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Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. 


Milk - I hope you find peace in whatever decision you make about the u/s. Of course keep us updated :) I hope you are doing as well as can be...


Cait - I totally forgot about the camping trip!


Lindz - Feel better!!!


Planegreen - Hoping for you!


Sourire - I'm so glad to hear that your families are so supportive!


Bucket - Hugs. Hang in there. It really really does suck.


AFM - Yes, I have been testing every other day and each test has been twice as dark as the last. AF is officially late. You may put me as graduated. In a way I don't understand how this has happened to me and not to you guys. I will miss you all. I will of course be lurking and cheering you all on! blowkiss.gif

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Peeking out of lurking to say

Milk - - - - - - I have no idea what to say. I don't know if my positive vibes are any good, but I'm sending whatever I have to you.

Sila - I am SO FREAKING excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on little bean!!!!!!!!!
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Another lurker here-

Much love to Sila and Milk- thinking lots of good thoughts for both of you and your growing little babes.
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silamarila - thanks! I think moving forward is definitely the right choice.
I'm glad things are going well, and congrats on graduating! Keep us updated please.


Milk - don't worry about personals, just keep us updated :)
The situation with the doctor would be confusing forsure. I'm glad he said he understood if you never want to see him again. much less pressure. I agree with being mad at the universe. You'd think after everything infertility takes out of us you could catch a break. I hope you do from now on.


Lindz - I hope the stomach bug passes soon. Definitely not fun!


planegreen - unfortunately, he's a specialist and has patients from here to the end of the world so he doesn't care if I leave or not. I agree with you though and am extremely frustrated with him. I am so grateful for provincial health care, but I cannot stand the way some doctors work.
I'm hoping good things for your Wednesday test. Come on BFP!


Sourire - protocol for IVF? I'm not 100% sure. We spoke about it all at the last meeting we had with our RE, but it was so much information to take in all at once. First month of course is BCP and I'll be doing a uterine biopsy as well to hopefully make things more sticky, then at some point Lupron injections. We're going to try Gonal F again since I had less side effects than the Puregon even though they're basically the same thing. I'm going to have to go through all our paperwork again as clearly I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm glad your family is so supportive. That's a very good thing to have through such a hard process.


BucketOfRain - Limbo is awful. I'm sorry timing is messing things up, but hopefully this will be the one, medicated or not. Please do let those awful feelings out instead of holding them in. Please post about them if it helps. The worse thing is to be alone with them right now. I hope that this month is the final month. This infertility thing is just not fair.


Everyone else - thinking of you.



AFM, weekend away was nice, but came home to a BFN this morning. I'm not 100% sure of dates, so I'm trying to remind myself there's still a few for a BFP to show up. I'm not really feeling anything anymore so I'm not holding out hope.

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I am 13dpo (my normal lp is 10-11 days), and had my 3rd BFN in as many days this morning. So I decided to stop using the progesterone cream to enable me to get on with the next cycle. I know I probably should have kept going to 14dpo, but I don't want to waste any of the 3 month peak fertility from the HSG. (The results of which were "completely normal," by the way.)


Anyway, it has now been several hours since skipping the morning dose of the natural progesterone cream and I still have no signs of AF. Hmph! I had some slight cramping like she was coming yesterday and in the days previous, but absolutely nothing today.


Any possible explanations? Besides pregnancy, because I really doubt that with the BFNs.

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I took another test this morning and BFN again, so I don't think this is going to happen. Now I am just praying for AF to get here so we can get on with IVF.



Stevi - I wish I had some answers for you. Not knowing is the worst!

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Stevi- Have you been extra stressed? Also, do you know what your egg quality is like? I am in Perimenopausal levels with estradiol and LH so my cycles have been unpredictable.

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Stevi- could be a corpus luteum cyst but also possible you just o'd later than you thought. As long as you're sure you arent pregnant i'd quit the cream. I hate the unknown.

SSB- i'm excited for you to start IVF, I hope you will stick around so you can cheer us along.

It has been so quiet around here, I hope everyone is doing okay. Hope to hear some more updates soon!

AFM- just 6dpo over here. No excitement & no changes. Had a 'Lifeline Technique' appointment. It is an alternative healing thing, really interesting & i'm feeling really good now.
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Cait - I'm anxious to get going on IVF, but I'm super nervous. I'm really bad at following more than one thread so I think I may just stick around here - I hope nobody minds. I may try both since it has been pretty quiet in here lately.



AFM - AF just arrived, so tomorrow is officially CD1 of our first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle. I am anxious to get going but I'm extremely nervous. I just started a new medication last night (for anxiety) that has much more known about it for pregnancy than my old one, so I'm more comfortable on it. It's also much easier to wean off of since it has a longer half life. I guess this will be a crazy medication time for me. Hopefully it won't affect anything! I've also made an appointment with an accupuncturist through my GP so I don't have to go downtown to the RE's. DH is extremely upset that we aren't pregnant. I am too of course, but I've never seen him this upset through all our fertility stuff so far. Eek!

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Sorry for all the BFN's guys!  :(


WHY oh WHY does it seem ALL my friends are pregnant!  Another announcement today!  UGH!  


I should O this weekend.  I go tomorrow for thyroid labs.  Hope everything is balanced and good.  :)


Toothfairy-tell us more about this alternative healing!

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toothfairy2be- I'll give you an update on me. I had 11 resting follicles yesterday! I have a hysteroscopy tomorrow. Hopefully my tubes will be clear. My hysteroscopy is with the doc that made me laugh at my transfer last year when he ordered me to get pregnant, so I'm excited to see him again.

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No, I don't know my egg reserves. I'm not sure if I want to... lol


Srtill no AF. It's due tomorrow if I ovulated on that second dip. But it's 3 days late for that big dip, which is when I thought I ovulated.

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Hi there.  BFN for me this morning.  This is CD28 so I'll test again tomorrow but I'm guessing it's a no.  I get pissed, not sad when then happens.  I mean of course sadness is under there but we just spent $1400 for nothing.  Well unless you count a whole lot of hope and then NOTHING as a great purchase.  Ugh... I know you all know what I mean.  You know the sure way to make AF arrive right?  Take a pregnancy test!  angry.gif  angry.gif  angry.gif


Stevi - I'm with you on wanting to quit the progesterone.  I'm going to take it tonight but if I have another BFN in the morning, I'm going to quit. 


Deborah - enjoy your doctor tomorrow! 


Lindz - go! go! go!  


Shesaidboom - I'm glad you found a med that makes you more comfortable to be on.  Your RE knows about it right so they can check for anything that it might react with? 

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Still no AF, and my temps are still up. I stopped using the progesterone cream 3 days ago. And, I'm still getting BFNs.


I want to start my new cycle!!


planegreen...   Money... Ugh! I would feel so much worse if I had spent that much. As it is, I spent $300 on that HSG, and I feel like I'm missing the boost in fertility it's supposed to give me.


Think Fertile Thoughts!!!

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Stevi - that is very odd about AF not showing. I usually get AF about 2 days after stopping progesterone.


Bucket - Sorry the timing never works out. 22 months in a row is a lot of disappointments... it's just so hard to get that bad news month after month.


Sila - you've been moved to graduates. I'm so happy I got to move someone!


shesaidboom - Sorry about your BFN. If you're taking Lupron then it must be a long (agonist) protocol. I am doing a short (antagonist) protocol...though it still takes 2 months lol, but I mostly do nothing the first month. I hope we both get our BFP's on the first try! I'll be following your IVF wherever you decide to post :)


planegreen - Really sorry about your BFN. The money thing must make it so much worse.


AFM - My clinic just called this morning to tell me I can start my IVF on my next CD1, which is in about 3 weeks!!!! But I would just be starting the pre-cycle which involves waiting 3 weeks and taking estrogen for the final week. So it looks like I'll be starting the estrogen around the end of October, and my IVF will be in November. Sooner than I thought! I'm so crazy excited about this! I was supposed to go to a conference in Orlando in November, so it looks like I'll have to cancel that. Instead of riding the roller coasters at Disney World, I'll be riding an emotional roller coaster from all the hormones! Ha ha!

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A few more personals:


toothfairy - I'm glad you found something that makes you feel really good!


Lindz - I'm hoping you get some good test results! Keep us posted!


Deborah - what's a hysteroscopy?

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Dr. Google says it could be perimenapause. But, my temps show that I ovulated, and I thought menapause was when we stopped ovulating... Yes? No?


Sourire...   Yay for getting started with the ivf regime right away!!!

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Hello Ladies, I wanted to delurk and respond to Stevi. I have a friend, 32, PCOS. Her period doesn't show up for 5 or so days after she stops the progesterone. She will take it through the 14th day of her luteal phase and then she will get her period around 19 DPO. I think some people just hang on to it for a long time! 


Sourire I can't wait to hear about your BFP in November! 

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KrunchyK...   I hope that's it. I've used it in the past (progesterone cream) and my period always broke right through it. But maybe my levels have changed since the last time I used it.


I found a pimple today, so I'm hoping that means AF will show up soon.

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Sourire- It's one of the tests where they check your uterine lining and tubes to make sure you could actually get PG. I was super sick this morning, but went anyway. i had to talk the doc into doing the procedure, but in the end they gave me a Zofran and it worked like a charm. Also, I talked to the IVF nurse and she said so far things actually looked pretty good to her. We're still waiting on AMH which was the really icky number last year. She also said she believes my RE plans to put me on baby aspirin and the L. Methylfolate and will have me start Lovenox injections with a BFP. I'm so relieved to have a plan! I have my follow up with the RE in a week, so I'll give more details then.

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