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Expecting next month after not having an infant for 9 years--where to get prefolds?

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I long ago gave away all my cloth diaper supplies. We were a pull-on cover, prefolds and Snappis family and it worked well for us, so we want to do it again, but after not shopping for diapers for 9 years, I'm not sure where to get the best deals on quality prefolds, pull-on covers, etc. 


We are also planning on trying EC, so I don't need a huge stash, probably just a couple dozen prefolds, a few covers, etc. 


Any tips on where folks shop these days, what to avoid/what to look for would be appreciated!

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Green Mountain Diaper online! Great prefolds and good prices.

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Green Mountain Diapers has been around forever and everyone raves about their pfs. Nickis Diapers has the Imagine line which seems to be the cheapest priced. Bummis has kits, not sure which retailers might have them in.

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I have a pretty gigantic stash, but I've found that there are tons of people selling used prefolds (people whose kids grew way faster than they thought ususally) on diaperswappers. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=18

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Thanks, both those sites look like great places to start. 


There seem to be a lot more size options in prefolds than there were 10 years ago. I remember having infant and premium size ones, and that worked fine. Are there advantages to the inbetween sizes I am seeing? I do want to be a minimalist since we do want to give EC a full go.

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I'm in a similar boat, my daughter is almost 10 and I just found out I'm pregnant after years of trying.  I plan to order from Green Mountain as well, which is actually a switch for me, because 10 years ago I was the epitome of a diaper hyena (a term coined here because of us crazed WAHM diaper freaks haha) but this time I am going a lot more low budget, plus I saved the most prized dipes in my stash, which I believe are vintage and even cooler now ;)

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A fellow minimalist here. Also a gal that went 9yrs between kids.

I love gmd sizing. My baby was large, but proportional, and still needed to fold the gmd down when my oldest pt at 25m (36" and 30lb) No way would need the length of the old sizing, though did need the width of new sizing to snappi. I guess those that just fold the prefold into fitted covers can get away with less width.

Unless you are having a very small baby (6lb or under). I would suggest 2dz gmd yellow. I was then able to switch to gmd brown. I went with 1dz prefolds and 1dz workhorse.

As for covers, I went with what I like for my oldest, motherease side snap covers. I liked being able to unsnap and use the underside part of the cover as a changing pad
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We also got ours from green mountain diapers.


I will admit that we have bought every size so far (XS, S, currently in M) and I'm so glad we did.  I'm sure you could fold the bigger sizes down to fit, but cloth diapers are already bulky enough.  Our DD was born 6 lbs 1 oz, suuuuuper skinny, and even the XS orange diapers were huge on her.  She has always been tall and skinny, and it's nice to be able to size-up in diapers without going super huge.  Prefolds are cheap enough that buying a couple dozen extra (because I guess we could've just gone with the yellow & brown ones) doesn't bother me at all.  They also make great changing pads and diaper doublers, and later on after we're done with kidlets I intend to use them as cleaning rags, if I don't give them to some other happy family!

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Hmmm...probably the GMD small / yellow will work then, since DD#1 was 7 1/2 and DD#2 was 9 1/2 lbs. 


Nice to see so many other moms with big gaps between kids:-).

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