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Spotting, anyone?

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I am 5w4d today, having a lot of sharp pains (not extreme pain, just twingy/poking feelings) on my left side and had a tiny bit of spotting this morning.


I wouldn't be nervous normally - I had a really bad interaction with a midwife last week in an interview and she put major doubts into my mind about this being a viable pregnancy. She was wrong in what she said, I know, but the emotion has stuck around and after seeing spotting this morning, I'm really sad.


I have an ultrasound on Wednesday morning anyhow, so I'll probably just hang tight until then (being that it's a holiday tomorrow and all). I'm just wanting to hear good outcome stories about spotting at this point (if you have them!) I know there's nothing I can do at this point, but I really want to try and relax and enjoy my next two days without being a wreck about the what ifs.

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Did you dtd the night before? Since you don't feel comfortable with your midwife, maybe you could just put yourself on pelvic rest until the ultrasound? My midwife was very clear that I should call her at the sight of any blood.

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I spotted on and off until 11w with my daughter.  With my second pregnancy (my son), I spotted during implantation (6dpo) and then again sometime in the middle of the 4th week.  With this pregnancy, I spotted at around 12dpo and then again at the very beginning of the 5th week.


I'm a spotter.  It's just kind of how I roll.  LOL!  Spotting can be very normal  in pregnancy, and I'm crossing fingers and toes that it is for you with this one!

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Thank you, ladies! Hearing the reminder that it can be normal really is reassuring.


For the record, that midwife that we had a rough time with will NOT be our midwife. It was during an interview and she put all sorts of doubts into our minds unneccesarily. (For example, doing an hcg urine test with VERY dilute urine and stating "you aren't pregnant according to this test. If you've gotten a positive test before, this may mean you're miscarrying.")

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I'll be nine weeks tomorrow and I've had a few spotting incidents. Each time I only happened when I wiped after peeing. The first I could easily attribute to sex, as the spotting happened within 24 hours afterward. It definitely made me nervous though! My midwife helped me feel at ease about it. Three days ago (during that big huge full moon) I had some bad cramps at night. I was relived when I didn't have any blood upon waking. Later that day I was running down with a cold and not drinking enough water. I spotted again, eek! My midwife explained that it was basically a nose blood in my cervix because of all the extra blood flow. 
I have been laying low this last few days and staying super hydrated. No more spotting or cramping! Lots of good pregnancy symptoms! 
I've had two miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and I'm hoping and praying that all is truly well! 

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When I was preg with DD I spotted at around 6-7 weeks.. My midwife at the time did blood hcg testing for a week and had me take Vit E she, called it placenta glue! bleeding stopped 2 days later. 

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