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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post


WCM--good to know! Did you have a lot of back labor?


Goodness yes... but it was a pitocin induction, I was confined to a bed, and I made it to transition without an epidural which is when they scared me into one.  I was 17, uneducated... I made it out okay.  

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I see all of us are finishing up with one phase and moving onto the next.  Not that it's easy, change never is.

I'm working on a few sewing projects I need to finish.

I've got a photo shoot to do tomorrow (a woman and her horse, fun)

AND ... this is the fun part ...


DH and I decided to move the living room around.  Yup, count me in on the living space is SOOO not baby ready.  oh there's room for the pool, the birth kit and supplies are all in one space.  There is no hose and connector, the kitchen looks like a tornado went through, the living room is not really put together.  I'm going through a book shelf so I've got piles of books that need to go to separate places.  


Quick gripe about DH: we have 3 wooden shelving units. Nothing fancy at all, probably ikea.  I inherited them from a friend when she moved.  They aren't my style, BUT, they were free and we have NO storage space in our apartment or otherwise.  So, Shelves are good, imo.  I have one in the living room.  It's got board games and toys, and a box of DH's stuff on it.  DH's all 'i don't like that, i want to get rid of it'... GREAT!  Where are we going to put all the stuff that is ON the shelves?  Like really?


We also have a room.  You know The Room.  The one that is the catchall for everything else?  Our's is the computer/sewing/yarn/storage room.  You can imagine the lack of space and the HUGE mess that is in here.  I have fabric up the butt, baby/kid's clothes in tubs, yarn in tubs, etc... DH wants to clean this place out.  umm... yeah.   He'd like me to get rid of a bunch of my fabric.  Believe it or not I use it, maybe not right away, but I do.  Also, my friend and I make baby carriers to sell.  Mei Tai's mostly.  So, I've got fabric specifically for those.  

His great suggestion was to get rid of everything.  He'll get rid of all his stuff, I get rid of mine and we'll start fresh.

Okay, in a perfect world, where I'd have money to start a new fabric stash over again... MAYBE. BUT, I've got silks, wools, knits, cottons, denims, designer prints ... these are NOT cheap fabrics.  I can't get rid of them.  Yeah, i can go through and thin some things out.  I have in the past, but not everything.
I just WISH we had a garage and LOTS of clear tubs.  LOL  I'd have a wall of fabric tubs.  I'd be okay with that.


Okay, i'm done complaining now.  I just want this baby to stay put.  I was having some strange sharp pains really low, cervix and lower ab area. NOT what labor felt like at all.  Who knows what it is.  I want baby to stay put until 1. i'm done with a few more weeks of work, i need to pay some bills, 2. the kitchen is clean again and 3. there's a hose for the tub.  :)


Oh and I forgot to ad (if you get this far) tomorrow is my DS's first official day of Kindy.  we're homeschooling, i've never done this before, so wish us luck.  :)  

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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post

My cervix is the only thing I have left body wise that is high and tight wink1.gif   
Bwahahahahaha. This is priceless.

katt - Ugh. That is really frustrating. What would be the point in getting rid of all of the crafting stuff if you'd just replace it? I don't understand -- it seems like the actual problem is that you need MORE storage, not less, right?

judybean - After I get the rest of the house the way I want it, my plan is to scrub the kitchen floor on hands & knees. Couldn't hurt, right? smile.gif

WCM - I also got an epidural at/near transition with a posterior baby (8cm! WHY?!) We were almost there!

Jend - Now is such a hard time to be moving. I think you just need to keep reminding yourself that you choose to move for a reason, and in the end it will be better for your family to be in the bigger space away from the bad neighbors. So sorry that the previous tenants did such a bad job, too. I can relate to having a craptastic packer/mover for a partner. Right before we got married, I moved DH from a studio apartment to the larger apartment we'd share one floor down. We were just going to do it ourselves (it was a studio, after all). I show up move-in morning, and NOTHING is packed. There are no boxes in sight. I'm like, "What happened? Did I get the day wrong? Are you sick?" And nope, his plan was to individually carry everything down the stairs to the new apartment. This brilliant idea was fueled by the thought that if we just placed things where they went as we individually carried them down, there would be no unpacking.

Carlin - I've been up a lot lately at night, too. (Like now ... I woke up at 3:30am and am up. Last night, DD woke up at 3:30am and while she and DH went back to bed, I was up for the day. I did just fine, but she slept way late and then went to the inlaws for most of the day. I'm really hoping that's not the case again today.) I keep being afraid that I'm going to go into labor on no sleep.

AFM - My doula is going to my OB appointment with me today. DH is going to come home from work to watch DD so that I won't be toddler-wrangling during the visit. I'm a little afraid there's going to be some awkwardness about when to come into the hospital -- one of the main reasons I want the doula is because I'm planning on staying home as absolutely long as possible. I haven't asked about when he wants me to come in and am semi-hoping it just doesn't come up. Really adult of me, right? I did the GBS swab last visit, but he said it's possible they won't have the results yet -- apparently they do a broth culture and it can take 7 to 10 days.
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Originally Posted by crystal_buffaloe View Post

 Right after we got married, I moved DH from a studio apartment to the larger apartment we'd share one floor down. We were just going to do it ourselves (it was a studio, after all). I show up move-in morning, and NOTHING is packed. There are no boxes in sight. I'm like, "What happened? Did I get the day wrong? Are you sick?" And nope, his plan was to individually carry everything down the stairs to the new apartment. This brilliant idea was fueled by the thought that if we just placed things where they went as we individually carried them down, there would be no unpacking.

Oh my goodness this is hilarious! I once helped a friend move with the exact same philosophy! He lived on the third floor and we had a van parked out front, and he was honestly just walking up and down the stairs carrying like three shirts at a time on hangars. We went to go get him some boxes!!!

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Faliciagayle, ROTFLMAO.gif


Jend, I read your post and my heart goes out to you.  I HATE moving and can't imagine, really can. not. imagine. moving right now.  I'm so sorry that the house wasn't in the condition you expected either, I've been there and it's so disappointing! My only advice would be to prioritize - do whatever you can to get one or two rooms completely unpacked, cleaned, and nice so that you have somewhere to relax when it becomes too much or when the baby gets here. I would go so far as to put a few fresh flowers in a vase in that 'completed' room -- Maybe your bedroom (or the baby's room, wherever you'll be spending more time, and the kitchen.  I would leave the other rooms for when you have the physical and emotional resources! Because you can step over boxes in the bathrooms and livingroom for a while as long as you have somewhere nice to make meals and relax and nurse the baby.  I find that if every room in the house is wrecked I get really worked up, and that I'll flit around cleaning in each room but even after a full day I'm tired, upset, and nothing really looks finished.  So I've learned that I am the type who needs to clean just one room to completion, then move on.  This is one of those times that I wish a bunch of us from the DDC could just show up at your house and work together for a few hours to help you get everything in order - then collapse in your livingroom and eat take-out together and laugh about our crazy husbands :)


Katt, don't get rid of your stash!! Can you just fold and organize it nicely to make it look smaller?? That trick's worked for me before! haha. Or maybe just make sure that all the like things are together - yarn all in one place, knitting needles together, computer programs together, cords and cables all in one box etc. And you could thin it out as your sort things.  Good luck tomorrow w Kindy! Got the birth beads btw, they're fantastic, thank you so much for organizing!


Scrubbing the floor, I've been meaning to do this for weeks and I really don't mind it, except that I find my knees get sore! And do you wear shorts to keep your pants from getting wet and dirty at the knees?  B/c then my knees get kind of raw . . . I am a big complainer!! I recently found a new way to try to jiggle the baby into a good position . . . making popcorn on the stove!  You really have to shake the pot to keep the popcorn from scorching and in turn it jiggles your belly like you wouldn't believe :)

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37 weeks today!  woohoo!  I get so excited as if it's *so* much closer to babe but I really don't expect it to come anytime soon.  I have a horrible cold, stitches in my left hand, and my Etsy shop got absolutely SLAMMED this past weekend during a sale, so I seriously can NOT have this baby until I get caught up a bit.  

Jend - so sorry to hear about everything.  I agree with PP - remind yourself about how this WILL be better in the end, even if it sucks now, and do it often.  :-)  I'd totally hire someone to clean (I'm about to do that for my own house!) and just focus on the minimums.  Do have have an "baby necessities" box to at least give you piece of mind that you have the bare minimum if babe comes early (some outfits, dipes, a carrier, etc. - literally bare necessities)?  

Can't wait to hear about more babies!

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Wow!  Busy busy thread already!  Not much new here, other than my pelvic feels like it is splitting in half and I think I am starting to waddle!  I will be 40 weeks Friday and my DH Really wants baby to wait until then at least!

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@Katt: Oh boy that sounds overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed by our house. It feels like we're popping out of our seams but then again, I usually feel better after I organize stuff a bit. We don't have THE ROOM (anymore) since it's become a neat and clean guestroom but it's very very tempting to put stuff in there. Then again, we also have a garage AND a storage shed out in the backyard that are being used. I could not imagine doing any big cleanup or even moving event right now. I'd just sit somewhere rocking back and forth. I get so frustrated with stuff and overwhelmed so easily these days.


My husband would be just like yours (we must have married brothers or what :)). He'd throw everything away and start over fresh...um...no. I'm by no means a hoarder or what (he likes to call me that but I"m really not. I'm not even attached to photos or pics the kids draw, only a few) but there are certain things that I want to keep. Be it fabric, yarns or other things (shoes???).


@Jend: Is your husband feeling better? I sure hope so. I wouldn't even want to think about being pregnant, moving AND having a sick husband. Sounds exhausting. Take it easy. I'm sure it's a stressful time for you right now.


Scrubbing floors: I was right there with y'all yesterday. Since my mom was SUPPOSED to get here today to be here for the baby's birth, I went all nutso on the downstairs yesterday and cleaned my kitchen floors first with the steamer and then on hands and knees. Well...it's not easy and I was in pain every now and then. A head between your legs does really not make stuff easier LOL.


Needless to say, last night I saw that both my mom's flights had been cancelled due to strike. Wonderful. Hopefully she'll get here tomorrow. Fingers crossed (legs too).


AFM: No labor near. A few painful braxton hicks contractions and LOOOTS of crazy movement from babygirl. We still don't have a name and I'm ready to throw the towel and just name her whatever.

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I'm sure Whatever will be adorable. Sheepish.gif


Mother Nature is not cool. I've been having a lot of contractions since I woke up this morning. Very funny. Today/Tomorrow just doesn't work for me. Stop it right now. 

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THANK YOU so much for all of the wonderful thoughts many of you shared with me about the move.  I was up all night, half being uncomfortable, half being unable to shut off my mind.  I was checking in to pass the time and there have been some wonderful suggestions.  I think I was able to work through some of my issues - be more accepting - be more strategic (I love the idea of taking things one room at a time- I get SO caught up in all or nothing thinking!) - and I was even a bit out of character and confronted the owner this morning about how I felt like things were just unacceptable.  He actually got a cleaning crew to come in today.  So I feel a bit better.  It's still a stressful mess though redface.gif. Thankfully, DH is not sick any more.  He seemed to get better as Saturday went on.  He's a healthy guy - I wouldn't be surprised if it HAD been West Nile but he has recovered.  I am still mad at him, but today he really seemed like he wants to do what will make me happy and was even talking about at least painting the boys rooms.  

To Katt and others in organizing and nesting nightmares, I really feel for you.  I really really do!  crystal buffaloe - I am glad to hear that I don't have the only DH that is completely terrible at moving.  Your story made me smile and I am a huge fan of using the term craptastic.  MirandaM - I would so love to get together with this group in real life.  I wouldn't even ask anyone to move anything - just the take out and laughter part alone sounds so nice!  I hope we all continue on with this board as our babes arrive.  I am hooked.  


I am also more pregnant today than I have ever been!  I only made it to 37w1d with DS and today is 37w2d.  I just know this baby will cooperate and stay put until at least the weekend is over, right?  I know so many of you are VERY ready to have baby arrive - I am just behind all of you.  I'll be right there with you soon, I am sure.  Maman - I will hope that your baby is cooperative with your schedule today and tomorrow orngbiggrin.gif.


As usual, this chat is moving so fast and I know I thought many things that I am just not saying right now.  I am actually thrilled to be at my office today - I needed to get out of the sea of boxes.  I took DS to preschool today too - the boxes actually had him completely undone and he was pretty angry.  He was crying last night, telling me that he doesn't want to leave our home because "it's beautiful." Love that little guy!  

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Originally Posted by crystal_buffaloe View Post

WCM - I also got an epidural at/near transition with a posterior baby (8cm! WHY?!) We were almost there!

Right?!  I think it tacked on a good 4.5 hours to my labor.  Not cool!  Though baby had no problem with descent.  She almost flew out.  I tore, not pretty...



I just got back from the appointment with the midwife, the first thing she did was an ultrasound to confirm presentation, so officially vertex for now.  She wants me doing everything in my power to get this baby out.. she wants me having daily sex, doing EPO, drinking tons of RRLT, caulophyllum and cimicifuga, and castor oil (barf!).. she wouldn't strip my membranes though.. I guess their policy changed or something.  They'll do it next week at 39+3 by their dates (40+5 for mine, eep!).  I finished up my last day at work yesterday so I'm officially ready to *really* start getting this baby out!


She did comment again that baby looked and felt large.. but thankfully it wasn't enough for her to consider c/s.  I'm still going to be a nervous wreck coming in next week, likely measuring gigantic and at the threat of a RCS.  

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Ugh. My doula has been in the hospital for a week, now. She has crohn's disease. They're not sure if she'll be out by the time I give birth. I'm so bummed out. I've met the back-up doula, but we just don't have the same connection. So now I need to do my best to get to know this woman better, even though I've only met her once and haven't had the time I've had with the other doula. I hope my other doula is ok. :(

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ascher- so sorry to hear about your doula :(  I hope she is well soon, and I hope you find a connection with your backup.  

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Katt- i am in the market for a mei tai.. Do you have an etsy store?

Baby Jude did not sleep well from about 330 on this morning. We are on vacation so at least i dont have anything pressing to do today.. If you are still abe to sleep well ENJOY it while baby is still quietly inside!

jend- I hope people stick around the ddc after babies are all here too! This is now my favorite corner of MDC.
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wcm-- I hope she feels better soon, too. I just have a hard time establishing a connection with people in general. I've had 4 months with my doula, I'm not sure how comfortable I can make myself with someone in 3 weeks. This is one of the reasons I didn't want a hospital birth, because I really just didn't want so many things to be unfamiliar. And my doula was a lactation consultant. I'm not sure if this lady is. Oh well, this is all part of what people told me about "your birth will never go exactly as you imagine it". I just hope I can convey to her what I need to feel supported--emotionally.

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Wow- so many transitions going on! I can't imagine the stress of moving so much around at this stage. I feel very fortunate that we moved during the early second trimester, and our difficult move was a couple of years ago when we went from 2000 to 1040 square feet, and this recent move was from the 1040 to 2000 square feet plus a basement. My brain is so, so fuzzy these days (and my energy levels non-existent) that I can't imagine making decisions that moving requires!

I woke up at 4:20 last night to some major GI pain that was causing contractions. They totally didnt feel like they were productive labor or pre-labor contractions- more irritated uterus contractions. Around 5, I decided to take a bath, and that was a great choice- everything settled down quickly, and I got a tad more sleep when I got back in bed. This baby just doesn't seem ready, yet- 37+6 today. DS1 arrived at 37+4, but he was already 7 lb 6oz, and I seriously doubt this baby is that big, yet. Baby hasn't dropped, although my hips and pelvis are so incredibly loose. No clue about cervix status.

Update from last week: my dad does not need back surgery any time soon, so my mom is planning to drive out this weekend! I'm trying to keep the stressed state of my body up until then- it is such a relief knowing my mom will be here soon, but I can't let my body feel relieved and content just yet =)
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Jend, I hope things continue to go better, today and onward. :)

WCM, can I just say how excited I am that you're officially done working? So great to have that particular source of stress eliminated. jumpers.gif



MamanFrancaise, backpedaling on the 'baby come out', sending some 'baby wait 'til Thursday' vibes your way. ;)


(I'm just giddy about our babies coming.. am I the only one who's checked the due date list to see who might be announcing soon?)

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Hi Mamas. My brain isn't working properly these days, lol. I keep reading and I go to make some personal replies and then I'm like "Doh" and forget what I'm going to say. I guess my mind is really getting set on baby baby baby everything. Yesterday my stomach suddenly got so upset that at first I thought it was early labor, and it really freaked me out! LOL. It was just a very bad stomach upset/cramps that subsided and I felt much better after using the bathroom and taking a one and a half hour nap. But it really got me into a sort of freak out, like OMG real labor is going to be happening in the next 2 1/2 weeks give or take and I really have to do it! Having given birth twice before I don't completely understand why the idea is making me panic somewhat, because I know I can do it. I guess I can chalk it up to a general anxiety that seems to be building as the EDD approaches, so much left to do, DH a bit stressed with work and all the help I need at home, starting two online college classes, home schooling my kids (although I'm letting them have an extended summer break until baby is born and things are settled). I'm feeling a bit crazy and wondering what the hell was I thinking dizzy.gif



On the other hand, I got to meet my baby nephew yesterday who is all of 7 days old. It has been a long time since I held a baby and despite the crazy anxieties I am feeling, I am so looking forward to meeting little Benji soon. 



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Gah. Almost fell down our front (cement) steps before lunch. I caught myself, but it jarred my back something fierce. Annoying. (Maybe more annoying that it didn't at least start labor... wink1.gif ). Guess I'll have to keep doing laundry instead. Oh joy.
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Just came from hopefully my last midwife appointment. I asked her to check me out. I'm 5-6 cm dilated, only 25% effaced. Baby's head is nice and low. Soooo, anytime now. 

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