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Cait - I totally understand. It would almost be like starting over in a sense. But I also understand the 6-9 month window after the endo surgery too. I wish it was easier. Good luck with your decision.  Praying the super good timing this cycle yields super a super good result and you can just skip the decision :) 


Sourire - Woohoo! December isn't that far lady! The first cycle is a "mock" IFV cycle right? To see how you respond and if anything needs to be changed for your actual cycle? How exciting to have the protocol already! I guess you'll be joining the IVF thread and learning more over there.


AFM - I got a BFP last night (11dpo, probably my 300th pee). I'm scared shitless.

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Sila - I had to read your post 3 times to fully take in what you were saying at the end.  My heart lept with excitement for you.  Praying this is a sticky little bean, so so very happy for you - and understand the scared part!!!

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Sila - joy.gif OMG!!!!!! This is so, so exciting. You got a free BFP! May it become a free take home baby for you. Sending you lots of sticky take home baby vibes. Try to take it one minute at a time.
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SILA!!!!!! Wow!!! This is so exciting! Time for some dancing vegetables!banana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif


I'm not sure if I'm having a mock IVF cycle. I think I'm going straight into the real thing. They already know that I respond well to Puregon based on my 3 IUI cycles with that med, so I think that helps give them a good idea.


I'll probably join the IVF thread when I have a better idea of the timing of my cycle (aka when the clinic calls to tell me its my turn). But I could never leave you ladies. We have been through so much together!

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SilaMarila...   Fantabulous!!! I hope this baby gives you years and years of love and laughter!!!

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Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've been catching up on everyone's news.


Milk - WTF? I'm glad things ended up working out okay, but what a mess! Any updates? I'm glad there is a little bean in there.


Sila - WOW! Congrats :)


Sourire - I'm so sorry about the BFN and the IVF wait.


Everyone else - I'm thinking of all of you and hoping for good news. We need some more!



AFM - Not much going on here. I'm 9-ish DPO right now on a natural cycle. I'm praying that all the OPKs and BD-ing we did works, but if not we are on to IVF next month. I was iffy on it because we have not been able to move the MRI. In fact, the dr who booked it won't even call me back and I've left about 10 messages now. I spoke to my GP about it and she agreed that we should just go ahead and who cares about the MRI. If I'm pregnant or we're still going through our cycle (probably) by our MRI date I'll just move it. I'm going away for the weekend, so I'll catch up again on Monday. I am glad to get away from my test strips since I know I'll be tempted to start testing tomorrow even though it's early.

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Sila, I'm so very, very happy for you. Congratulations! 

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Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!  

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Shesaidboom - How frustrating. Personally I would move forward with the cycle. Have a good trip! (I was a bad example testing early)


Sourire - True about the Purgeon, I forgot about that. I look forward to following your journey.


AFM - One moment at a time, one day at a time I suppose. My ave LP is 14 so AF would be due Sunday. Trying to remain calm. I haven't retested but plan to tomorrow (13dpo). I expect the line to be darker tomorrow if is my hcg is doubling. I expect implantation only occurred 1-2days before I tested. I appreciate all of your thoughts. Prayers appreciated too. I'm having a fair amount of bloating/stretching feelings/crampiness. I want it to be "normal", not AF.

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Those bloaty feelings are a good thing. I needed my yoga pants by 5 weeks.

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I always know its a good sign when I log in and there are eleven new posts.  I thought to myself... "that means a BFP!"  

Sila, congratulations.  

joy.gifjoy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif

I'll thinking good thoughts for you and tomorrow's test to be nice and dark.  


I'm sorry that I haven't done any persies.  I'll admit to being wholly self absorbed at this time (not to mention having the concentration and memory of a bloody goldfish).  

I'm reading every day though.  My head is just scatterbrained right now.  


Thank you to everyone for good thoughts, prayers, wishes, and whatever.  I certainly need any help I can get at the moment.  Especially seeing as it turns out that the doctor that I was counting on might be an asshat after all.  He did apologise, and say that he understands if I never want to see him again.  I'm torn about what to do, because I really don't trust him anymore, but if I want to stick to this med protocol, I kind of have to stick it out.  *sigh*  I'm a little bit tired of the universe always throwing me giant "eff you" signals.  


Anyway, plan is to have another scan next week (not at the RE's - pretty sure he's never getting near me again in an u/s kind of way).  I don't know when to have the scan.  Today is 7w1d, and the last two bubs have passed at around 7w3d, and the one prior at about 8w.  In a way, I'd like to hold out til Friday arvo, be 8 weeks, and have the weekend to process whatever the results are.  

But, dunno if I can wait that long...  

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Sila - OMG! Congratulations!  Hoping and praying so, so hard for you right now... 


Milk - I'm so glad your little bean is hanging on in spite of the spotting.  I don't blame you for not wanting to stick with the asshat doc; I hope you can find a replacement so you don't have to deal with him anymore.  It sounds like waiting til 8 weeks or a little after to have the scan would bring you a bit of reassurance.  Are you "allowed" to have serial scans?  I know having a bunch really helped me feel better.  Even though you may never feel "safe" (I know I didn't), it was still good to be able to say, "Things are okay right now."  Hoping so much for the best for you.

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Sila !!!!!! Yay!!!

Milk - I just read your story. Oh my gosh. I can't believe your doctor was so quick to jump to conclude it was a blighted ovum. When I had my blighted ovum I had weekly scans for four weeks to make sure there was no mistake. I am so sorry that happened to you.
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Milk, I am so glad that the little one is still growing inside of you and that the little ones heart is beating!  I can't even believe that a doctor could make such a mistake like that - but then again an ultrasound tech probably sees more little ones and knows what good growing babies look like as compared to a blighted ovum.  I keep praying that this little one will grow to be held in your arms as a wiggling little baby.


SILA, wow, congratulations.  So exciting to hear that you got your BFP!

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Sila - so so so happy to hear the camping trip was a success. Yaaaay BFP! Praying tons for good progress and a darker line!
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Milk-praying for you. :)  So sorry about that quack!


Sila-Congrats!  I am so happy for you! 


I've caught a horrific stomach bug....yuck!  My work partner and I are both throwing up but I wish I was throwing up for the same reason she is!!!!  (she's 10 weeks).  Have a great weekend!

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Sila - Congrats!!!!  Yay!!!! 


Milk - Sounds like a tough decision with your history.  I myself would probably wait until the later date to do the u/s but then be annoyed by myself at each day that passed that I could have already had one!  You will make the right choice for you.  Best of luck! 


Souririe - sounds like you've perked up since having a plan!  Awesome! 


SheSaidBoom - Here's hoping!  Also, I can't stand it when a dr. doesn't call you back.  That's their business.  If they aren't going to do it, at least tell a nurse what to say so she can call.  How can you expect to keep patients when you are blowing them off?  I hope you get it straightened out soon. 


AFM, Wednesday will be CD28 so I will test then.  My place doesn't do anything addition (betas or whatever comes next) until you BFP at home.  Like Sila, I have the bloaty, "full" feeling so hoping that means yes... 

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Some days I just LOVE being on this thread.

So happy to read the BFP's!!!

.....Maybe my turn will come again!!!

Bring it on!!!


Congratulations Milk & Sila!!



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shesaidboom - Sorry things are still so complicated for your MRI. What kind of protocol are you doing?

Sila - how did the 2nd test look?

Milk - don't worry about personals, we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear any news of what is going on with you.

Lindz - sorry to hear you're sick. I hope you feel better soon!

planegreen - my fingers are crossed for you!

AFM - my whole family and DH's family are very excited and supportive about us moving on to IVF. I'm lucky to have such a great family and in-laws.
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Sila: so happy for you!!

Milk: what an insane roller coaster you are on, so happy baby is staying put and hoping for continued good news for you,

Sourie: sorry about your bfn but love that you are moving on to Ivf, December is so soon!

Plane: hope that full feeling is a good sign...

Hi to everyone else, my comps being wacky so I can't go back to previous pages to cath up properly:(

Afm: nothing new, nothing...this limbo sucks, I'm cd 5 of another unmedicated cycle due to timing. My mystery universe calling feeling disappeared when AF arrived and I'm finding my head full of negative thoughts. I'm coming on 2 years of trying and for some reason i have been dwelling on the fact that it has been 22 months of disappointment so far. That is a lot of months of having dreams slashed and heartbreak renewed:( I'm throwing myself a pity party right now, thanks for listening, I know you guys get it and I'm sorry that you do...
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