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Bi-Weekly Chat Thread (thru 9/16)

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Some of us will hit full term during this thread! I wonder if well have any babies during this thread?! Someone should start a "welcome babies" thread to announce the births.

Question: what is worrying you these days?

My answer: I'm still nervous that i won't make it to 37 weeks and won't get my home birth. I'm also nervous about how small baby will be. At my last appt my midwife said this baby is petite. I think I'll have to ask her at my next appt to guess the weight. I'm hoping this babe is at least a little bigger than my 5lb 12 ounce daughter was. Also, i feel slightly ill or uncomfortable in my own skin at most times now...it has me a little worried about feeling bad during post partum and dealing with sore nipples and no sleep on top of it. I didn't feel horrible last time other than sore nipples but now I am fearing afterbirth pains more and I guess just projecting how not well I feel now on how I will feel then. Hardto imagine feeling well again. Lol.

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Yikes, how can we be getting so close?!  What's worrying me these days is the amount of stuff I still have left to do.  That, and the size of my knockers, lol.  My boobs barely grew at all during my first pregnancy, and then I jumped up a cup size when my milk came in.  I went back to my previous size as my supply disappeared gradually as ds got older, but during this pregnancy I've grown all the way into the bra I wore in the early days of nursing ds.  Being that size made me feel sort of misproportioned.  I don't think it looks bad now, but I've got my big belly to distract from the size of my boobs.  What's going to happen when the belly is gone, and I'm even bigger because of the milk?


Cindy, I've worried a bit about the afterpains too.  Hopefully they won't be too bad for either of us!


My goal for this month is to focus on getting a couple of the pre-baby chores done every day.  If I start thinking too far ahead about all that's left to do, I get overwhelmed and don't do anything.  Today, I ordered drapery hardware for 2 of our rooms, and set up my sewing area so I can get to work on the curtains.  Dh is getting awfully tired of the blankets we've had tacked up since we moved here. 

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Vegan- I hear you on being worried about early baby and size of baby. Mine have all been early and small. hug.gif I would start the "Welcome Babies" thread, but somehow that makes me sound too eager, and I want my baby to stay comfy inside for awhile longer. 


Angel- Yeah, I am large busted to begin with. I am not looking forward to how huge I am going to get again. eyesroll.gif Your curtain project sounds fun! I bet it will look really nice once they are up and the blankets are down.


My worry is keeping this baby in longer. I have done the preemie thing twice before and I am hoping and praying for at least 37 weeks. That is when both my girls were born, and this baby is a girl too, so hopefully we will make it. My boys were earlier. 


My mom is picking up the last few things we need for baby and my 12yo daughter will wash up all of the woolens today. 

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I have the opposite worries...last time I was 14 days late with DS, I really don't want to do that again. I keep thinking in my head that this baby could come in less than a month but the reality hits that the chances of that are pretty slim and I probably have at least 6 more weeks..... I'm feeling ready to meet this baby and get settled into normal life again...I should not be in such a rush since I still have so many things on my list to do!


DH is has been putting up dry wall and getting a new room ready for probly 10 months, and he's finally about to finish...paint today! I'm not sure what the rooms purpose will be but I just want it set up so we can start getting baby things out and organized.

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I need three more weeks, and then, I want this baby OUT! lol I'm sooooooo beyond done and soooo uncomfortable. When I imagine feeling this way for maybe 6 more weeks, I just...can't. lol!!!



My latest thing is that I'm having trouble breathing...but it's mostly only noticeable at night when I'm exhausted and trying to get to sleep. I think it's the laying on my side that's causing troubles, but I'm not sure how to remedy it, so I'm just sort of tossing around feeling like I can barely breathe until at some point I actually fall asleep. It sucks! The belly had a big growth it seems this week, so maybe even with all that lowness of baby it's still pushing against my lungs? I don't really know where it's coming from otherwise. 


Biggest worry- meh...lol. I'm just worried I'll have to be pregnant forever. LOL! Everything is ready for baby...birth...and even babysitting for ds is set up. The freezer is stocked...I'm so not worried about the birth this time around...or the postpartum anymore, so I guess all my worries are just about how long this is going to take! I wish I could enjoy these very last weeks a little more, but it's sooo hard to be chipper about it. 


Also, I'm now DYING to know the gender! LOL. I did good all the way up to this point, but now I want to know sooo badly!!

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I have absolutely nothing ready for this baby and NO motivation to get things ready.. I seriously have no desire to do anything right now..

Someone want to send me some motivation?

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Hard to believe how close we are getting!  I'm largely ready and really glad I was nesting so much early on.  I still have lots to do, but I've had so many problems with my back and tailbone recently that I have quite a few days where even hobbling around the house has become quite an ordeal. I've been so uncomfortable.  All of the places I usually sit in the house suddenly make me feel worse.  It's like I either have to be standing or in bed and I start to hurt pretty quickly in both of those positions too.  Today was a good day and I was able to work on several projects, though getting ds ready for school to start soon has been my priority recently.  I just hope that all these chiropractor appointments start to make a real difference soon.  On the plus side I'm getting lots of practice with pain management techniques to use in labor.


Also in good news, according to my recent blood work, my thyroid issues are gone.  I'm well into good ranges on all  my numbers so not even borderline anymore.  Such a relief!  Aside from the back issues I feel great so it's nice to see the numbers reflect that.


I finally got  the last of our cloth diapers a couple days ago so I need to get those washed up and put away.  I feel like there are lots of little odds and ends to do still.  Many not essential, but things I really would like to finish before the baby gets here.  I need to start working on my to do list again!


Angel-I hear you on worrying about the bra size.  I need to see how my old nursing bras fit at this point.   I hope they will be usable this time.  I hadn't thought about it too much till my mom mentioned it last night.


Right now my big worry is getting parking permits for everyone who will be here for the birth.  Sounds silly but our development tows like crazy (especially at night) and we get one regular guest pass and may have up to four additional cars here for the birth and if I go into labor after the office is closed we may have a problem.  I also don't want to call attention to our family as home-birthers to our management company.  I'm thinking I'm not going to be in any condition to request guest passes once I'm in labor anyways so I just told DH about my worry and dumped it on his plate to figure out.  I've been obsessing about  this for weeks now and I need to focus on other things.


Other than that, I'm worried I won't get things done in time and about the possibility of being in this much pain for the rest of this pregnancy.

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Am I the only one who is NOT done being pregnant??  Maybe it's because I'm only 33.5 weeks and others are further along....  I absolutely love being pregnant this time and it actually makes me emotional to think that I won't have a big pregnant belly anymore.  I love looking in the mirror and looking at my shadow.  I love everything....even when my hips hurt-- I love that they hurt b/c I am pregnant.  Maybe it's b/c it took us 1 1/2 year to get preggers??  I want to get pregnant one more time and hope that my body cooperates...  This baby has brothers 6 and 10 years older and I hope it's in the stars for him to have a sibling closer in age as well.


Maybe one of the reasons I love being preggers is b/c some of what worries me is the post partum period...  I am not looking forward to being so tired from nursing all night and not feeling energetic.  I am so active and cannot stand sitting in my house all day.  My midwifery center really wants us to stay in our house and do nothing for 14 days....   I have never been told that before, and even though I agree with them, I don't know that is possible for me.  I will try, but I am afraid I will get post partum depression if I do that.  I have never been one to be at home...and this home is a rental and even though I really love it, I'm not in love with it...and it doesn't feel like a home we have been in for years.


I have some worries about labor and delivery...but nothing out of the ordinary. I will be able to have my 1st water birth, but that worries me a little.  They told us to take an enema b/c if we poop in the pool we have to get out.  I've never taken an enema and worry that I would get sick or have awful cramps from it.  I think it would just be easier to stay pregnant--  HA HA.


I am so in love with this little boy.  I am in love with his name and with his movements in my belly--- and I cannot wait to see him.  So, I guess I really don't want to stay pregnant.


My prenatal yoga class had a get together last week and 4 of the moms who had just had babies came to see everyone.  There were three 2/3 week olds and one 2 month old-- it was AMAZING to hold them and made me so excited!  We transition into mommy and me postnatal yoga, so I am relieved that I will continue to see these girls every week.  Since we've only lived here for about 10 months, it's nice to have an outlet to meet other mom's with babies!!


We went to the beach again today and had a fabulous time, even though the waves were big and a little scary for me watching my boys and DH in the water.  I feel rejunvenated for this week-- which is good b/c tomorrow is the 1st day of school for our boys.  1st grade and 5th grade!!  :)


Well, sorry for the book.  I guess I'm chatty today!  :)

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hello all! I'm lurking here from the September DDC - due the 24th, but feeling like I may run into your month, especially with averages for first time homebirth moms running past 41 weeks. 

pregnova, I've had the out-of-breath feeling for a week or two now. i find that putting a pillow behind my back so that i can lean back a little more, as well as keeping my top arm back, helps my chest to open up a little more. that, or sleeping with my arms up a bit - say, one under the pillow or one hand by my head or something. I also notice it's easier on my right side than my left side for some reason. Good luck, though!


sillymom, I felt the way you do now until this past weekend (just hit full term) - lots of energy, not really that much in the way of aches, no heartburn, no problems at all. but suddenly mood swings have hit and I hate being at work (I work 2 more days this week and 2 days next week and then I'm DONE getting up at 4:40 am to open a coffeeshop!) and I would like to not have to worry about being in a position where I can breathe and not hearing bones creak when I turn over in bed and I would love to drink an entire glass of wine or wear one of the many items of my clothing that were packed away months ago. 

I love my cute little belly and feeling the baby wiggle (except when I get little feet digging into my ribs), and I AM, as a first time mom, worried about what waits for me at the birth and beyond, but this week I'm just not in the mood for pregnancy!

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Hello again everyone!  I've been on hiatus from the group for a while since I've been doing an insane amount of nesting and settling in since we moved in June.  I have been doing some lurking though.


I'm 36 weeks today!  I am on board with you mamas who are ready to birth and be done with pregnancy!  I still have a bunch to do, but I did just have a great weekend where I got pretty much all of the rest of the "must do" stuff done.  phew!  There is still more organizing and cleaning to do, but when is there not?  I guess I really just want to be done nesting and getting ready for the baby and just be ready and waiting...maybe have some time to read a good novel or something I won't have much time for.


sillymom, sounds blissful and i'm glad you're enjoying your pregnancy and your boys!  hearing about your yoga class makes me wish we were still living in town so that I could do yoga with other mamas instead of in my living room or with a DVD.

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I am tired and cranky. lol.  I will be 36 wks on friday and really wish I would go at 38 wks like my last, but realize I'll probly be right at my edd like all the others...and that is wearing on me...I am having trouble staying asleep and don't feel like being a labor warrior, hah. I have just had so much going on lately and still have so much to do! 

Sillymom, meant to say that onthe table finishing thing, our problem was heat!  We had to take it outside to do and the paint wants to dry waaay too fast.  We haven't applied the poly coat but are using it anyway...we'll get to it this weekend. 

we have someone coming to tape an texture an unfinished wall; then dh will paint it and he also wants to paint our kitchen cabinets~I think he is nesting...it was all I could do to get things ready for the texturing tomorrow. 


I can't recall all the names, but whoever bought dipes, what'd you get??? LOL I love buying CDers.  I am being good and not buying any more though.  Our anniversary is Friday and we were supposed to go out of town, but not feeling it so we're staying home and painting, ect, .lol. 

My midwife is out of town next weekend and so I don't have another appt til the 19th.  which is fine with me. 

I think I am really just tired, so this all sounds very...grumpy? lol. I am carrying baby like a pendulum and I am having trouble in the clothes dept, lol.  I am a modest mama, and it's getting increasinbly difficult to cover this belly! 

I think the reason we begin feelingthis way towardsthe end is to help prepare us for labor--enough anticipation/impatience to get us through it, anyway, right?

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Forgive the lack of personals. I ordered a keyboard for my iPad and it should be here tomorrow. I hate typing on this thing!

My 3 yr old started preschool today! She has been so clingy lately. I was expecting tears and an adjustment period. But she didn't bat an eye when I left. No tears all day. And when I picked her up she said she didn't want me to take her home. I told her she could go back in 2 days and she wanted to know why she couldn't go everyday. I said " don't you want to be home with mama some days?" and she said No! I guess she had a blast. I'm glad she did well. This was really the last big thing on my plate before baby! I did stay for half hour at the start and went a bit early at the end to watch. Had errands to do...but I did get to sit on the couch and watch tv and practice crocheting for half hour. That was so nice!

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Cindy, I'm glad she had a good day.  DS starts next week and we're going to meet his teachers and see his classroom tomorrow.  I agree that getting him started off at school is one of the big things for me before this baby comes.  How many days a week is your daughter going?  We're starting off with two days a week this year.  I think it will  be good for him to have his own thing going on there with all the baby stuff going on at home.


Dannic, I think I'm the one who got the cloth diapers.  They are all second hand prefolds, but about half of them are custom ones that have been dyed and then have cute prints sewn over the center parts.  I know they'll be covered up, but they are just about the cutest diapers I've ever seen.  An acquaintance was selling them and I just couldn't help myself....had to get them.



Violet-good to see you back here!


Sillymom-if it weren't for this pain, I'd be content to be pregnant for a long time yet.  Today was stressful, hormonal and emotional in all honesty, but by and large I'm really enjoying this last trimester.

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I love prefolds!  Well, until after 6 mos or so...I keep thinking baout embellishing mine, but I want gender specific, lol, and what if I have a different sex next time???  I'd have to take it off and redo...so they are plain.  Very fun though!

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Undertheoak: she is going 3 afternoons for 3.5 hours each time. That is the minimum for her school. I was surprised she already wanted to go everyday! I think the meet the teschers day really helped last week bc she played and had fun and made new friends so there were a lot of good things for me to play up since then. Plus she had been to other fun events there in the past and her little best friend is going there too.

Silly mom: it took over a yr and a half and ivf to get pregnant this time. I am so thrilled to be experiencing this again and don't want to wish it away bc I know it will be my last preg. But this has been physically a lot less comfortable than my first preg. Some moments I feel so awful I start to panic thiinking about feeling like this for weeks more. But I really am trying to appreciate it anyway. I too love the way I look...and the way dh looks at me now.

I'm procrastinating going to bed bc it just hurts so bad to lay there for long. Last night baby kept nestlinng into position and when I'd roll over it would hurt so bad bc she wasn't changing her position right away.

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Okimom, I know how you feel.  I mostly just want to lay around in my jammies and nap and eat delicious things all day long.  Sometimes it helps to reframe the chores I have left to do as ways of lovingly taking care of myself.  I can imagine how our house will feel once all the moving clutter is gone, and the curtains are up, and all the little tiny baby things are put in their places, and I know escaping the current chaos will help me feel a lot more peaceful about the upheaval of the new baby.  Or sometimes watching episodes of Hoarders on netflix puts me in the mood to start cleaning and organizing, lol. 


I was having a lot of groin pain yesterday and feeling pretty down about it.  None of my tricks seemed to be working to alleviate it.  It did feel better in the evening, so I arranged a ton of pillows on the bed and slept on my stomach for half the night.  It feels tons better this morning!  Going to make sure I get a walk in today and some stability exercises to hopefully keep things in place better. 

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I think part of it is older ones are acting up really badly.. We started school three weeks ago and its been a struggle with their behavior since. It just seems like there is never enough time in the day to both take care of them and get things done. For example today school went great (it usually does) then I went to get some chores done. While i was cleaning my middle wrote all over the walls in sharpie (which I have NO CLUE how she got!!), got into the brown sugar, pushed her brother off the bed while he was asleep and hit her sister in the face.. Oh I was cleaning all of 5 minutes by the time all this happens. I literally have to watch my younger 2 the entire time while they are up or something will get destroyed.. Its new to, I use to be able to let them play in their playroom or have a snack in the kitchen without worry.. I hope its just a phase or something, Im pretty exhausted greensad.gif

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That does sound exhausting!  Ds has been having a hard time adjusting since the move, but things are slowly getting better behavior-wise, and he has no siblings to torment yet.  Plus, I've been letting him watch way too much tv because I'm just too tired to care redface.gif

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Vegan-- I know how you feel- except for the IVF part-- I honestly think I have it a little easier b/c i am 6'0" tall. I have way more room so I'm not as comfortable.  But, I can't find maternity pants that are long enough and that is a pain in the butt.So dresses and skirts it is... LOL


Dannic--somehow my DH managed to finish the table between massive rain storms last weekend-- while the table was on our patio b/c there was no where else to work on it.  I am shocked at how good it looks and so excited.  I was so miserable with the clear finish coming off b/c everything stuck to the table-- if I set down a newspaper, I would have to tear it off.  It really irritated me b/c it was somewhat expensive and we've only had it about 9 years. Oh well-- at least it's done!!!!

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Just had my 34 week appt and baby has flipped back to breech.  I'm not too worried yet, as I'm pretty sure it was just a couple of days ago, but I really don't want to go through the whole breech drama.

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