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Help for cat who has suddenly turned into a panther/murderer (w/newborn on the way)

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I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and we recently moved to a new house that has quite a big property with lots of hedges, trees etc. and it is very close to the water in a rural/suburban community... an island, in fact.

We were living in a nearby town in the countryside before, but for some reason the new house has brought out a new side of our cat's personality:



In the past week, she has killed three rats, three mice and eaten two birds (this is all just that we know of.)

Unfortunately she has been bringing the rats inside to eat and the first time she did this very cleanly without much mess but this morning my husband has informed me there are rat guts in the hallway!


I FIND THIS SO DISGUSTING and I am wondering if I should be concerned about disease with the newborn coming IMMINENTLY.


The rats are not like city rats-- they live in the juniper hedge and probably eat seeds and berries and snails and such, and probably our compost.


I read a warning recently about West Nile Virus being carried by local birds...


Please help!


We need to find a solution, SOON!

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No answers here, except that I'm relatively certain that WNV requires direct contact with your bloodstream for transmission (so the birds aren't going to be an issue unless you've got open wounds that are coming into contact with their remains, which seems unlikely). I'd cross-post this in "I'm Pregnant" to get more responses.


(I wonder if this is your cat's version of nesting? I don't have cats but I know some pets act differently when babies are coming. That would be kind of sweet if that's what she's doing! No less gross, but..)

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Is she belled? A collar with 2 bells on it should greatly reduce her affectiveness as a hunter. Unfortunately it'll reduced her mousing/ratting as well as her birding, but if she insists on bringing them inside, you'll probably prefer that anyways.


As far as disease goes, the biggest concern is probably parasites, so if your cat isn't de-wormed regularly, it's probably something you'll want to do. Your vet can probably do it, or give you the pills so you can do it yourself.

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Wish I had a cat who was this great a hunter... But, I understand you pain and wouldn't want dead animals or guts in the house either.


Hmm... maybe find a pet cat board and ask if there's a way to train cats to keep their catches in one location or outside or something?

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One of my friends trained his cat to eat the entire kill (no leaving guts lying around) by not giving her food until she ate the whole animal. She learned very quickly to eat the whole animal. Depending on where you live, there may be ecologically sensitive bird populations that are harmed by cat predators (well fed house cats can be very good hunters because they don't struggle to survive like feral cats.) Bells may or may not help, some cats learn to be quiet despite bells, but are a good solution for reducing the hunting effectiveness of some cats. We live in a city and there are lots of missing cat signs in our neighborhood, so we take our cat outside on a leash. He never gets to kill anything. But that's a completely different life than living in the country and your cat having freedom of movement :).

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How is she getting in the house carrying a rat? LOL I am assuming you have a pet door? Close it up.


I have two cats who love to hunt and leave me presents on my doorstep all the time, but they can't come and go as they please, they need us to let them in/out. They've never snuck a rat past us. 

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We're in the same boat as MamanFrancaise, our cat does hunt (mostly field mice) but she's got to get past us at the door and you'd better believe I'm not letting an animal carcass past!!! :)


That said, it's not that convenient to play door guard all the time - once in a while she'll bum rush us at the door and bail when we take the dog out right before bed and then wants to come in at 3am so she sits in the garden, outside the bedroom window, and cries.  dslkfjlsdkfjdslkfj

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