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Originally Posted by hyde View Post

nod.gif I thought the same thing!

To Carlin and hyde -- I have no idea why, but that made me giddy (because... honestly... at this point, anything anybody says that might include somehow wishing/hoping to go into labor soon is seen as a good thing). ;)  (hm... guess it didn't quote Carlin's original quote here, but... it can be looked up at I guess!)

Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post

Monkey, Carlin, Judy, Maman - yes yes and yes!  People are obsessed with due dates and weeks gestation, and generally everything else pregnancy wise.  When people ask me when I'm due I say "soon" and it drives them nuts.  Having to fight for privacy is silly.  My favorite thing is when people find out that both my others were post dates and they inevitably follow with "They LET you go past 40 weeks?!"






Thanks for the affirmations, always great to have many of those on hand!




After having a white sage smudge stick staring me in the face for over 3 months, I finally got around to smudging my house on Friday afternoon.  It was glorious.  DS (2.5) helped. 


I've never done anything like this, but I'm considering having my MW do a sweep at 40 weeks... only because the babe keeps flipping around.  And I'm having a lot of crampy cervical twinges - which is new.  Also noticed that suddenly my libido has returned, HELLO.  DH is thrilled.  

So glad you liked the affirmations too!  I always figure more can be better.  It's easy to lose sight of the goal sometimes during labor because everything else can take over,... but having a focus can be so helpful... "keeping your eyes on the prize" so to speak!   ... And, I can see why you might consider a sweep at 40 weeks.  If I knew baby was flipping so much, it would make me quite nervous and I might consider it as well. Good luck with whatever you decide!


Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

Maman, I totally get it.  It's hard for me to picture this pregnancy having an end, and actually going into labor and actually holding a real baby seem like a crazy dream.  I feel like I'm going to be pregnant another year.  This is so, so different from my last pregnancy where at 39 weeks I remember thinking "I'd like to go into labor now" and woke up a few hours later in spontaneous labor with a good contraction pattern (well not a great baby position, but hey, it was my first labor and all).  I feel like this time the baby is like a giant tree frog, holding on to the sides of my uterus with huge suction cups.  "I'm never coming out..."


I have the same cut off as you, but actually a day earlier, 41+6 because my MW is going on vacation.  She never thought I'd go that long so she didn't think if would be an issue, so now I'm panicky a bit what if, what if....


So I am thinking gentle nudging along, not a full out natural induction (IE:  No castor oil or anything) but maybe some acupuncture and homeopathy.  That said, I feel that probably there is a reason the baby doesn't want to come out yet, so I also don't want to force an eviction.  It's a hard thing to try to decide for me.

I struggle with the forced eviction as well.  I have a deadline of 42 weeks to deliver with my midwife.  After that, I'd have to go to a hospital, and like MamanFrancaise, I absolutely Will. Not. Do. It.  (well, if there was some dire medical need, yes, I would.... but otherwise, no).  I'm just 40 weeks today, so we'll see.  I do hate the pressure of time though.  I feel like a ticking timebomb and the stress of worrying about whether I'll spontaneously go into labor probably isn't so great either.

Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

I'm wondering if MissE and WCM are in labor or immediately postpartum because they have been uncharacteristically quiet with posting today...

Maybe MissE is!  but, WCM just posted a belly pic... so it looks like she's still around ;)  Drat, right?  I love birth stories and sweet newborn photos!!


AFM, I made myself a refried bean and cheese quesedilla (um.... gosh... it was DELICIOUS), but for whatever reason I feel like it's not settling well in my stomach :/  And, just to go with all the pregnancy mind games and the "maybe it's a sign of labor!", in addition to random contractions (nothing patterned ... and quite spaced out) I've had to use the bathroom for some bowel-emptying, which has been the opposite of what's been going on with my GI lately.  I'd love to see it as a "sign".. but.. meh... I just don't know what to think!  Guess time will tell.  But.. if it IS the real deal, it better make things quite known (like, glaring, flashing, neon sign kind of obvious) because in about 20 minutes dh's co-worker will be leaving three hours early, leaving dh alone (he works in a youth corrections facility on a dorm as a supervisor... one of the other guys under him just had a baby four days ago and it on paternity leave already).  I asked him last night who he would call if I happened to think I needed him home IMMEDIATELY while he was single-covered and he had no clue.  Yikes.  Not that I think I need him right at this moment, but it's a bit unnerving anyway.  Plus, my midwife lives three hours away.  I need some warning to let her know to get on down here!

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aaaaaand, to activealli -- I think you're right on your theory of your body stopping things from happening because it knows it needs to get better first.  I've read that in stressful situations, women Will Not Go Into Labor because the body reads the stress signals as a sign of DO NOT LET THIS BABY OUT! DANGER! ... so... I hope you're able to rest up and get your body in good shape for birthing!  Come on, baby girl! :)

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Feeling crampy and just generally not feeling well today...like not quite indigestion, but food isn't settling right? I'm wondering what this means. The cramping has been consistent for two hours.


any thoughts? Perhaps this is my form of BH. I don't feel anything distinct. It can't be labor because I haven't seen any mucus plug (just residual from sex this morning). I wonder if this is usual for body preparing for labor?

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Oh no...hope everyone is doing better soon.

My butt is sore today...geeez....i feel like i've been sitting on a hard stone all day. No contrax other than bh.
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Nukuspot and maman- totally agree on not really grasping that this pregnancy will end with a baby. I was the same way with my son. I find it hard to connect with the baby in the belly even when she is kicking around. Though, like my son, I'm sure once I'm holding her it will feel very real, perhaps even more so since I never got to see my son after my section as he went straight to the nicu.
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I hope everyone feels better! 


I've started losing more plug again.. hadn't for a few days.  Maybe my cervix decided it would open up a little bit again? Hm.  I go into the midwives on Tuesday for a membrane sweep.. very, very excited about this.  It didn't work with DD2, but I had tons of bloody show afterwards.  Hopefully it's what my body needs to kick things into gear.

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Ascher, just wanted to say that losing your mucous plug is not a necessary precursor to labour. :D I never did see mine prior to DD's birth. biggrinbounce.gif

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As a first timer, I'm not QUITE as impatient to get this kid out, but it helps that I'm only at 38 weeks and that I've had it relatively easy. However, I am living with the constant awareness that it COULD happen at any time. Plus, in the past 3-4 days, the baby has dropped and suddenly feels so much more like a bowling ball slung around my waist - a bowling ball that kicks and wiggles. After not being sure I'd had BH ever, I've definitely been feeling them when I move around since Friday. I've been questioning every abdominal discomfort (does that feel like menstrual cramping? nope - just gas. again.), and I never in my life thought I'd be checking for something that looks like snot every time I pee. 
My MIL (who lives close by) broke her foot pretty seriously a week and a half ago, and she's just now getting to the point where she can be hobbling around for more than a few minutes a day, and my mother spent all of this afternoon/evening trying to leave the country (despite the tornadoes, she and my father are on their way to Ireland for a 35th anniversary trip!). 

All of which means this week would not at all be the best time to have a baby. So I'm wondering if I might. Or if the kid is just going to wait until October or something ridiculous like that (especially given how few of those in this group due to give birth by now have done so!). 

Anyway. DH and I had a lazy day. I helped him grade his first set of papers. We watched baseball. I knit. We bottled his latest batch of beer. 

I started to make toast half an hour ago, and he asked, "Do you need me to go get you something?"
"Nope. Just want toast."

"But... I haven't had to go out and get you anything this whole pregnancy? Do you want ice cream? Taco bell? Anything?"

"Toast. Want some?"

"I like toast."

"Just butter, or peanut butter and banana?"
"Well, butter's fine, but if you're doing peanut butter and banana..."

Silly man. Why go for crappy store food when I can have sliced banana and natural crunchy peanut butter on homemade molasses oat bread?

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And as far as mucus plugs go, I've been losing mine for weeks! I think WCM has too. So definitely not a precursor to labor smile.gif
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lol i know this is random and probably TMI but i just thought it was prett funny,  last night me and DH dtd after MONTHS of nothing!!! lol annyyywayy the part i thought was funny is a couple minutes after words he turned to me and said "did i get my chemically stuff on your cervix???" ROTFLMAO.gif this is after he went with me to my ob and she said i was 2cm and 30% effaced and i had told him that it would be nice if we could make something happen before my EDD to get my cervix a little more prepared and breifly explained to him how it helped... just thought some of you might get a kick out of that

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Lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago. Still nothing.... I swore I thought I was going to go early because at the same time I was having a lot of contractions and prodomal labor.

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lol.gif @silvermoonmama!!

Judy- I thought the same thing when I saw your latest two belly pics!
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Yeah, I usually only lose plug once I start to efface.  That's really it though.  I'd say it has been 2 weeks now that I've been losing globs of it.  


Can't wait until my body decides it's time... I'm sort of on a "clock" with my midwives and I'm still trying to decide if I'll drop their care at 41 weeks if I haven't had baby.  I'm a VBAC and 41 weeks is their max... I also have the "big baby" thing because their 41 weeks is really my 42+2... and the darned unstable lie (or very active fetus, as I call it!).


I *may* just be a long gestator...

I was induced with DD1 at 42 weeks.  I was starting to go into labor with DD2 at 39w6d when I had my external version, though I had my membranes stripped not too long before and I was hitting the EPO pretty hard..  


I've been invited to a quinceanera next Saturday, which is my due date with my midwives.  If I make it that far I'll be trying to dance the baby out! :)


Also... this baby is just in a weird position that she finds comfy.  Head is pushing down on my cervix (yeah, ow...) hands and elbows all up in my hips, and a butt in my rib cage so that I can't lean forward without feeling like she's going to come flying out of my vagina.  Yay.

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Holy heck. I thought my bowels were working earlier (I finally was NOT stopped up), but now? Gah. Talk about opposite extreme. It's 1am and i can't sleep... especially not with having to rush to the bathroom with the glamorous worry of it being more than just a fart. Yes! Pregnancy is so full of gross bodily functions! wink1.gif I hope to get *some* sleep before the alarm goes off at 6:30 to get ready for mass. *yawn*

(Yeah, sorry you all have to hear about my bowels... sucks when that's the most exciting thing going on...)
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I just noticed we have 2 new babies!  Oh so sweet too!!!


about a month or so ago, my DH flips through the calendar and marks today (sat) as family day and for me not to make any plans.  He's got it reserved.  Umm... okay  Strange, but i'll go with it.  Every once in a while I would ask him what he has planned and he wouldn't share.  Drove me CRAZY!  Last night (fri) he finally tells me cause he wants me to dress a bit nicer then normal (not semi clean jeans and a t-shirt).  Apparently I'm getting a baby-shower/Mother-blessing.  :D

SWEET!  I had my suspicions, but wasn't sure, it is my second and all. 

The next day he says i should just drive myself so he doesn't have to hang around and so he can rearrange the bedroom.  I'm all, SURE!  -i really want that bedroom changed-  So, I drive out to my friend's house (ds goes with cause everyone has kids) and you wouldn't believe how many people were there!  OMG I was stunned and surprised how many of my mama friends showed up.  I didn't know there was that many.  Amazing.  I mean, i know I have friends, but for that many to show up at one time in one place and we almost all know eachother, amazing -especially since many of us are pretty social-illiterate.  

Anyway, we had good food, a belly/boobie cake, kids got to run wild, mom's got to talk.

Mostly everyone got a candle to light for when i go into labor.

When most people had gone i opened gifts.  Which was nice, not so crazy.  I got some GREAT gifts.  People took my suggestions seriously via my baby-suggestion list on Amazon.  I got lots of handmade items, which are lovely, DS got a few things, and I even got a few things for me.  

4 of us stayed for dinner and we did a blessing and we now all have yarn bracelets (ds too) to wear until baby gets here.


Now I get to write thank you cards. I sure hope i remember who came, cause i don't care if they left a gift or not, they need a thank you card.


oh and DH did get the room changed.  now i can care for baby without having to crawl off the foot of the bed.

BUT, the living room looks like something exploded cause that's where all the excess bedroom stuff ended up.




Okay, my pregnancy: things are going well.  I feel a bit more changes going on then I did with my previous pg.  Makes me nervous because i want baby to stay in for the next 1.5 weeks.  My Henna appt. isn't until wed and i want henna!!!!  So, baby needs to stay till then.  

stay baby stay  :D

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Katt that sounds lovely. What a great surprise.

Just saw someone asked if i was still around...YEP...still here. I've been so busy now that my mom is here that i keep glforgetting that i'm pregnant. Also, my mom is an OR nurse in germany and she sees A LOT of c/s every day. She keeps telling me baby is too high up and not in the right position etc. She's not pushing a c/s on me but she's kinda freaking me out nonetheless. I kniw she'd rather see me end up in an OR, so i'm busy busy all day..keeping up the good spirits.
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Thought I would add my update. Yesterday (Saturday) was my third of three "due dates" given throughout this pregnancy. So I am now "officially" one day over. Nothing too exciting is happening body-wise, but I could be added to the "mama drama" club, only it's both my parents visiting from over-seas. They really are great- and they are not even staying with us- they are up the street in a nice INN. with my sister, who is also visiting. But it's amazing how aging parents, well, age........ and I didn't realize I would have to be "dealing" with their visit all the time. so from being in a zen-like state for weeks and weeks, concentrating on myself and my family, enjoying hikes, swimming an eating well, and mostly- resting when I want, I am now "managing" their visit, worrying about their meals and well being. I know I am not expected to, but can't help it. so stress/guilt/exhaustion is my state of mind these days. I am sure it is delaying going into labor, and I am OK with that (I am only 40 weeks after all), but I desperately need ideas how to go back to my zen-mental-space.....


Have been having warm-up contractions, mostly at night. baby is low, head down, but is still shifting back to front I can tell. I hope she settles anterior-ly, but I am just glad she is head down.


I can relate to the VBACers who are suddenly a bit unsure- I liked the image of starting at the tip of a cliff, not seeing what's on the other side/ down there. I hav been SO confident up until now. hopefully the confidence come back once I am in real labor.


I have been taking EPO twice a day for 9 days now. also still hiking and swimming. can't imagine having sex right now. sorry....:) so I am just planning to let my body go into natural labor whenever that happens, because I am not aware of any other natural methods to move things along (please share if you are trying naturally. a chemical induction is not an option for me, no matter at what stage.). food doesn't really make any difference, right? I mean, if it's all hormones, then they need to be at a certain level for a reason, and I don't see how food/drinks/exersice can make any difference.


SO EXCITING to see all the cute babies!!!! congratulations to all the mamas and papas and siblings. I cannot wait to meet my little lady. 


hugs to all!

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Hi Everyone,


i am 40 + 2 today. My house is sooo clean, laundry is done, dishes are done, refrigerator and pantry are stocked and I am just waiting.  Kind of boring because there is only so much one can do close to home.  DH has been working all weekend, so it has been just DD and I.  He was supposed to be done working on this project yesterday and I just about lost it when he said he had to go back today.  I just want to relax and get excited for baby to arrive, but instead I have just been worried that he would come before this project is complete.  Hopefully he can wrap it up today and we can just try to enjoy each others company and time as a family of three before baby arrives.  No real symptoms of labor.  With DD midwives had been concerned with DD and myself so at this point I was doing everything imaginable to get things going on their own...acupuncture, sex, membrane sweeping.  Oh the only other odd thing is I have had a very small appetite, i have been making myself eat, weird!  I am hoping that after today we can start doing those things because the projects will be complete!  off to check out the birth announcements!

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K this might be tmi but woke up this morning and there was a bloody tissue in the toilet. But I'm not sure it was me. This might sound gross but at night we don't flush the master toilet for pee because we both pee a lot and its loud.... I assume it was me but I don't see any signs of blood anywhere else. My undies are black so I'm not sure if there was blood on them. May be a sign I'm getting closer? I'm feeling a lot better today from my cold though I'm having some pretty strong cervical stabbing pain and had some BH last night! Eeeeekkkk!
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Originally Posted by katt View Post

I just noticed we have 2 new babies!  Oh so sweet too!!!


Whew...now I feel better!  These babies really ARE coming... 

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