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Chicken pox party

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Hi, I'm looking to get my kids chicken pox while they are still young and nursing. We are looking for a chicken pox party in central (Lynchburg) or south central VA (Danville/Chatham) area.
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check here for someplace near you

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Originally Posted by emmy526 View Post

check here for someplace near you


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Also, fyi I've heard it's a little early for Chicken pox. It's a January and later type thing, so if you can't find it now, look then. smile.gif

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You may also have better luck in your local area... I'll move this thread to the right place for local responses. smile.gif
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the absolute best way to ensure your kids get chicken pox is to make sure everybody knows you've committed to a wildly expensive, luxurious caribbean vacation.


trust me - your kids'll catch it quick-smart.

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