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Thanks!  It's the maile sweater. I didn't suggest it because attaching the sleeves is so hard I almost  gave up on it entirely.  I seems that needles, yarn and hands are just not meant to work that way!  lol!  If I hadn't already completed most of the sweater, I probably would have just given up on it.   I love it, but for me it's a one time only project.   http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/maile-sweater


That Emma Tunic is just darling!!!!  Love it!

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I took a look at the pattern and it does look really hard on the hands. I'm not sure I am up to it right now. lol.gif It is just adorable though...

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I've been knitting lots, but haven't had much finished until lately.  I still have a few pieces that are just in need of finishing touches, hoping to get those done soon.


I made this hat and matching booties, because I had some leftover pink superwash.  I don't know baby's gender though, so they might not get used





This is not for baby, but I'm so excited to wear it I had to share.  I had a real lack of fall clothes and dresses that I could nurse in last time, so I made this to fill both needs.  It was quite an undertaking!  I only finished it a few weeks ago, so I hope I like the fit on my post partum body!



This is for my sister's Oct baby girl, I made it and a pumpkin hat for her baby shower



I also made one of these pumpkin hats for my baby.



Soon to come, a long sleeved knit romper, and an orange/green striped halloween sweater.

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Very sweet projects Angel!  I love that dress!

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Halloween sweater got buttons today!


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WOW!!!!! Angel- are you a professional? Seriously- everything you just posted is professional. joy.gif
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Angel- my mom is a knitter too- so I showed her these pictures and she is dying for the pattern of the pumpkin hat and the matching hat and booties. Did you use a pattern?
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Thanks sillymom!  Not a professional, I just like to knit more than is probably healthy, trust me it shows in my housekeeping habits Sheepish.gif


I used this pattern for the pumpkin hat, but I didn't switch to green and make a stem.  http://knitting.about.com/od/childrenspatterns/ss/pumpkin-hat-kids.htm


I used this pattern for the leaf on top of the hat: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/holpumpkinleaf.htm


Bootie pattern here: http://www.cogknition.org/patterns/wave_of_babies_booties/


and the lacy little hat here: http://www.jerinknits.com/ava-lynne-baby-hat

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Thank you!!  My mom is pretty amazing at knitting too- but you wowed her too!!  Especially the dress you made for yourself-- it looks like something out of JCrew!  I so wish I knew how to do that!!  :)

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Hi Aurora!!!!  And everybody else! 


I love to knit, but haven't done much knitting for this babe yet- too grouchy and busy with the other 4!  I think all I have knit so far is one sized small soaker (Vanilla pattern) and 1 pair of booties. 


I am loving looking at all the beautiful things you all have made.  It is putting me in the mood to get out my needles and make something special for my sweet girlie before she gets here!

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Angel- Cute Halloween sweater! What pattern did you use for the little green cardi? I am still searching for the perfect sweater pattern. I don't know why I am having such a hard time deciding which one to use. eyesroll.gif


Chrissy! How have you been? A couple of weeks ago I was searching back through my old posts and found the threads where we were learning to knit. orngbiggrin.gif My third baby was born while we were knitting the LTK Longies for the first time! It was fun to read about that and read your posts. And now, here you are! 


I started another Emma Tunic for Aspen, but she was born before I finished it. I am also knitting a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi for my dd2. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tiny-tea-leaves-cardiShe is 6 and has been the baby for so long. She is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the changes around here. She loves her baby sister to pieces, but she feels a bit displaced. So, she and I picked out yarn and a pattern and I am knitting her a sweater stitched with love. love.gif

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I used this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/in-threes-a-baby-cardigan, but improvised longer sleeves.  I kind of feel like it's overpriced for it's simplicity, but I had to make last minute change to a different type of pattern entirely for the gift, so it was an emergency :P

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I think this is it! Thanks! knit.gif

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Aurora, that seems so long ago doesn't it?!  I should go back and read it too.  I think my oldest was a year and a half or two then.  Time sure does fly!

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