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Feeling guilty about early end to bfing DS

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So ds came down with his first barfy stomach bug this morning at around 3 am.  Aside from feeling so sad watching him suffer, I've also been thinking about how healthy he was before my milk dried up.  As soon as he stopped getting bm, he started getting ear infections and colds and now barfy stomach bug.  I'm just feeling like maybe if I had fought a little harder to keep my supply up, he would still be getting at least a little benefit from the bm.  He doesn't even comfort nurse to sleep anymore.  He seems to be taking after his dad, who was constantly ill as a baby/child according to mil.  I'm also feeling bad because a part of me was glad to be done nursing as it was getting painful, uncomfortable, icky feeling.  Today I was just beating myself up wishing that he could nurse and get some comfort and real nutrition and hydration rather than a teaspoon of water every 5 minutes, pedialyte pops, and a saltine.  His little face was just ashen and he was begging for water.  Oh so sad.  Anyway, wanted to boohoo to someone.  I need to remember this when I'm feeling like being done with nursing this lo...

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Awww, :hug


Alot of LOs I know right now seem to be getting bugs.  My mom thinks its from everyone using their air conditioning, circulates teh germs better (like airplanes).  Mine has definately seemed to get stuff more often since we stopped BF, but also, we are out and about ALOT more now hat she's on a bottle.  Partly age and time of year, partly its just easy to feed her in public now...  Its not fun but this too shall pass, be encouraged

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just quickly wanted to stop by and take you off the guilt trip: in my experience there isn't much you can do, to 'keep your supply up' when your body decides it has other important tasks to take care of (i.e. MAKING A BABY!!!!). I always thought I would be one of these endless bfing moms and then tandem nursing etc. but after trying really hard twice and dry-nursing (mainly on demand) DD for over two months, I have come to accept that that is the way it is. Nothing much I can do about, once my body turns into baby-making mode it just doesn't have the resources to do the bfing routine on a paralell level. period. nothing to feel guilty about.

you could start bashing yourself to getting pregnant 'so early on' after no1, but really - rather focus on how greatful your kids will be for being close siblings. They wil fight a lot, but they will also be best friends.

sorry if this sounded too abrupt, in  ahurry. need to get kids dressed and lunches packed (and coffee slurped) and then off into the forest for an outdoor morning :)

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Oh :( My DS got his first stomach bug last week too. It was so sad to see him throwing up and feverish. My milk dried up about 5 months ago and DS only nurses to fall asleep. I too felt kinda sad that I didn't have mama milk to give him to help him through this sickness but he ended getting over it pretty fast anyway. It was kinda odd to NOT nurse him through a sickness and know he was getting nutrients from me. Hope your kiddo recovers quickly!

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Holy diarrhea and vomit!! We all came down with the hellish stomach bug.  I'm just now emerging from my room.  Thankfully dh was able to take today and yesterday off to take care of ds and me.  He got sick, too, but not as bad.  I feel like my house wreaks of intestinal death.  Well, it does. Now that I can finally walk without inducing a series of contractions, I am going to tackle the pile of poop and puke soaked laundry that ds has created over the past few days.  He's finally eating after having basically nothing since Saturday evening.  We'll see if he can keep it down.  He's so skinny already!  I'm hoping his appetite comes back full force and the diarrhea stops soon.  YUH to the UCK!  Dh said he changed 5 loaded diapers in 2 hours night before last.  Glad we are on the tail end of this.  Haven't heard of anyone else around here with a stomach bug, so I have no idea where it came from...

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Many hugs to you, and please let those guilty feelings dissolve into the ether. Some mamas continue making milk while pregnant and others don't--I suppose it depends upon whether one's body wisdom considers there to be enough reserves to do both--but it's definitely not something one can consciously cause or prevent. I hope you and the family feel better soon! Intestinal bugs are so wretched. hug2.gif

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Thanks for all the kind words.  I was surprisingly fine with it when my milk initially dried up.  I guess the sad pang just came in full force after feeling helpless watching ds suffering.  We are doing tons of snuggling, though, and that helps.  Also been feeling the hormones raging lately, so that doesn't help.  Looking forward to a nice long bf relationship with this new baby girl.  Stay healthy and happy everyone!!

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