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i've done some nesting, but I got really, really tired the past few weeks. didn't have the energy to clean or cook consistently. today, my honey is doing a ton of cleaning and organizing-- yay! i'll be painting today and tomorrow. we have some time, so we're pacing ourselves. whatever gets done, gets done. i'm definitely not going to worry about it! whistling.gif
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I have been hardcore nesting. Not as much baby stuff, as whole house stuff. Everything has been staying very clean and tidy, plus we've tackled several big projects. We just moved into this house about a year ago, and there was a LOT to do for us.. the house has great bones (hardwood floors that were covered in carpet, but we have taken up all the carpet!, new windows, all the trim already painted white, etc) and it is all cosmetic, but the people's decorating style was pretty bad. When they moved out, they retired and moved to Florida, so they were an older couple. We just finished remodeling the bathroom and putting down a new kitchen floor in the last few weeks. I am SO excited about the floor, it is a gray/brown stone looking floor, you know- DIRT colored!, whereas the old floor was off-white. I would mop it and an hour later it would look like it had never been cleaned!! Our next project is setting up a bed for DS2 who is currently in my bed, and then painting/decorating the MASTER bedroom! I am so excited, after almost 8 years of marriage we've never had a pretty master bedroom...


I really don't have a lot to do for baby, just sorting and washing clothes, cleaning up and moving the bassinett into our room, and getting together birth supplies and diapers, etc. OH and I need to get a sling/wrap carrier of some sort too. But we ARE trying to get all of our house projects done before baby comes, so that we don't have anything hanging over our head with a newborn.

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the tea collection is a sale on zulily today. i splurged.

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We are moving to another country again right after we have the baby so I put everything on hold but I'm doing a nursery in my head and in note-books. Anyone else geeking out on Pinterest? My inspiration this week is here: http://pinterest.com/singaporestacey/nursery-inspiration/ 

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got some paint swatches and am still waiting on paint samples for the baby room. painting kitchen, dining room, baby room (1st), removing these ugly wooden switch plate covers, replacing window treatments with curtains. the current window treatments have long chain pulls that are not child friendly and they're not fun to look at so it gives me an excuse to get new ones. 

i'm still not allowed to go get baby furniture (crib bookshelf, etc) until our baby bedroom guest is moved out which will be late december so that is driving me bananas.

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