral items!  


I've done a good bit of baby knitting but not quite as much as I had hoped to have done.  I have to make a few more little newborn hats and I'd like to get some more longies made.  Of course DS keeps wanting me to make things for him too (and I took a break from kid/baby knitting to make myself a much needed hat and cowl set for this winter).  I also am planning on knitting a christening gown for this baby as soon as the yarn for it gets here.  Right now I'm working on a second oak leaf cabled newborn cap.



Today I had my sewing machine out and decided to make two pairs of cotton velour pants for the baby. I need to do a bit more sewing for the baby but  for today I'm out of patience with using the sewing machine and just need a break!


I need to take photos of a lot of what I have made recently, but here are some of the things I made earlier:











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WOW!!!  You ladies are awesome!!  I cannot wait to see your babies in these creations!!  I learned how to quilt this past summer, but I jammed my sewing machine and haven't made the time to find someone to fix it....  It's about 1/2 completed!!


I will have to take pics of it soon!!!

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Oh my gosh, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I knew how to knit !!!

I tried teaching myself last summer, I would start "ok" and then get annoyed because I'd do something wrong.



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I knit two little hats last week. 




This is an adorable witch's hat. I know the picture sucks. I'm in bed so I am not taking any creative photos. 


Next up:



A Pumpkin Hat!


I am about to cast on for the Emma Tunic I posted a link for in a previous post.


Does anyone know of a super cute cardigan pattern? I guess I am in a mood, but I just do not like any of the patterns I have. eyesroll.gif

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love the witch hat!! I always like that coffee bean cardigan on ravelry, but I have yet to knit it myself. 


I'm in the middle of sewing up cloth wipes and knitting this horribly boring kimono sleeper that I randomly decided I HAD to have and now seriously regret. I don't know what it is about it, but I just don't feel motivated to get it done!

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My 5yo finished her first sewing project! She made a little skirt to match a onesie she bought (with her allowance) for her sister. Shes making a little stuffed kitten to go with it. Its going to be super cute and I think its so sweet she spent her own money and own time making something special for her sister.

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Wow that is some cute stuff ladies. I especially love the witch hat and the little white sweater with blue ribbon- so sweet!  I'm impressed with the 5 year old sewing an outfit for the new baby. I crocheted (sp?) a newborn hat for my little girl last time so I guess I need to get off my butt and get some yarn for this little guy. Hats are the top of my skill/attention limit.

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Those hats are so cute!  Perfect for an October baby!


In terms of cardigans, I've enjoyed making




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Okimom-that is really sweet!  What a special little outfit that will be for the baby!

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pregnova- I hear you on the lack of motivation. I have had months to knit for this baby and I have just finally found my mojo the last few weeks. I like the coffee bean cardigan.


Okimom- I would love to see pictures of your dd's project. That is so sweet of her!


Lisa- Start on a hat. I want to see pictures!


Undertheoldoaktree- Thanks for the suggestions.


Thanks for all of the kind words about the witch hat. I love it so! I finished the Emma Tunic and I adore it! Now I am trying to decide which cardigan to knit. Or, maybe something else. orngtongue.gif


Emma Tunic:




Close up of the sweet button:



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Hmmm, the picture does not show the true color. It is lavender.


Undertheoldoaktree- What pattern is the cute little green cardi you posted a pic of up thread? It is super cute!

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