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Angel- I understand the TV thing.. I almost never have my children watching TV.. Yesterday we watched 4 hours of it because I was swollen, had a migrane (thanks to allergies, although I checked my blood pressure just to be safe and it was on the low side) and just plan done for the day at noon.. My oldest actually asked to turn it off because she was tired of it being on and wanted to play outside.. Poor kid, I couldn't even get the energy up to take her out and it was HOT! Instead I got out the art supplies so they can make "books" to send to their grandma and great grandma.

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HI all!


Been catching up with this thread and all of you. Hard to believe that we're so close.


Vegan, I am also a little worried about postpartum discomfort as well as the increased chest size, as some of you have mentioned. I'm already disproportionate and breastfeeding just makes it so much worse.


Silly, loved reading your post. Despite all the difficulties with this pregnancy I also love being pregnant, even as I;m still vomiting daily and on bed rest :)


Oki, wow, that sounds like a lot to deal with. I have to say that the TV would be on in my house!!!


Cindy, so glad your DD is enjoying school. DS recently started at a new day care/preschool and is in there 4 long days a week while I'm on bed rest. I am so thankful that he likes it and is so flexible. We've mostly had nannies and nanny shares so it's a huge relief.


AM: I am 5 weeks into 6 weeks of bed rest. It's actually been fine and I have had to, by necessity, be up a little around the house on some days. Luckily I am mostly able to stay in bed, and for some odd reason the time has flown by. The rest has absolutely helped keep this baby stay put and my cervical length improved considerably even though the fetal fibronectin tests keep coming back positive. I just have to make it to 36 weeks to have a birth with my midwife at the very baby friendly hospital and to 37 weeks until I can have my water birth.


This weekend some friends are coming over to my house to throw me a little baby sprinkle, which will be really nice, I think. I still have so much to do, and being on bed rest doesn't get much done! Feeling lucky to have gotten to this point, though.


Cindy, I am slightly worried about a smaller baby, too. My fundal height has always measured a little behind but this week seemed to catch up a bit. I have growth scans every two weeks as I have lupus, and he seems fine - though he's dropped from the 60th percentile to below the 30th percentile, and I'll think he'll drop a bit more. DS was 7 pounds 3 oz and 9 days early so he was a bit bigger and always measured on track and/or a bit bigger. But these are all estimates, of course, and my very slight friend was predicted to have a 7 pounder inside of her (her daughter was 6 pounds something) and she then birthed an almost 10 pounder! It was a big surprise!

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Well, I am still cranky and tired. lol.  It's our anniversary and my nesting dh decided to not only paint the table, but a wall, and refinish the kitchen cabinets.  And it poured last night!  SO HUMID! 

My role in this endeavor?  "Um, honey?  You missed a spot..." =)  And then he is trimming out a door, installing curtain rods, and the list goes on...

I had this crazy preggo-woman thought that I could have this baby this weekend (the whole house in upheavel, literally) and have nowhere to have him/her!  Um, not doing that!  I've never gone earlier than 38 wks, so it was a total random thought...and it almost, almost made me giggle.  lol.


I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Zubeldia-- so glad to hear from you!  I've been thinking and wondering about you.  Are you not able to take the Zofran for the vomitting?  I am so sorry to hear that you're still sick and on bed rest.  I really feel for you.  It sounds like you are in good spirits though!  :)


I just got home from work and I cannot stop gawking at my disgusting feet.  Apparently it was a mistake to wear wedges b/c they must encourage swelling.  My feel are so gross looking-- looks like I've had an allergic reaction.  YUCK.  I do have my feet up while I am on the laptop waiting for my boys to get off the bus!!  :)

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Dannic: Happy anniversary!! I have a to do list for DH this weekend too - though nothing nearly as involved. Like I want him to mop the floors (our entire house is hardwood!). I think I'm done with my hardcore nesting - I'm all about delegating it now. LOL.

Zub: Wow, you're almost done w/bedrest!! I'm glad your son is liking his new daycae/preschool. That must be a huge relief to you right now.

Silly: Oh now - swelling!!! I had it awful last time. I deftiitely think it had struck by now. So far this time I'm not swollen. I'm sort of just waiting for it to happen at some point though. My only thought is that I sat at my desk for 10+ hours at my old job and maybe that is why I was swollen and now am not? Who knows. Sorry - I hear swimming (being in up to your neck) can help get rid of it.

AFM: Holy crap I am ravenous all the sudden lately! Need to eat every couple hours. Like NEED to eat. I guess baby is busy growing in there.

I saw my OB today. I havent seen her since maybe 16 weeks? I had emailed her for a referral to the dermatologist and since for some odd reason, the OB/GYN and derm share an office, I made an appointment to see her too. She wanted to see me and I had her do my Group B Strep swab - saved me $30 if I had my midwife do it. Anyway, she of course couldn't tell if baby was head down by feeling - my midwife has no problem. I knew baby was head down. I did let her do an ultrasound bc I was curious if we could see her face. I know, silly reason. Baby totally did NOT cooperate though. All I got was a printout of her first. LOL. But doc did confirm she is def a girl! LOL!

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Glad to hear from you Zub! I was wondering how you were doing...good to hear all is well. 


Cindy- I'm finding that eating throughout the day is sort of forced except for bfast when I always feel like I'll die if I don't eat RIGHT then. But come evening, I could eat the whole house! lol It's sooooo bad, but I think it's actually helping my sleep! lol


I feel sort of boring now. I'm totally set for babe. I have my doula coming for a house visit this weekend, and it'll be the last time I see her before the birth. My breathing issues cleared up once Babe moved positions a bit, so now I'm back to sleeping pretty good. Basically, I'm just trying to keep myself entertained while desperately anxious to meet this baby! 

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Vegan-- I didn't have any swelling until I went back to work several weeks ago.  Sitting for long periods of time is awful on the swelling and not to mention my tailbone!!!  Glad to hear that the baby is head down!!  I am being so careful with my positioning while I am sitting.  Interestingly enough, before this baby, I had never been told about the importance of positioning...


Pregnova---  so happy to hear that you are not having breathing problems anymore-- what a relief.


Dannic-- Happy Anniversary!!! 


We finally chose our daycare center.  It's so expensive, but we really, really like it which is a huge relief.  They gave us a reduced rate since I only work 5 1/2 hours per day and then in the summer I will only have to pay for two mornings days per week.  


I am cranky as heck right now....  I wish I could find a way to improve my mood.  I feel pretty good physically...I'm just cranky.  :/   Poor DH. 

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Ugh I spoke to soon or jinxed myself or something! I looked at my feet this evening and they are def starting to swell! Nothing horrid yet, but even DH could see that one is bigger than the other.

Pregnova: So glad you can breathe better. Oddly, I have mostly been not feeling short of breath and light headed from it lately. Still on ocassion but not like it was.

So I have been having TONS of braxton hicks today. And I really feel like there is a head in my crotch when I stand up! We went to dinner at DH's cousin's house tonight. I mostly sat and downed tons of water. This baby HAS to stay in for aother week or she can't be born at home!!! Pregnova - didn't you say a while back you are feeling pressure in your crotch already? I truly don't think baby has dropped though. I still measured 37 at my appointment today (even though I'm 36 weeks) and the top of my uterus is not squishy like it was when my DD dropped. That said, baby dropping isn't necessarily an indicator of when she'll come - since Pregnove dropped a while ago and with my daughter I only dropped like the evening before I went into labor.

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Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here, but I think I managed to coax baby back to head down.  I've been fretting about it all day long.  I did the spinning babies inversions a couple times, the second time I had just woken up from a nap and was extremely hot, so I took the opportunity to put a cold rice pack on baby's head.  That moved her into more of a transverse lie and I got right on my ironing board for some upside down time.  Babe wiggled around a ton while I was there.  When I got up, baby was kind of diagonal, and I thought the bum was higher than the head, but I wasn't sure.  There was nothing down in my pelvis.  Just poked around again and something is definitely deeper in my pelvis now, deeper than the bum ever was when I knew it was down there.  I think it's the head, as it feels a bit more bobbly when I jiggle it back and forth, but I couldn't find a definite thigh up by what I think is the bum.  For now I'm crossing my fingers and waiting to poke around some more until morning.  I just wish I was more confidant in knowing the position.  If I'm more sure babe is head down in the morning, I intend to go on a nice long walk to get that head well engaged!

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I read somewhere that the head will move separately from the rest of the body when touched. For me, it's REALLY obvious. It's well engaged, but whenever I go poking around the head, there's like a whiplash of movement that feels REALLY awful, but is contained only to that hard ball I'm sure is the head. Very much like it tries to turn it's head away from my touch. The bum and legs don't seem to really wiggle along with that movement. Also, for me, it's now really clear that the head is harder than the bum although that's a pretty new thing I've been able to be sure about.  I hope you've got babe in right position! Maybe it's lower because it finally engaged in your pelvis?

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Yeah, my midwife had me feel the bobble when she determined babe was breech, I just wish I had someone here right now who could confirm my suspicions about the positioning.  The head (if it is really the head) is not nearly as low this morning as it was last night.  I know the head was fairly deep in my pelvis at my 32 week appt but babe still managed to flip after that soooo... I'm just crossing my fingers that babe gets comfortable and doesn't flip again.  I used to love feeling the baby move around, now it just makes me paranoid that she's trying to flip back. 

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I barely slept last night. Still having Braxton hicks and also felt crampy. Then I was getting all stressed out about delivering early. I talked to midwife just now and it all still sounds normal to her for 2nd time mom. But the great thing is she said shed be fine delivering me at home as early as Monday. That is a huge stress reliever to me!! Now maybe I can embrace what my body is doing to get ready instead of being so stressed out about it. I def plan to not be on my feet much for the rest of the weekend though.
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Hoping the baby hold till Monday Vegan. Try to stay off your feet and relax..


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Vegan, that low-down pressure can be your cervix.  I had a prolapsed cervix with my last two, but gratefully it has since gone away...I used to get a heavy down-there feeling during my mense as well; like an involuntary vaginal bearing down pressure.  Try not to lift things...total hypocrite here as I lift my 30 plus toddler daily.  But I really tried not to lift with my last pregnancy, as it was esp. bad.


Thanks, everyone for the anniversary wishes! 


I am like everyone else in feeling good physically but really feeling on edge!  And a bit bored.  I can't really do anything until the house isn't torn apart, so I feel like I am twiddling my thumbs...I did find a super fun DIY house projects blog called younghouselove.  So I have been randomly reading different things there.  Really, I just need a good book.  I henna-d my hair this morning to cover a stubburn grey streak that frames my face (I get more grey each pregnancy) but didn't get to leave it on as long as I like, so it's not as great a take.  It'll help with the after-birth-pictures. 


My mom bought us a chocolate cheesecake from trader joes for our anniversary but we have yet to break into it because our kids have had a tough time going to bed with all the projects under foot.  (We are actually staying with them while things off gas, lol...even with low voc paint, I got a bit nervous.)  So we need ot hurry up and get this done!  Also, it has rained all weekend, which is totally uncharacteristic for  here.  Slows the drying process a bit. 

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Soo I have a decision to make.. We moved early this pregnancy from Florida to North Carolina.. Since Ive been super sick my whole pregnancy I have met next to no one and know no one to watch my 3 children (ages 5, 3 and 1 so it wouldn't be easy to find a babysitter even if I knew a ton of people!).. My FIL recently lost his job and offered to come up to watch them/help out before and after the baby comes for however long I need help. We, also, found out my husband will most likely be gone for the whole week prior to my due date for training an hour away. He isn't allowed a cell phone so in order to contact him Id have to call someone who would have to call someone who would have to find out where he was and track him down. That could take hours then they would have to arrange to transport him back to base and then he would have to drive here. My last 2 labors were 1 1/2 and 3 hours, the 3 hour one was really malpositioned (sunny side up and at an angle) which is probably why it was 3 hours (the midwife figures if he was positioned properly I wouldn't have made the 30 minute drive to the hospital).. So FIL being here might just be a life saver if I go into labor while DH is in the field. BUT house guests stress me out to no end and my in laws aren't the most supportive people about us having another child. I don't know if I should just go along with it or not.. I do know of day care provider that would be willing to take the 3 when I had the baby but the charge is horrible (she wants 150 if its under 12 hours and 300 if its over 12 hours and won't watch them longer than 24 hours).

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How about another question for the upcoming week?

Do you feel mentally ready for birth and a newborn?

My answer: I've been picturing a newborn and trying to prep everything I possibly can. But at the same time, I am realizing that this newborn still seems so abstract to me! I just keep picturing birthing a baby that looks exactly like my DD did. I feel a little unsettled knowing she could come any time now. I know we are ready but some part of me just doesn't feel totally ready yet. Not really sure why that is? Or what it is I need to do to become ready. LOL. Maybe just the passage of a little more time will do it. I suppose I am ready for birth. I've not done nearly as much mental prep for it this time but I'm sort of betting on it being like riding a bike. LOL. I have my birth team meeting tomorrow w/my midwife, the 2nd midwife and her assistant and my doula. And then on wed I meet with just my doula to go over my wishes. Maybe those meetings will make it more real and help me feel moe ready?

I spent almost 12 hours in bed last night. Got up a million times but got some decent sleep. Feeling pretty good today. Thank you to my DD for sleeping until 10!!

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HI guys!


A quick hello. Love hearing from everyone. I


Oki, that is so hard/ We've roped in our old nanny to help out and have friends roped in as back-ups. That is pretty spendy but perhaps worth the money if only to avoid a visitor. Would he stay much longer after the birth?


Dannic, I was salivating reading about that cheesecake!


had terrible backache (rhythmic in nature but not in any big pattern) and pain and tightening for 36 hours. Held off calling my midwife as I have been in to the L and D several times, and while these were more intense symptoms there was still no pattern or worsening.  Last night they abruptly stopped - just in time for my baby sprinkle today. I had such a lovely, lovely time. People were super generous with their spirit and words (and lovely gifts - even though we said no gifts). Really thankful for these friends.


Cindy, I don't feel ready at all. I know that I've had a lot of time to think about it and prepare myself, given the bed rest, but if anything it made me really apathetic in terms of preparing for the birth. Last time I practiced my hypnobabies all of the time and this time I rarely get through a CD without falling asleep, and I almost dread listening to them. So I don't feel ready... yet on another level I do.


Wednesday at midnight marks the end of bed rest for me... and also the day I can deliver with my midwife, so, Cindy, like you. I'm counting down the days and hoping to get through. You're almost there! At 37 weeks I can have a water birth... so 11 days until then. I was feeling really low yesterday that he would come before Thursday and then I'd be in the much more biomedical hospital with high risk OBs. Hold on, baby! And yours, too, Cindy!

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Zub-- Hoping that baby stays put!!!! 


Vegan-- My 2nd pregnancy was awful with early labor for weeks and weeks.  I felt like I was going to deliver every night.  Maybe try the RRL tea that was recommended in the "have you dropped yet" thread??  I wish I would have known about it.


Okimom-- what a stressful situation you are in.  Have you looked into a temporary nanny situation?  We found tons of options where we live just by googling nanny and the town we live in! It might be cheaper and there wouldn't be a time limit.  You could have her come over for bits of time starting now so the kids get to know her.  It sounds like you could use a break.  If at all possible financially-- do it for your sanity (credit cards....??)!!

dannic-- any dessert from Trader Joe's is heaven!  I have to aviod that dessert section every week when I grocery shop.


Do you feel mentally ready for birth and a newborn?

Yes and No.  This is my 3rd, so there is some confidence.  BUUUT, there is also the fact that I know what to expect and it's a little scary.  I try not to think negatively (which is really hard when I am tired or emotional) and just try to envision a labor and birth where it hurts, but I am not scared.  And, I try to picture a newborn that doesn't sleep more than 2 hours at night, but I am still OK the next day b/c I now know how to take care of myself. 


I agree though Vegan-- the baby is always surreal to me until I deliver.  But, I guess that makes sense since the baby is a human being that has never existed before  (makes me want to cry tears of happiness and thankfulness).  With my 2nd pregnancy, I had serious and very real fears that I would love the baby differently and somehow not as much or not as strongly.  It was terrifying...   Then, when he was born, I literally fell in love instantly.  I have no fears about that this time- at least there is one thing I'm not scare of now!  LOL


I am almost 34 1/2 weeks and starting to feel some of the discomfort that others have been describing.  Up until now I have felt great.  I am starting to experience mild crampiness and more frequent BHs and increased nausea.  From experience though, I know that, for me, this is very normal and has nothing to do with delivering early.  I have always had tons of contractions and cramps from 36 weeks on....  Baby #1 arrived 3 days early and baby #2 arrived at 39 weeks...  :)


I am almost done shopping for the items that we still needed.  I am starting to feel more ready, but not completely ready yet.  Work is very busy and now both of the older boys have soccer practice and games weekly.  I am thankful for things to keep me occupied though!  :)

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So...are some of us at term already? Must be a few right? I can't believe we're FINALLY close enough to really be talking birth! Woot! 


Hubby and I took bets tonight on when Babe will arrive. lol We're a betting family. I picked Oct. 1st and before...he has anything over. Wonder who'll win? I'm really obsessing over the magic of 38 weeks...and have the whole pregnancy, so I'm sticking with thoughts that baby will come early. DH is a bit freaked that I'm willing to bet the money I did on going that early...lol he seems to think I'll go over 40 weeks...which I just can't even imagine at this point!


I had my last meeting with my doula before Baby arrives...and she brought over all of my newborn diapers which are the teeniest little things EVER! Soooo adorable. It sort of gave me a reality check though...I think I had forgotten just HOW tiny newborns are! I'm so used to 6 months or older, it's hard to think in smaller terms!


Hope everyone's doing well!!!

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Silly: It's nice to know that you felt similarly to how I feel and didn't go early! I know I've kind of expected to not hit 40 weeks bc my DD came at 38 weeks, but I def don't want to deliver this early! Sorry you are starting to get some discomforts!

Pregnova: LOL about the betting! I can't wait to actually see a tiny newborn in one of my newborn dipes!! Remind us when your DS came? Was he late?

AFM: Had my birth team meeting today. Doula couldn't make it bc she was at a birth but she will meet with me on wed and I guess come to my midwife appt next week. I'm less concerned about her meeting the midwives bc her main role is to care for DD anyway. Anyway, midwife confirmed baby did drop. Both she and the OB have guestimated the baby is about 5.5 lbs right now. So yep, another litte one! Not really surprised though. Hopefully she'll at least be over 6 when she comes out.

My DD seems to think baby is coming this Sunday. I think I'd prefer next Sunday - that would be 38 weeks and 3 days.

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