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Canning question

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I was able to pick about 60lbs of apples for free today.  I have never canned before but am very excited to try water bath canning.  I made a batch of applesauce today that I put in jars and planned on freezing because I don't have access to the canning supplies today.  My mom is bringing all the supplies to me in 6 days.  Is it possible for me to either keep those jars in the fridge or freeze them and then process them when I get the stuff I need to do so?  Do I need to heat the applesauce back up or can I bring the jars back to room temperature and then put them into the water bath? 

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I'd re-heat the applesauce and then can it.  Kind of a pain in the neck, but technically the safe way to do it, just in case.

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Thank you!  That's what I figured.  Of course I was hoping I could do it the lazy way :P

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