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Weekly Chat ~ September 3rd - 9th

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Good morning and Happy Labor Day! I hope that sets a tone for this thread!
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Hahaha! Me, too!

I really need to get in gear and get some baby prep & cleaning done. I know that the new LO won't need much, especially at first, but for some reason I have translated that knowledge into doing nothing.

Anyway, DD was up from 3:30 to 4:00am ... she went back to bed (and she & DH are still sleeping), but I've been up since then, accomplishing nothing much and having weird leg cramps - not quite a Charley horse, but kind of. I did raid the pantry and read a whole detective novel. Maybe I can get in a nap between bursts of nesting. The in laws are supposed to come pick up DD at 9 for some grandparent time when we can get cleaning done, but I'm thinking if she's going to sleep late I should text them & have them come later. I'd vastly prefer DH did it, since things have been a little strained with me & MIL lately, but if he's going to sleep in, too, I need to suck it up and be the adult.

(I don't think I mentioned this, but MIL and I got into an honest-to-god argument about the fact that DD doesn't have a bedrail up. She's in a twin bed trundle that is all of six inches from the ground and she fell out ONE TIME, right after the move to the big kid bed, over a week ago. I understand this is a really stupid thing to argue about, but she is completely in the wrong and I am irritated every time I think about it.)
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I'm 40 weeks today. Still no sign of labor. I just got back from the acupuncturist. Before and after treatment she said my pulse doesn't sound like the baby is coming any time soon. Maybe by the end of the week. I'm strong and healthy, so I want the fetus to stay in just as long as it needs to. I really hope I don't risk out of the birthing clinic- but most important is that the fetus and I are healthy. We are both still growing and moving a lot.

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I was hoping Labor Day would mean something for all the mamas here too wink1.gif

Crystal_buffaloe-- my dd4 has no bed rail. Her bed is more than six inches of the ground (it's a bottom bunk, so at least lower to the ground than normal) and she has fallen out before. But only once. And fwiw, my often-sleepwalking dd2 (8), fell out last week because she was dreaming. But I still think they're okay (the kids) and I'm not putting up rails.

mole-- hoping your accupuncture session opens up channels at the right time for your baby to be perfectly healthy and you not to risk out of your homebirth!

Afm-- last night I was in a bad place for some reason. I just felt defeated. Done. But with no end in sight. I've never had any regular sort of regular contracting pattern, just random ones here or there and I've just felt that this baby would arrive sooner than my others (there's still a week+ for that I guess... I'm 39w2d today). But last night I was feeling so defeated, like just giving up and I didn't even take my EPO or care about taking it anyway. Feeling a bit better about things this morning and thinking about taking a walk if dh ever gets up (last night he couldn't sleep either and ended up staying up quite late).
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Can't believe it's only 11 and we've already cleaned out my car and installed the car seat base. It's crazy to me that the only thing that holds that base in is at the very back...seems like going over a hill would make that thing fly up...but if it's crash tested safe, I suppose I have to take Britax's word for it. So I guess nesting hit me, because I've been slowly making my way through each room vacuuming and mopping.


Baby Positions: I can't tell if baby has moved from ROA to LOA. He's been LOA for weeks and now suddenly at the last mw visit decided to explore the right side, I guess. As so many of you ladies are experienced, does ROA make labor tremendously more difficult? It seems my midwife is frustrated that he's not LOA. She told me to do "head to knees" (with butt up in air) to release him a little and then lay on my left side as often as possible, but I'll tell you, it's more comfy for me to shift from left to right side frequently when I sleep. I just feel more balanced that way.


activealli--I'm also impressed by a home birth OB! I remember asking mine if she did home births (before I knew better) and she just shook her head like I had just asked her the most preposterous question ever.


For all the mommies who are close to laboring...I hope it comes soon and you all don't have to opt out of the births that you want! Labor day has a very different significance for us, I guess. ;)

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I keep checking multiple times a day to see if any babies have been born. I can't believe it's Sept 3rd and no babies yet for weeks! We need to start a "It's my due date and beyond" thread. I have 3 days until mine....Baby doesn't seem like its planning to come anytime soon. I've never been pregnant this long! I'm beyond ready.
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Ascher, I'm sorry your MW has worried you. ROA babies can be born just fine. It's just that sometimes they take the "long way around" which means they rotate OP then LOA then OA before birth, and it's that OP part that can take a long time to get through. But that's just sometimes! Don't worry and just sleep how it's most comfortable for you. If your baby switches sides he has enough room to rotate during labor...
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Crystal_buffaloe- friends who also didn't want a railing up for a slightly raised bed for their son put couch cushions next to the bed. Their son fell out a couple of times, and with the cushions, he slept right through it. Just an option if you like :). They weren't worried about his safety either- it was just so he wouldn't be shocked awake.


Judy- I'm glad you are feeling better than last night.


Ascher- I think that if you want to do the excersices to try and get your fetus in a more optimal position, that's a great option for you (it also gets you moving and stretching!) But I think it's really bad for you to start worrying about positions while you are sleeping. I often wake up on my back and I just get back into a side position, without worrying that I was on my back before. I pee at least 5 times/night now! So there are a lot of opportunities for me to see how I am sleeping :).

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ascher, my little one has been roa for weeks, and my midwives haven't said anything about it. I've always slept more on my right side than my left, and I feel like I have trouble breathing when I try laying on my left, so I'm not worried. Maybe I'll reconsider later? But I doubt it.


Personally, I hit my wall this weekend. After over eight months of feeling pretty positive overall, I'm done. I'm cranky at work - my patience with anyone lacking intelligence or tact is GONE. I'm having trouble falling asleep at night and trouble staying awake/energetic during the day. Trouble breathing (just not enough space!). Tired of being hungry - but not being able to eat too much at one time. I miss jogging. And drinking a whole beer. And drinking too much coffee. And being able to lay down on my back. And missionary-position sex.


And I know I've had NOTHING compared to what many of you have had to put up with as far as pains and emotions and fights with family and friends and raising the babies you've already birthed, so I apologize for my little rant. It's just not pleasant to feel like I'm coasting along and then, suddenly, over a single weekend, to feel so DONE.

I know that I could very safely go another four weeks before this baby comes (I'm just full term now - and there's a full moon the 29th), so I'm trying to strategize for myself. I'm about to put in my two weeks notice at work. I'm trying to be good about sleeping and doing yoga. I'm finishing up buying/making/preparing all of the little things that just haven't happened yet. DH has been PHENOMENAL day in and day out even though he started teaching this past week and has his own life and troubles, and I'm determined to make sure he knows how much I appreciate it.
And I'm going to live vicariously through all of you as you have babies before me, so post lots of pictures!

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Hi all!  I keep checking in for baby news too.


I'm 38+2 today, and oddly enough, my other 3 kids all arrived at 38+2 so we've been joking about how weird it would be if these babies make their appearance today!  I've been having a lot of crampy feelings this morning and some contractions but still nothing regular so who knows?  DH is gone off to nap (just in case) lol  Not sure if I should start walking and doing things to try and get things moving or just rest up!  Also, have had a lot of mucous over the past few weeks but also bright red blood today...anyone else?  Is that normal?

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Hello to a new week! Can't wait to start reading everyone's birth stories and seeing pictures of babies!!! That's about as much positive energy as I have. LOL


I am still pregnant. 40 + 2 today. I have been having real prodromal labor for 3 nights in a row now. I can't figure out why! I have been doing TONS of hands and knees and sitting on my birth ball and I am pretty sure baby is LOA right now. 


So what's going on? irked.gif Is it because my kids are starting a new school on Wednesday and I'm scared of being in labor at that time? I was perfectly open to having the baby over the long weekend so I wouldn't be in labor but noooo, mother nature has to mess it all up. And now, I do NOT want to have the baby Tues-Thur because I need to be there for my kids. So now this baby is going to be like a week overdue. I woke up so grouchy this morning. I suppose the upside for baby being late is my favorite midwife is on call all this week. 


Last night, I thought something was going to happen because I was bouncing on my birth ball, I had some really uncomfortable pain in my cervix - visualizing it opening, etc. I checked before I went to bed and NOTHING had changed. greensad.gif


I will get over my pity party soon and just trust the baby is not ready but I just want to whine for a minute.

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Mamalovex3-- I've heard it could be nothing definite, but for me with dd4, I suddenly lost gobs of mucous and it was blood-streaked on a Friday night and dd4 was born Saturday afternoon! I'm hoping it all works out for you!

Teegan-- I totally get your feelings as that's what I totally felt yesterday.

MamanFrancaise-- dangit. Having not heard from you this weekend, I was hoping you'd been busy birthing! Come on, baby boy!!

Afm-- I went on an amazing, fast, empowering 2.5 mile walk! I seriously felt so amazing that I almost wanted to start running! But there's no bathrooms along thatpath, so I opted for no running wink1.gif But it was nice to feel so good! Hoping I can carry over that energy and get stuff done at home!
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I know this seems weird, but I keep forgetting how little time I have left. Like I'm still on the "week by week" track. Today I was like...whoa. I'm at 38 weeks. I'm sure at 40+ I will be singing a quite different tune. It's good to hear your opinions on baby's position. I know the exercises are helpful, but they also pull baby out of position, too, so hopefully this week he'll be LOA and then I can start doing more squats and stuff to encourage him to sink lower. I'm already doing yoga once a week, and I know that helps, too.

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Just finished an epic back to school shopping trip with DD.  We got home and did a fashion show for DH and realized that at least 3 dresses don't fit, and one is certainly see through :(  So yay, I get to go return stuff.  Blah.  I knew getting that many dresses for less than $80 was too good to be true.  Damn you, H&M!


Emotionally I am in a bad space right now.  I can't remember feeling like this with the other two.. but it feels like depression.  


Baby positions - welp, babe has moved from vertex to breech again.  Frustrating, but I have faith that since babe was vertex for over a week, babe can get back there again.  Totally sucky because at my last MW visit, s/he was head down and LOA.  I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow.


My cervix is the only thing I have left body wise that is high and tight ;)  


Teegan, I feel ya!  

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I am about to unleash an epic vent.  I feel the need to "get it out" and don't have anyone to listen.  Feel free to ignore!


I have mentioned a bunch that we are moving this coming Wednesday.  DH and I spent the whole weekend packing while DS was at my parents' house.  I am moody, tired, and generally overwhelmed right now.  I have had NO opportunity to prepare for this baby at all because I have known that we are moving.  Everything for baby is in the garage, buried in random containers and all I want to do is set up a cute little room and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.  But no. 


So DH is getting on my nerves so very bad.  I will admit that I am Type A and a wee bit controlling and I try very hard to not be that way but it is in my core.  That's my disclaimer.  BUT - DH packs like a crazy person.  Boxes have things mixed from different rooms, fragile things are barely wrapped...he moves from one place to another and doesn't finish what is started.  I want to kill him.  We had a few blowouts and we are NOT inclined to fight.  He also does not have an empathetic bone in his body.  He's incapable of just saying something nice just to make me feel better.  He's so matter of fact.  I get that - I love him and live with it just fine normally.  But I am freaking very pregnant and just need some support here!  He gets mad when I get upset.  Not a good weekend of packing.


On to the new place - the one that was supposed to be painted and cleaned by today.  Ummmm....NO!  It's a mess.  And the owner says that it is done.  So now I am once again completely overwhelmed.  I just wanted to move into a nice, clean, fresh place for my family.  I can't paint it now.  We can't afford to get it done.  I think we are desperately trying to find a cleaning company to come tomorrow because I have to go to work tomorrow and can't do it myself.  And I am just to tired to do it anyway.  And I picked this place- I got a good vibe.  Today was the first time DH saw it and doesn't like it.  I am done being the one to pick out the places we live.  He works a ton and is gone so often he can never do it but then I live with the guilt when I can tell he isn't happty


Add to that the fact that I adore the condo we own and have been living it - we made it so beautiful.  I can't believe we are going from this to that.  But we have completely outgrown this place and have the worst neighbors, management co, etc.  It's really time to move on. I am crying and can't stop.  I know I am being irrational - I can see it playing out as if I am watching someone else and I can't make it stop.  I can't come up with "the plan" that will make me feel ok about this.  I am sitting surrounded by boxes and can't think of one positive thing and can't pull myself together at all.  Thankfully DH took DS to the pool.  He is a whiny mess today and I think I briefly considered running a way.  Not really - but I have that "I have no idea what to do" feeling.  I hate that.


Wow - I can't imagine anyone would read this but it sure helps to put it out to a bunch of pregnant women.  At least maybe someone will understand how completely desperate and nutty I feel.  I keep it super together on the outside...which is why I have no one to talk to :(

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Oh jend- I wish I could help you paint! Or clean! Or just offer words of encouragement to let you know it will all be okay! (Clearly, I can't really know that, but hearing that might just be the emotional support you need to see through it all and get that good vibe back!). You have So Much on your plate right now! I hope you can pick through things one at a time to your liking and get through this!! (((Hugs))) to you!!!
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Jend, sending hugs your way! I wish I could help out too (or give your DH a cuff up side the head!) Moving is always so stressful anyways, but I can't imagine doing it at this point in a pregnancy. I guess, just try to remember that it's the same place that gave you such good vibes not too long ago. Hopefully that feeling will come back again soon!


Judy, I'm glad you're feeling better!


To everyone else who's hitting those end of pregnacy, emotional lows, just sending you big hugs. I really think that sometimes that's our signal that labour is getting close and it's time to let go of responsibilities and just focus on what we need to accomplish such an important task. Unfortunately, we are not always surrounded by the support and love we need in order to do that. grouphug.gif


Ascher, I wouldn't worry too much about position. I was reading the Midwife Thinking blog the other day, and while I didn't see anything specific to ROA vs LOA, she talks about a number of positions (including posterior) as just another form of normal. It only becomes a problem when we expect labour to follow very specfic steps in a specific amount of time and act like variations on that is a problem and needs management. That really resonated with me, and has helped me relax about my ROA/LOA/Posterior/Anterior spinny little babe who refuses to settle in any given direction.


I'm also a bit surprised we've had so few babies over the last few days. My prediction is that there's going to be a baby boom in the next couple days! So many of you sound so, so close! Hopefully the little extra time will lead to quick, easy labours and content, easy babies!


We spent most of the long weekend in clean up mode. There's just a few little things left to do, and then I'll feel ready for the baby to arrive. There's still lots to keep me busy but I no longer have that "OMG, I can't bring a new baby into this house" feeling.


Physically, I'm still feeling pretty good, except I'm having a terrible time sleeping. This baby seems pretty nocturnal, plus I've had some nasty trapped gas issues (TMI, I know), restless legs, heartburn, sore hips, and I get up about eleventy million times a night to pee, but because I'm also breathing through my mouth I'm always thirsty. I really hope this is just a bad stage and I can get a couple good night's sleep to rest up before labour.

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A posterior baby came out of my vagina just fine smile.gif I think the only position that should be concerning is breech, namely footing. othr than that I think nature should be trusted.. Contractions can help a great deal when in labor!

AFM I just finished up my last shift and it feels awesome! I have to drag my kids to th e midwife tomorrow which means no membrane sweep for me greensad.gif
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I just scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. But unfortunately, it simply needed done, odds are not in favor of it meaning anything... but I figured it was a good way to clean (duh) and encourage baby to be in a favorable position as well.

Now time to fold diapers.
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Carlin-- I was just thinking how amazed I am by how much our bodies can adapt to the challenges of pregnancy! I think maybe 2 months ago I was just beginning to feel labia pain, hip/pelvic pain, mid-back pain, and getting up all the time to pee. I remember thinking "how am I going to do this for two more months??" but it turns out I've gotten rather used to it. It doesn't bother me so much anymore. I do hope you can get some sleep, too.


Jend--I wish this move was easier for you. :( It seems that no matter how many times I move, my expectations for what I see when I walk through the door are always higher than what the landlord considers "ready".


WCM--good to know! Did you have a lot of back labor?


Judy--what an excellent use of time...cleaning and positioning baby!


mamalove--sounds like bloody show? Perhaps you're in labor as I write this!

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