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Sila, I'm so sorry. I signed in to see how you're all doing and saw this awful news. :o( Big hugs. hug2.gif

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Yay Milk!  Sila glad to hear you're doing ok. Hugs.  


Well I ovulated late but I am....now if I can get my husband out of this horrible mood.  ROTFLMAO.gif

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HI ladies! There are still so many faces here who I remember. I've been gone from here for several months now and I wanted to stop by, say HI and wish everyone luck and say congrats to those who have gotten their BFP's since i've been gone.  I miss you ladies so much!! I also wanted to ask to be added back.  Me and DH have fixed all of our problems and he's finally decided that it's okay for us to go talk to the RE again!!!!!  So we go on October 2nd to see where we are and see what the RE feels we need to do for us to get pregnant.


Please add my blurb :  Brandy (28) TTC#3 since April 2011.  Go for 1st consult with RE on October 2nd, 2012...praying for another miracle!

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Brichole - glad to see you back and that you worked things out with your DH!  Good Luck!!!

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Brichole- glad to see you back & that you're both ready to welcome baby #3!! Looking forward to hearing how your appointment goes.

Lindz- did you get hubby to cooperate? Late O is better than no O!

Planegreen- sounds like a good start & a good plan.

Shesaidboom- seems like it is all going to happen so fast! So happy to see your dates laid out!

Lulu- welcome back, Hoping the year off gave you peace & that your journey to a baby goes quickly.

Milk- so happy to hear your babe is growing & strong.

Sila- still thinking of you friend. I know you said you're doing okay but wanted you to know we care.

AFM- BFN at 13dpo. Not unexpected but feeling a little disappointed & wishing that I could just skip AF & start again. Anyway, my physical is Friday, see my NaPro doc in a week & then go back to my RE on the 10th.
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Hiya Brichole1214!

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I needs suggestions please. I have had 2 cycles of Clomid and still not ovulating. I stopped taking BC 4 months ago. Please help. I have used ovulation strips but so far all have been negative.
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Sila, just wanted to jump and say that I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you and am incredibly sad that you have to go through this.

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STEVI!!!!  I've missed you so!!! how are you doing?


Hope4light & Toothfairy2be:  It's so nice to be back!!! I have been feeling so down lately.  We have been trying for almost 18 months again and I was bound and determined my doctor wouldn't make me wait another 6 months to a year to start seeing the RE again like last time!!!




I hope that everyone is doing ok. I really have to find some time to go thru all of the old posts and catch up with everyone.  Did i see where Blue got moved to Graduates?  BLAH i hate being behind the times

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Brichole1214...   I'm as good as can be without that elusive BFP. treehugger.gif

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Sian- are you doing any monitoring with an RE? They may need to increase your dosage or try another drug (femara or injectables). A lot of PCOSers have trouble ovulating even on clomid if the dose isn't right. Good Luck!

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planegreen - I definitely feel much better with a plan now. I hope November turns out great, but first let's have a great rest of September and October in this thread, shall we?
Congrats on your beautiful ovaries! wink1.gif


brichole!! - I've missed you and think about you often. I'm so glad DH is on board again. I cannot wait to hear about your appointment.


cait - I'm so sorry about the BFN. It's really not fair. I hope the NaPro doc and RE can give you some answers and make your next cycle a much better one.


Sian - I completely agree with what toothfairytobe said. It's possible your dose needs to be adjusted or you need to try another medication. Hopefully your doc will be able to tweak things and you will get that BFP!



AFM, we hit another road block in our IVF plan. It turns out that I'm allergic to the BCPs the RE prescribed me. At least, I think so. I started taking them two nights ago and was just a little itchy and flushed, but tonight about an hour after my dose I broke out into hives and my lips and eyes swelled up. After I freaked out more than a little (I have anxiety that is only triggered by allergies, after experiencing an anaphalactic reaction several years back), I took a benedryl and the hives and swelling went down a lot. I'm going to call the RE tomorrow and see what to do. I don't know if I can just switch pills at this point, but I cannot do another 25 days of itchy hives and swollen face.

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Shesaidboom:   I'm sad that we're having to go back thru treatments BUT i'm so happy to be back here to share my experience with all of you!! That allergic reaction sounds like no fun at all!! I really hope that there is something the doctor can do since you are only a couple of days into the BCPs!! I don't want it to hinder your IVF cycle though!!!!! I'll be sure to post as soon as I get back from the RE and see what he has to say.  I don't even know how much of this my insurance is going to cover IF it will cover any of it.  My last insurance didn't cover infertility but some how it covered all of my visits (probably the way they coded it at the office).  I just hope that this will be quick and painless.  I do have a feeling my testosterone levels are a lot higher than they were the last time i went thru treatment.


Stevi:  LOL i know what you mean! I'm happy you are doing good though!! I have really been thinking about you a lot lately....it's so crazy how close we call become when we are going thru the same stuff each month together!!! It's hard for me to find someone in real life to talk to because most of my friends look at their partner and get pregnant.  My brother and sister in law were some of those people until my brother had the BIG V!!


Sian:  I agree with Toothfairy2be!  I was diagnosed with PCOS and i did 6 cycles (9 months) worth of clomid and NOTHING helped at all.  I started seeing my RE and he put me on Femara and Menopur injections and finally, once we got my dose straight, that worked!!!


AFM:  I'm getting my bags ready for a weekend get away with DH!!! We have decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN for a little romantic get away without the girls...just to spend time together!  We haven't done this since our honeymoon 4 1/2 years ago...and we really feel like it will help us relax and get our closeness back.  It's been HELL on us for the past 9 1/2 months with me working 2nd shift and he's been working 6 to 7 days a week on day shift...so we really never get to see each other much anymore. It really has sucked...BUT i get to go back to day shift on January 1st!! (I'm counting down the day)   I hope that the doctor will go ahead and see where my hormone levels are when we go in on October 2nd...and part of me hopes that MAYBE AF will show up a day or 3 early so they will do my baseline ultrasound that day :)  That's how it worked out for us the first time and we were able to start a treatment plan that same month...Granted it didn't take because i ended up ovulating on my own before they were able to have me trigger...but at least I got to start my cycle.  THinking about everyone!!! THINKING FERTILE THOUGHTS!!!

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brichole - I'm glad you're back, but yes, I am sad too that you have to go through treatments. While you were away I had secretly hoped that you had gotten pregnant and were worried about announcing the news so you hadn't updated us. I'm sorry that wasn't the case, BUT at least dh is on board now and hopefully that means a BFP for you soon. A romantic getaway sounds wonderful! I hope you both get to reconnect and have a great time together. Enjoy yourself!

AFM - new plan and protocol for us! We will not be using BCPs anymore (instead I am taking benedryl until these itchy hives are gone completely and my eyes and lips are normal sized again). I was told I will have a withdrawl bleed within 4 days, although I am skeptical because I was only taking the BCPs for 3 days. Once I do I call it in and they'll figure out my new day 21 when I go in for bloodwork/ultrasound. All my dates will change, but at least this cycle isn't a total bust. I was so afraid we'd have to wait another month to start after this mess.


Thinking of all of you!

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Toothfairy-yep.  Of course! :)


Dr. called yesterday and told me my thyroid levels finally look good.  She thinks we can lower my dose of Thyroxine a little bit more.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!


Have a happy Friday everyone!

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SSB- glad they are able to keep you on track! That reaction sounds scary!

Lindz- glad that your thyroid is balancing out!!

Brichole- have fun on vacation, sounds nice to have a reconnecting time with your hubby.

Afm- got my referrals at my physical today! Got AF while waiting to go in for my appt. Lucky me. So far no cramps. Never ever had a month with no cramps so we will see if they kick in when it gets heavier.
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You know what's interesting about this thread?  You can feel our collective mood going up and down!  Seems like a lot of us are relatively close in cycle and so we all get hopeful at the same time but then we all also find out our BFPs or BFNs at the same time.  


ToothFairy - I'm happy for you that you got the referral and you can move along now! 


Lindz - fingers crossed! 


Shesaidboom - So glad they can take you off BCP and you can just adjust rather than waiting a whole month. 


Brichole - jealous of your getaway!  Have a super fun time! 




AFM, holy moly Femara (actually taking Letrozole) gives me headaches!  More like migraines!  Yikes!  Last month was the first month I took it and thought it was just me getting headaches.  Well now I know it is the Femara because I am taking it again and it is those same headaches.   I am taking it at night so that I can go to bed within two hours of taking it.  Otherwise I am in migraine-like pain.  Ouchie!  CD7 for me, still spotting which is weird for me.  Hope that stops soon.  I'm annoyed with it... :) 

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Sila: I'm really, really sorry :( I keep typing and then erasing sentiments but none of them fit what I feel for you...I really want to scream WTF for you and then cry for you and then try to help you find the glimmer of optimism that keeps us going on this journey month after month...I have no words to put any of that eloquently but I am thinking of you and just so, so sorry...


Milk: So glad to hear your good news, I'm sorry the meds are making you feel like crap but lets hope that means they are working big time!


Shesaid: I was reading back through posts because I haven't been able to check in. When I read your calendar I got so excited for you, then I kept reading and got to the part about your bcp reaction and felt totally bummed for you. Yet another example of how nothing about infertility goes the way we think it will. I am however, so glad that this cycle is not a waste and that you don't have to endure a whole month of swollen face and itches...I hope that goes away soon and you get your new schedule sorted out.


Toothfairy: sorry about the bfn:(


Lindz: glad your thyroid is getting back to a balanced level!


AFM: I've got nothing...2-3 dpo, well timed bd this month but no meds so we know where that leads...I know I haven't been posting here that long or that often but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the support I have received from you ladies. Sometimes when I check in here I am feeling super low and it is just amazing to have somewhere that I can express that without judgement. Sometimes I'm just feeling blah and it's so nice to hear from others that continue to persevere despite all the obstacles and heartbreak, it makes me feel less insane. And every so often there is a little bit of good news here which really does give me hope for us all:)   So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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Just popping in. Nothing very exciting going on for me. Actually, I have stopped bleeding (now I probably jinxed it)! So that is exciting...


Just wanted to say I love you all.


I really wanted to call me RE. I need to call my RE. I need to see if I can get insurance to cover some RPL blood work and talk my RE into it. I need to know what I need to do next time I get a bfp. But I have been almost paralyzed in doing so. I haven't called. I'm normally so proactive. Ugh. Now it's Friday night and I'll probably have to wait until next week to get to a nurse. I think part of me is scared I'll have to convince them I was pregnant. I really was.

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Brichole- So glad to see you back! Even though I wish none of us had to be here. Glad DH is on board with you too. 

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