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Birth kit recommendations

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I am considering a homebirth with my family practice doctor, who occasionally does homebirths for women in the local Amish community, but typically delivers in the hospital.  The Amish community has their own birth supplies such as oxygen, etc.  My doctor doesn't really have a kit that she carries with her to births (from what I understand).  I honestly haven't discussed it in detail with her yet, since I am only 15 weeks along and have only had two prenatals so far, but it looks like I will be responsible for coming up with my own birth kit.  It might be possible for me to borrow the kit from the Amish group - I have connections with that community, but I'm not sure if what they have is going to be really complete or up to date or whatever...  I have two good friends who are nurses who will likely be doulas/assistants for my birth.  One is a labor & delivery nurse at the local hospital and was my doula with my first baby, and has studied midwifery in the past.  The other friend is an RN, and is currently in school to become a CNM.  She will be working with a midwife an hour away from us as part of her training, and it is possible that she may be able to borrow/rent some things from that midwife (?).  Money is an issue for us.  I'm on pregnancy medicaid, which is one reason I'm not seeing an actual midwife, since none of the ones in our area accept medicaid, plus most of them are at least an hour away, and I honestly feel really comfortable with my doctor who is also a friend of the family and delivered DD.


So my question is: are there inexpensive birth kits available online that are really sufficient for a safe birth?  Do midwives rent out birth kits?  What exactly should I look for in a kit?  Thanks!

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The term "birth kit" in the homebirth client community refers commonly to the kit the client prepares to have at the house. This would be in addition to the supplies that the MW is responsible for bringing. I say that as an FYI because homebirth kids are available online but it would not be sufficient for your particular situation. You will likely want a "birth kit" and all the supplies that a MW normally brings to a birth. 


I would work closely with your Dr. and your other birth attendants to see what they advise. Perhaps also pop in to the Unassisted Childbirth forum to see what those mothers gather for supplies. 


Based on my births I would be interested in having oxygen for both mom and baby, an IV with fluids for mom, and some sort of anti-hemorrhage drug if possible. I would also research heavily the supplies needed in the event of minor complications that may come up for the baby (like needing suction and etc.). 

What a great option for your birth -- good luck! 

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I agree with the PPs suggestions, and hope that you and your practitioner are able to figure out what would work best. A few companies have 'standard' kits for UCing mamas or those using a midwife who doesn't have a special kit...all in all I hope you have the birth of your dreams!!


In His Hands has nice kits...both the basic and the deluxe http://inhishands.com/shop/Birth-Kits.46 have what you would need, the same goes for the ones offered at Cascade http://www.1cascade.com/Category.aspx?CategoryID=1034. I would recommend looking into infant resuscitation bags...one of those just in case things, like the ones the AHA sells here http://shop.aha.channing-bete.com/onlinestore/storeitem.html?iid=173341

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