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AP paediatricians in toronto

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Hello everyone!  I have a question for all on my fellow torontonians (Happy Labour Day smile.gif


I really wish that I could have a more open/ honest relationship with my child's paediatrician (my lo is 21 months and I have another on the way) but she is old, wise and very much stuck in her ways.  She does have a lot of knowledge and she is patient and kind with her patients - but towards me she is condescending whenever I ask her anything out of the ordinary.  Ie, if she know that I bf freely and not on a schedule, she would probably flip her wig.  When I choose to delay dh's vax she lectured me and told me that I was the only mother in her practice that chose to do so- blah blah blah.  I work ft, I'm about to have another kiddo to take care of so I need someone that is relatively close to get to.  I have a midwife for my pregnancy (who is awesome) and I did have a naturopath (but I am currently looking for a new one because we don't see to eye to eye on co-sleeping and she kept trying to punch ferber on me... heck if I am paying you out of pocket - then I at least want someone that I can relate to about mothering!) irked.gif When I go to doc appt I like to be completely honest.. and I sucks that I haven't been able to find a group of health professionals that I can relate to...


So, does anyone in Toronto (Scarborough, Markham, North York) know of any good paediatricians?

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Sorry, I don't have a reccomendation (Hamilton here) but I was wondering if you would consider a family doctor? You would have more choice of practitioners and may have an easier time finding someone you connect with. This is of course assuming your LO doesn't have specific needs to be seen by a specialist. DD and I are patients at a teaching clinic affiliated with Mac and find the staff to be quite well informed regarding breastfeeding (in fact they have a wonderful LC on staff) and they are fairly flexible with vaccination schedules. Good luck; I thought I'd mention an alternative in case you have trouble finding a good specialist.
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Thank you for this suggestion skycheattraffic.  I never thought of seeing our familt doc instead!  And I actually like her and can relate to her a lot more.  Luckily, DS doesn't have to see a specialist; so it shoudl be no problem. And yes - so far no luck with finding a good ped.  (thats close by anyways).  Have a great day!

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Agreeing with skycheattraffic. I moved from downtown TO to Burlington and was terrified at the thought of going through the dr search yet again... It is hard enough to find a dr at all much less one that will respect the spectrum of beliefs that come with attachment parenting!

I actually told my midwife out here that i needed a dr and would she know of anyone that would work with me specifically on my wishes for a selective/delayed vacc schedule... And she did! So my new dr is also Family practice and she is wonderful. Very PRO-parent and willing to engage in an adult-to-adult conversation to find out where you stand, not talk down to you and dictate what you should do.... Such a relief.

Good luck in your search!
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