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So sorry Sila it does suck.  Thinking of you.

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Sila...so sorry.

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Sila - I'm so sorry to hear your news.  Boo!  Hugs girl... 


AFM - AF has arrived.  She's starting off slow which worries me a bit.  AND... this morning in the shower my left boob leaked "milk" wtf??  That has not ever happened to me before.  Any ideas for me on that one?  It was only a few drops but I noticed it.  Off-white color of your first milk.  Hmmm.... 


Also, can someone explain rainbow baby to me?  Sorry to be ignorant... Thanks! 

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Planegreen- A rainbow baby is a baby conceived after loss.

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Sila...there are no words. I don't know why life can be so awful. I am so very sorry and keeping you in my thoughts.

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Sila, I've been rooting for you all this time, and my heart is breaking for you right now... Thinking of you and holding you in my thoughts. 

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Sila, still thinking of you.


Just a quick check in for the stalkers, as I have been pretty quiet.  Had another scan today, and it was good news.  Baby is still kickin' along.  Heartbeat was 161 and the growth was almost on track for dates (two days behind).  I'm trying to look past that, as it was an abdominal scan.  At this rate, I'll just be having weekly scans until I don't need them any more, for whatever reason.  It's the only way to manage the anxiety.


I'm still reading updates, but feeling lousy so I'm laying low.  Don't know if it's true morning sickness, or just a side effect of the bazillion medications.  At any rate, outside of work, I mostly sleep.  


Hope to see some good news coming to this thread real soon.

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Milk8, yay for good news with the little one! Keep it up!!! goodvibes.gif

Sila, greensad.gif I'm so sorry. Sigh...fuck...and not fair. hug.gif
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Wow, thanks guys. Again, I appreciate your support. 


Planegreen - It might be a hormone thing.


Milk - Rooting for you big time.


I'm doing ok. 

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Milk - That's great to hear that things are staying on track. Sending you lots of healthy take home baby vibes.

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Super-quick flyby to say three things:


1.) Sila - So, so sorry for your loss. As everyone else has expressed, that sucks big time. :( hug.gif


2.) Milk - I am so glad to hear you had another good scan. Every day you're still pregnant is a small victory in my book. Especially since you're now past the point of your previous two losses, right? Or at least one of them? Anyway, thanks for the update, and hoping for more good ones in the future!


3.) Everyone else - reading along, but barely ever having any time to use both (or even one) of my hands. Hoping that those of you moving on to IVF can get that take-home baby soon! (That's my hope for everyone, actually!) Love to you all!

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Sila - I'm so sorry.  I hope are doing o.k...I know it's heartbreaking and I can't imagine.  Urrgh infertility!!  It's not right that's all there is to it.


Milk- Thanks for the update for the stalkers!  I hope with each scan your little one grows and grows.  -- Try not to worry over a 2 day difference and yes...trans-vaginal is way more accurate in the early weeks. 

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Sila - I've been thinking about you a lot. I've you need anything, please let us know. I know there isn't much we can do from behind a computer, but if there is, just name it.


Milk - Thank you for the update. I'm glad things are going well, but I hope you start feeling better soon. Be gentle with yourself and get all the sleep you need. Sending good vibes and can't wait to hear more!



AFM - my baseline scan on Saturday showed 12 follicles on one side and 8 on the other, so there is a lot of potential there. I also have a big cyst on one ovary, but was told it would not interfere with IVF. I've been having a lot of pain and cramping on that side and before then BFN I was wondering if it was pregnancy related, but I wonder if it's from the cyst. I start birth control pills today, which I'm nervous about, but it's just part of the process I guess! I'm feeling a lot more positive and hopeful than before. If this round does not work, I'm hoping it will at least shed light on our situation since we are basically "fixing" everything we do know to be wrong with the IVF/ICSI process.

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First post here in over a year. I just wanted to let you guys know I've been lurking for the past couple of weeks and am thinking about you guys. I will rejoining you in the trenches soon as we start anew TTC #1 after taking a year or so off to breathe. Making an appointment today to get back on Clomid in December after I return from a trip to India. So anxious, unsure, nervous, skeptical and scared that I don't really want to say any more right now for fear of jinxing it.


Sila - I've been following along and I'm so sorry.


Sourire - I think I'm ready to be added back to "TTC #1".  Please have my blurb say "M (30) married to my E (36).  TTC #1 starting 12/12 after taking a year off." 

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Milk, that is really good to hear!  (And yes, I've been following you on the threads as well... Rooting you on like crazy!)

And Sourire, you too... (Been on the other thread with you, and I feel like I've been witness to all the ups and downs and I just want you to have the 'ups' from now on.  Come on IVF, come on baby!)

Everyone on here!


I wish this thread didn't have to exist, that we could just have our babies without having to go through all of this.


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Milk, glad to hear that your little one is growing bigger and stronger each day. 

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sila - Oh honey, I'm so so very sorry.  Big hugs are coming your way.  Please take care of yourself during this difficult time.


milk - So glad to hear things are going good right now!  Trucking along ~ I'm so excited! 

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LuluRoo - welcome back. I hope the year off will help when starting up again. I hope your December cycle is the one!


TenzinsMama - I wish the same thing. I hate that we have to deal with this at all, but since we do, I am glad this place is here.


I got a call from the nurse today with a bunch of dates and oh, my it is so overwhelming! Here's the procotol now:
 Oct 4th - teaching session for Lupron and Luveris injections
 Oct 5th - start Lupron - .1ccs
 Oct 8th - last birth control pill
 Oct 18th - endometrial biopsy
 Oct 23rd - assessment ultrasound/bloodwork
 Oct 25th - start medications
 Nov 5th - tentative retrieval date, if everything goes as planned


I feel so much better because now I actually know what's going on and when. I really felt like a fish out of water up until this. I'm nervous though because it all seems so soon. We could get our BFP by the end of November! I really hope this works for us.

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Milk, that's a good strong heart beat that little one of yours has!!  I'm so glad to read your update <3

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Milk - Yay for good news!  Also, sleep away! 


Shesaidboom - how awesome that you have a plan that far out.  I bet you are really more at ease now that you know more.  I hope for an awesome November for you!! 


LuluRoo - Hello!  I'm new since you were last here but it's nice to meet you.  Also, a trip to India sounds amazing!  Have fun!


AFM, I had a baseline u/s today, CD4.  I'll be doing the same cycle as last time, Femara, adding estradil (sp?), trigger shot, IUI, progesterone.  This morning I had 8 follicles on each ovary and the u/s tech told the nurse, "she has such beautiful ovaries, why isn't she getting pregnant?"  Ha!  Those ladies always make some sort of interesting comment.  Well, I'm glad my ovaries are beautiful. ROTFLMAO.gif

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