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What's your babywearing wishlist?

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Hi ladies!

I'm pregnant with #1 and DH and I are hoping to babywear. As I've never done it before, I'm a little overwhelmed by all the choices. What would you register for?

Here's what I'm thinking right now. Any feedback (comments, additions, deletions, anything!) would be so appreciated. loveeyes.gif

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black
Can DH and I both use?

BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Enchanted Garden
For me, but I suppose DH and I could both use if I don't get a girly print?

Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining
Can DH and I both use?

Baby Ktan Baby Carrier, Warm Cocoa, Small
For me

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, Black, X-Large
For DH

So is that too much? Not enough? Are there any you wouldn't recommend? Or any I should add?
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I really, really wish I had gotten a woven wrap carrier, specifically at Girasol when my DC was young and gifts were flowing and we had a bit saved for baby gear. 


Moby wraps, because their use is so short-lived, are readily available used, fiy. Is the Katan a knit wrap? If so, I would totally get just one stretchy wrap if I were you. 


Have you considered a ring sling? I love mine. 

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I hate the Moby but my husband loves it. It's just too much work for me! I love, love, love the Baby K'tan. I honestly would not have been able to do anything without it. It was just me and my daughter, husband was at jump school, and I had to grocery shop, clean, etc. I just popped her in the K'tan and BAM! two hands free. She fell asleep in it a lot and then when I put her in the forward facing Adventure Position, she was happy the whole time I shopped and loaded the groceries in line. I could also do dishes, make sandwiches, etc. I highly recommend the Baby K'tan.


Next, I have a Balboa Baby Ring Sling. This is nice, too. I didn't get her it in soon enough for her to like laying in it, but she liked sitting in it with her legs crossed and now she sits in the hip carry and I breeze around the house while she happily observes everything (I'm also 7 months pregnant). I do recommend a better sling, though, for example the Maya Wrap which I think would fit better. I am 5'3" and normally 125-130 lbs. and at 148 lbs. right now, the Balboa sling is a little big for me. It just doesn't feel 100% right, she hangs a little too far from my body. I think the Maya Wrap would be more snug. I don't know if my belly is in the way and makes the hip position off or what, but I'll know in about 3 months, haha, which is why I'm not replacing with the Maya Wrap...yet. http://www.amazon.com/Maya-Wrap-Baby-Sling-Medium/dp/B003MH54R2/ref=sr_1_2?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1346713150&sr=1-2&keywords=maya+wrap


I just got an ERGObaby Sport and so far I like it, since I'm pregnant I can only put her on my back but she seems to enjoy it, I just need to figure out how to get the straps tighter. It's going to be nice after I'm pregnant to carry my older one if the baby is asleep in the carseat and then when new baby girl gets big enough to not have to use the infant insert (which I didn't buy because I have the sling and the K'tan to use when she is little) I will throw her in this one all the time. So far it feels like it has much better support than the Moby, K'tan, and the sling. Evenly distributed and no pain from carrying her (17 1/2 lbs. currently). So this would be used for longer outings than grocery shopping or chores.


But I am going to buy the Beco Baby Gemini as it has the option to forward face while wearing on the front which is what I think makes it better than the ERGObaby. I have also read reviews that it is easier to put baby on the back in this one, but I had not too much of a struggle with the ERGO this morning putting her in it. My daughter loves to face out and see the world which is why I need this one for her and I'll have the ERGO for my husband to use with our 2nd daughter so it's a win-win. http://www.amazon.com/Beco-Baby-Carrier-Gemini-Insider/dp/B005V1ZAMQ/ref=sr_1_11?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1346713537&sr=1-11&keywords=beco+gemini


So, in conclusion, if you get a Baby K'tan for you and one for your husband I would skip the Moby all together. The ERGObaby is a great choice, only lacking in the forward facing option so if you want to spend a little more I'd say go for the plain Beco Gemini which is around $129 on Amazon. The Beco Butterfly also has great reviews but I think the Gemini lasts longer as baby grows. And definitely look into a ring sling. They are great while baby is still small and SUPER easy to use and carry with you. Happy Baby Wearing!

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My experience is that it is best to go shopping for soft carriers after the baby is born (wraps and slings on the other hand are pretty generic in their fit).  We expected to love the ergo but it just wasn't comfortable for me.  We chose a Piccalo that fits both of us (me 5'4", partner 6'2").  I now also have a wring sling and a wrap.  IMO there's little sense in getting more than one of a certain style of carrier unless you and your husband can't comfortably wear the same one.  


A woven wrap would make a beautiful gift that can be passed on to your friends or your kids but hybrids (e.g. Gypsy Mama Wrapsody) or stretchy wraps (moby) are easier to learn (they are more forgiving to beginners).  I love my Gypsy Mama.  A hybrid will last much longer than a stretchy wrap, and a woven will outlast a hybrid.  We used a hybrid wrap until my son was about 20 months and 30 pounds.  Couldn't have carried him longer with a woven anyway simply because he weighed too much for my body!


I find forward facing is uncomfortable (just not ergonomic and by then back carry is safer and just as enjoyable for baby).  I used to love frd facing because he could see the world, but ultimately carrying is about being with you as you go about your day --he is experiencing the world from your back much more securely than fwd facing.  I've seen many a kid flailing and a bit stressed out to really put much faith in the benefit of fwd facing.


Aside from woven wraps (for which I feel the same as Identity Crisis), go slow with all your other ones.  You really only need one to start.  As your carrying needs evolve, get a new one to suit. Perhaps a gift card to a mother boutique then take your time growing into it.


Best wishes,


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How heavy is your husband? My fiance is 5'9" and 220lbs and the Ergo is just slightly too small for his belly. We could buy a belt extender to make it fit but instead its an incentive for him to loose a bit of weight!


I think the Ergo and Mei Tie are very similar SSC (soft structured carriers) its basically just a difference between clips (Ergo) and ties (Mei Tie) so I would only go with one or the other. I personally LOVE my Ergo in Galaxy. Some people do not like the infant insert for the Ergo, but I had no problems with it and felt it kept my winter-born DD safe from the wind on walks. 


I think a SSC, a woven (like Moby), and a ring sling (I love my Maya wrap for lots of ins and outs like errands- a L fits both me and DF) would be a great start. My DD is 8 months and that's all we have needed so far. 

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Originally Posted by AmandaT View Post

I think a SSC, a woven (like Moby), and a ring sling (I love my Maya wrap for lots of ins and outs like errands- a L fits both me and DF)  

Just to be clear - a Moby is not a woven wrap.  And, yes, I love my Maya, which are also available second hand. 

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Oops, you're right!


NAK and reorganizing sentences got the best of me! 

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Originally Posted by AmandaT View Post

Oops, you're right!


NAK and reorganizing sentences got the best of me! 

thumb.gif Yea, I figured - just wanted to clear it up for the OP.

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So I started out fairly clueless with wearing DD and have been through a few carriers...


Got a Bjorn from my shower bc that was pretty mcuh the only thing I knew existed - super uncomfortable for me (5'2" 115lbs) with a chunky baby, and DH had a hard time gettin the straps to fit over his 'sympathy belly'.


Picked up a moby right before DD was born, absolutely loved it while she was small and liked to be smoshed up.  Once she wanted to strech more it was too hard to keep her from sliding around no matter how snug I wrapped it.  DH was clueless about how to use it BUT if I wrapped it on him he did like to do skin time with her.


At about 3-4mos it was no longer comfortable to use either and so I splurged on a sakura ring sling......best. purchase. ever.  I wish I had a ring sling from the start.  I got the double linen, and started with her not quite laying, but legs crossed inside and when she fell asleep it was easy to recline her a bit.  It was awesome on cold days (she was a winter baby) bc I could take my dogs to the park and the sling kept her close and fit under my jacket - she was like my own personal hot water bottle!  I recently picked up a 2nd ring sling, single layer, which is nice on hot days.


And lastly, as much as I love my ring sling, it's a little tough to hike with a baby in a hip carry, soooo, I was reluctant to spend too much on a back carrier and took a chance on an Infantino from Target - love it.  I gave it the ultimate test - cleaning my house top to bottom with DD strapped in for about 3hrs.  Lots of bending, twisting, stretching...and a few dance moves to get a giggle out of her, it passed with flying colors.  Not only was it comfortable, but DD went out cold even faster than she does in the ring sling and I had no shoulder pain afterwards.


I def think one carrrier does not fit all - mom/dad or baby.  I'm small, DD is heavy (22lbs, just about 10mos) so what works for me, might not work for many of my friends and their babies.  I don't have many like-minded mom friends but if any of your's are into baby wearing, ask if you can test out their carriers, and diff sized babies bc some carriers are just not suited for large kids ;-)

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