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Milk - omg what a crazy story. Do you still trust you RE. wow. Your head must be spinning And also: I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE STILL PREGNANT!!!!!
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Milk- i cannot even imagine how you feel right now... I am relieved there is indeed a baby still growing strong but horrified at the thought it was almost taken away from you without your knowledge. I'll keep praying for your little bean to grow strong and hang n there, and for you to get some peace of mind soon. Is it your RE that misdiagnosed the miscarriage? Are you going to tell him/continue being monitored by him? I know he is the one who gave you so much hope and prescribed the right meds to keep baby growing so I'm sure you are torn. I'm thinking of you love.
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Milk - I am so sorry that you have been put through this, as if you haven't already been through enough.  But you didn't take the miso(whateveritwasdrug), and you are still pregnant with a heartbeat and that is wonderful news.


Sourire - Hi!  I am ok, I guess, I made an apt to go back and see the doctor - for no real reason besides that I am having trouble accepting my new reality.  Yeah for the normal LP!!!!

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Hi Milk.. I am stalking from all the way back at BSL and saw the ticker on another post. I am thinking super positive thoughts for you. I am sorry for this rollercoaster, with RE included, and hope this is the one. hugs.

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Milk - You poor thing. What the hell?!?! I'm so, so happy that you didn't take the drug and that there was an u/s requirement. I'm so sorry you are dealing with the emotional roller coaster. This is just so unfair for you. You deserve a happy ending.
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Gosh, Milk!  I can understand how completely torn you must be today!  I'm so sorry!  But yay too for the baby!  Sending you more sticky vibes for that baby to grow and defy that doc! Man! 

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Originally Posted by SKJ2011 View Post

Milk - You poor thing. What the hell?!?! I'm so, so happy that you didn't take the drug and that there was an u/s requirement. I'm so sorry you are dealing with the emotional roller coaster. This is just so unfair for you. You deserve a happy ending.

This, exactly.  I couldn't have said it better.

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Milk8Shake...   I saw another story about a supposed blighted ovum being a viable pregnancy a few years ago. Your story reminded me of that. I remember that the baby was born perfectly healthy. Toes crossed that you have the same results!!!

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milk, I'm speechless. I don't blame you for being totally confused and thrown for a loop. I'm glad your little bean is growing, and I'm hoping hoping that the heartbeat will get faster and stronger. Wow. Please let us know how you're doing when you've had time to process. Grow, little one, grow!!! goodvibes.gif
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Milk - Agh!  What insanity!  I'm so glad you didn't move forward with the meds, and that they were able to find your little bean.  I'm keeping you in my t&p that the heartbeat continues to get stronger and this is your take home baby!


Back to stalking....

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Milk, just as your saw your happy news, you checked in with the bleeding and I was waiting on congratulations because, well, I have been there and the not-knowing is awful and what to say? What can be said? And now, seriously, after all THAT, what really is to be said? Wish I could say I can't believe your RE made such a whopper of a misdiagnosis, but I totally can. Some doctors are overconfident about certain benchmarks and that's it for them. Still, I am dumbstruck at it all and so very happy for you that there is a tiny beating heart in there! Why do you say 108 bpm is a bit low? Just checked out my notes for you but my first HB counts are from 7w and it changes so much week to week at that stage. From what I know though that is a beautiful HB. I know there are no guarantees, so I'm probably not helping. Trying to game the system for you because I want so much for this to be it for you. Holding you and the little bean in my thoughts...


Everyone else - I miss you guys, read along, hold my breath, think tons of good thoughts, pray. Toothfairy, Sourire, Sila - oh my girls. Stevi, sorry you are here but happy you are with this incredible group of gals. I know it is hard to hear from the other side (it was for me) but I want you to know not a day goes by...

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BFN this morning on a FRER. My clinic doesn't do betas unless you get a BFP at home. I will update more later today after my appointment with the RE. One thing is for sure though: I'm done with IUIs!!!!
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Sourire - Sorry about the BFN greensad.gif But yay for moving onto IVF. I'm so, so, so excited for you!!!!!!!!
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Milk - I'm not going to repeat what everyone already said, so just hang in there. Wow. Stay strong little bean.


Sourire - Crap. I was really hoping for a miracle for you this time.


Sourire and Cait - If I had continued treatment and gone ahead with the injectable cycles (and they failed) I would be on to IVF too... but I didn't and I'm not...

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Just popping in from lurking


Milk: I'm really rooting for you. Although my situation is and was nowhere near yours I had the same diagnosis early in my pregnancy. Blighted ovum! Then I got deathly ill, did a repeat ultrasound, but transvaginal this time, and here I am 26w 4d pregnant. So praying really really heard that this is your miracle rainbow baby.


Still praying really hard for all of you much deserving ladies on hear.

Forever stalking!

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Milk, I'll be praying for you mama!!

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Milk - I'm thinking of you and sending lots of light and love. 


Cait - Hi, friend! 


Sila - Still chart stalking in hopes that you get a fantastic surprise!


Hello to all! 

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Milk - I can't even imagine all the different emotions you're feeling, but I'm pulling for you!!  Fingers crossed this is it for you. 


Sourire - I'm so sorry about your BFN I was really hoping the extra day without spotting was a sign.  You're on to IVF now, right??  I wish you all the best.


TF2B, Sila, Shesaidboom and everyone else...I know I've graduated, but I still stalk you guys!  This thread is due some good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Sourire- Eff the BFN... I was so hoping the lack of spotting was more than just good crinone results. Onward & upward. Do ou cycle this round with IVF or do ou need a BCP month?

Hi Wissa! You're due next, right... Eeeee!!
Hi gozal! Miss you lady, hope those twins are treatin you good!
Hi krunchy smile.gif

Sila- i'm still undecided, i haven done IUI since march, just Femara & timed intercourse... its actually a process to get to an RE again, i would ahve to switch PCP (my current PCP is t he NaPro doc & he doesn't refer for ART), have a physical, get a referral, make a consult, do my day 3 testing all over... The process of giving up omy ody and starting over at the RE again scares me, i hope it works on its own first... Hoping for some camping luck for you... C'mon baby sila!

AFM- ovulating now... We've actually bd tonigh & the 4 days prior so timingis the best its been since surgery. Turns out ll my ovulation pain is on the left (3 months in a row, WTF?!?! Stupid left ovary!) and the rest of my cycle sucked (herbs reaction, minimal cm, poor sleep) so i'm not banking on anything. Hello 2ww my devilish friend, not looking forward to starting my prometrium, boo!
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SKJ - it could be you just scratched your cervix with the Crinone applicator and that is where the blood came from. I'm a big fan of playing doctor too, we know our bodies best right? So glad to hear you have plenty of insurance money left for IVF.

toothfairy - it's really great to hear that there is a way to do IVF that would work for you. It seems like lots of endo ladies get pregnant soon after the lap, but if it doesn't happen IVF is probably the fastest route to success. So glad you finally got some good timing though. I'm really hoping you can get a miracle BFP in the time it takes to get set up with an RE again.

AFM - so my doctor officially gave us the go ahead to do IVF. It turns out there is still a short waiting list for IVF treatment at my clinic (in spite of the announcement on their website a few weeks ago that said there is no more wait list). So they are supposed to give me a call in about 6 weeks or so (end of Oct) to start on my next CD1 (around early Nov). However starting means you're in the cycle before your IVF cycle, and you have some meds to take in preparation for IVF. So it looks like my actual IVF cycle will be in December. It's a bit far but I'm really glad I get a couple of cycles with no meds, I'm looking forward to the break and hoping my body can get back to normal in that time.

They already gave me my protocol and all my prescriptions, the list of meds is crazy long and it's only up to the retrieval, I get another list afterwards!!! I'll be doing a short (antagonist) protocol with Puregon (aka Follistim) and Menopur for stimulation and the antagonist is Orgalutran. I also have to take Estrace for the last week of my prior cycle, I'm not sure why. They didn't mention BCPs though so I guess I don't have to take those.
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