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I have decided this baby will be born tomorrow no matter what. I would like a good sleep tonight since I've been so sick but after I get my girls off to school in the morning - it's time to have a baby. End of discussion. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary as well (got married on 9-10-11) so a birthday of 9-10-12 would be pretty neat.


Lets hope all of us who are ready have our babies tomorrow!

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Maman: that sounds like an awesome plan smile.gif . Good luck yomorrow and happy anniversary.
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Best of wishes & labor vibes to you, Maman!



I'm starting to accept the fact that this baby is not showing her face anytime soon.  Maybe not even until the end of the month!



Also, heartburn is evil.  Pure, pure evil splat.gif

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Well, maybe tomorrow for me. I've had some regular, stronger stuff and mucus with a bit of blood. Here's hoping! My dad comes to town tomorrow. He lives and works in TX (we're in NC) and can only be away from work for a couple days, so I'd love for him to meet the baby before he goes back. I'm trying to keep my head straight about it, though.


It would be kind of a family tradition. My mom was born on Pearl Harbor Day...

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Maman hope you feel better soon. Maybe our babies will have the same birthday!

Using the contraction timer app I just downloaded on my ancient android phone. About 1 minute long and 7 minutes apart. Having a small glass of wine then bath then sleep on the advice of my doula. Still in denial though. Spent the evening cleaning , doing laundry, and eating just in case.
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Sounds like some good baby vibes are rushing around the DDC this morning!


WCM - have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar (the organic stuff, with the mother) for your heartburn?  I take 1 Tbsp with a fair amount of water (maybe half cup or more) three times a day and it has significantly reduced the pain and severity of my heartburn.  Good luck!

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Ooooh!!! Labor vibes to all you maybe-labor mamas!  Can't wait to meet some new babies.


I too had some noticeable contractions last night, but that may be due to the fact that I took all 3 kids to local festival on my own yesterday and wore DS in the wrap a lot of the time!  HOW is it that I was so miserable in July that I could barely walk leaning on the stroller like a walker, and now it's a week before my EDD and I'm lugging a toddler on my BACK comfortably?  There is something wrong with this picture. And something that tells me that means no baby any time soon for me.


Yesterday the van got cleaned, and I installed the infant carseat base. But I'm not thrilled with the configuration, so we are going to test drive it today to see how it works. I have a Chrysler van and really wish we'd held out for a Toyota or Honda because the back seats are SO much wider. :/  And the cosleeper is now UPSTAIRS, so that is progress.  I really want to finish cleaning our room, put new sheets and our new quilt set on our bed and have everything hunky dory before baby gets here. I'd also like to get caught up on laundry (yes, for 0.7 seconds, judy!!) and get it all put away so other people like my mom or DH can get my girls dressed for school!  But that requires motivation...


Tomorrow I have a chiro appointment and acupuncture. Yay!

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