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I'm at my due date...Or beyond!

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This is a thread for all of us who are at the "magic" EDD (joke) and are still pregnant.  Given that the average length of pregnancy is 41+1 weeks, I personally don't see much significance in the EDD.  It seems 4% of all preggies give birth on their EDD.   So 96% of us will have already done so, or go beyond.  From what it looks like on this board, we will be mostly going beyond.


That said, this is the longest I have ever been pregnant.  I went into spontaneous labor with DD1 at 39 weeks, had her at 39+3.  I am not officially at my EDD today, but I am 39+4 of what feels like an eternal pregnancy.  I don't feel like this baby is coming anytime soon.


So I wanted to give a thread where we can discuss the external pressure of being at our EDD or past, as well as internal pressure (it sure is uncomfortable@!)


For external pressure I have my mother staying with us.  She flew across the country at 38 weeks, since I went into labor the first time at 39, we thought this baby might come earlier, especially because of all the severe cramping and BH ctx I was having.  She is here to be childcare for DD during the birth.  Now she's been here for almost 2 weeks and no sign of baby.  I feel really bad for her.  Her ticket to go home is next Monday but she says she will change it if I haven't had the baby.  But If I go to 42 weeks that is a whole month of her being here...Obviously that can be stressful for everyone.  I'm super grouchy and I am sure I am not treating her as well as she would like, but it pisses me off when she goes against me when it comes to taking care of DD (like letting her have snacks before lunch, not making her start cleaning up her toys at night, little things like that.)  I don't have much pressure from health care providers as we can have homebirth here up to 42 weeks, and even a few days beyond with an MD consult and NST/AFT every few days...


...But physically I don't think my body can handle going much longer.  I have probably the worst pain I have ever had.  Is it sciatica?  Pelvic Girdle Pain?  Who knows.  But I can barely walk, even with a cane.  Every step is excruciating.   I am normally very active, and I can barely walk up the stairs.  I am basically housebound.  I am doing chiro, massage, acupuncture, and homeopathy.  Nothing helps.  I also have residual nausea from my hyperemesis which took over my life for the first 5-6 months of pregnancy.  I don't think either will start getting better until I have this baby.  I feel like a huge lump, I waddle and can't turn over in bed without wanting to scream in pain.  I'm hungry but can't eat much.  Plus, baby has basically slowed down movement so that I worry frequently about horrible things like cord entrapment and stillbirth.  I know it's irrational because it is normal to have slowed movement at the end of pregnancy but this is where my mind goes...


And basically almost most of all, I just want to meet this baby!  I want to see her and hold her and start getting to know her.


However, One good thing about not having labor yet is that DD starts preschool in 3 days (my actual EDD) and most likely I will be able to be there with her.  Parents can stay the first day, and I am excited for her to start, she has been really looking forward to it for months.


Anyone else want to check in?

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Checking in. I'm 2 days over my EDD. For some strange reason, I *knew* I would not be "late" having this baby. Clearly I knew nothing. LOL


My first baby I had at 39 weeks, my second I had at 41. I just figured, being my third baby he wouldn't be late and it made perfect logical sense to be born at 40 weeks. lol.gif However, I should point out I haven't had a baby in over 7 years so it's not like it was yesterday. My body most likely does need a little more prep than a "fresh" mama. LOL


That said (I shouldn't even get my hopes up) but I've been having loose bowels all day and more contractions than I've had all weekend. But nothing consistent yet. Of course the baby will come when I tell him NOT to. Now I just kind of want to wait until Friday (for similar reasons to yours, nukuspot).


So is 41+1 average for all babies - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd+ pregnancies?

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it seems like if you tend to have a late baby, you tend to always have a bit of a late baby unless there's something funky that makes for a super duper early one. I'm at 37.5 and the last was at 42 weeks but both I and my MW think this one is already 7 lbs and my last was 7 and my breech c/s was 6. I can't imagine carrying another month! no way...no way. I am tempted to start some eviction stuff in a week. I need to work at least one more week...ideally two but I just don't think there's room in there. It feels like all bones/body and not much fluid. But ... MW did say if I got to 42 healthily, she'd let me go another 2 days post, although technically I'm risked out before that.
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41+1 is supposed to be average gestation of midwifery clients based on MANA stats smile.gif
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MamanF, I saw an abstract that stated that the average length of an uncomplicated first pregnancy was 274 days (so 41 weeks, 1 day) and subsequent pregnancies was 269 days (so 40 weeks, 3 days) as opposed to 40 weeks.


I'm nowhere near my EDD yet, but wanted to send sympathy and hugs to those of you who are there. Those last few days are hard!

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I was induced with DD at 12 days past my due date -- and sure enough, on September 1st, I show up at SIL's to see her new baby (she was due a week before me) and the first thing FIL says is, "What, no baby?"

I am like, "No. No no no no no no. You are not even allowed to say that to me for a WHOLE NOTHER MONTH." (October 1st would be 41+1 for me)
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It's a strange feeling, this waiting game!  I'm due Sep 12th, but I tell everyone that I'm thinking it'll be more like Sep 26th (a full 42 weeks).  I'm doing ok waiting so far, but who knows what will happen when I hit my EDD in 8 days and still no baby :)

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Oh nnoooo! I just realized I have to give the birth pool back by the end of the week. But I cannot have the baby for the next 3 days. I just can't! Gah! 

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MamanF, did you call the people you rented from? I had to extend my rental last time too. This time, I'm just doing w/out. Nukuspot, have you called around to PT/OT shops in your area to ask if they know of a therapy pool. We have a few in our area and you can get your MD to write you an "RX" for the use. They are warmer than a normal pool but not quite as hot as a hot tub. Just wondering if that might enable you to move pain free a little bit.
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Just dropping in to sympathise wink1.gif. jude was born just over 2 weeks ago when i was 37 +3. My EDD is tomorrow and it is so weird to think that he could have been still inside! Hang in there.. You wont be pregnant forever!
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 Tomorrow (9/5) is my EDD. Lots of irregular contractions, period like aches and pains. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and my home birth ob is sick... so hoping this little one is overdue so we can all rest and get better first.


Here is what I found on EDDs. I read something similar in Ina May's new book "Birth Matters". My dr says that 70% of his patients go overdue. He has no set guideline on how long I can go past my EDD as long as everything looks fine, though he said its really really rare to go more than 12 days overdue.


http://wiki.answers.com/ excerpt: "However, newer studies have indictaed that the true AVERAGE gestation for a healthy pregnancy with spontaneous in a nulliparous (first-time) mother is approximately 41 weeks and 3 days, with multiparous (with previous children) mother giving birth spontaneously, on average, at 41 weeks and 1 day."

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My EDD is today!  I am feeling totally normal for the most part.  With DD they were concerned that she was small because I carried so small so I ended up having my membranes swept and doing acupuncture and delivered naturally at 40 + 4.  My DH and I are both guessing 9/10 as the birthday which would be 40 +3.  not in a huge rush, but it is definitely hard for me to focus on ANYTHING!

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My official EDD is tomorrow, but I'm feeling all sorts of restless and grumpy today. greensad.gif I don't want to feel this way. I *know* my babies just need that extra time to grow. I know that after having four babies and none of them arriving earthside before 41 weeks (even with three hospital inductions), I should know better by now than to anticipate or even hope for some baby action sooner than that... but... I still always do. And I'm still always left hanging around for a long time feeling lost and unfocused.

I could sew, but I don't think my girls would cooperate with that today. I would read, but my mind isn't in a good spot to focus or concentrate on anything right now. I would clean, but somehow the idea depresses me because it would be like fake nesting. Ugh. Just feeling sorry for myself and i don't even have a reason to! (Though I'm certain a lack of sleep plays into it... dd4 has been sleeping terribly... has me quite terrified for whenever Baby Five does decide to make an appearance.)

I posted this on the weekly chat also, but tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary (along with the EDD), but i won't even really see dh because he works 8am-10pm :/ Sort of bummed about that too. Maybe getting all the negativity out will set it free and I can keep on plugging forward through the days.
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Changed my attitude. Now working on savoring life with just four girls while clearing/cleaning/beautifying our living space. Feels better to have a better attitude.
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Originally Posted by judybean View Post

... while clearing/cleaning/beautifying our living space.

I'm not past my EDD yet, but I JUST ordered a new quilt set from Overstock for our bedroom and am resisting the urge to buy area rugs which we have needed since March! My DH just laughed last night when I mentioned it in passing--last pregnancy I repainted all of our entry doors :)   We may not have the carseat of the cosleeper set up, but our house looks nice!

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I'm pretty sure everyone who has already posted here have had their babies!  Congrats!


I am now 40 weeks 3 days pregnant, but very sick with the worst sore throat ever..... such bad timing.  I can't talk, drink, or eat without excruciating pain.  I was having a hard time being patient with this little one (my DS#1 was born at exactly 39 weeks, so I just assumed I might be a little early this time too), but now I actually want this baby to stay in until next week so I have a chance to get over this!  And please please please, don't let my 3 year old or DH get it.


Hope those of you also at your due date or beyond are doing better healthwise than me!

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Joining the club...40+2 today. I was thinking next week but I've had some bloody show and some contractions today, so maybe sooner rather than later. I told the baby it needs to come this weekend....

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Oh, I forgot about this thread!


4 weeks 2 days here too! I had some pretty solid contractions early this morning (who needs to sleep anyways?) but only sporadic, non-timeable ones. I'd love for this baby to arrive before 41 weeks, but I'm going to try really, really hard not to get my hopes up.


MamaForever, I hope you're feeling better right away and that baby holds off until then!


MonkeyKeeper, today would be a great day for a baby. :D Hope yours listens to you and agrees!

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40w4d here.. just waiting... I went 40+4 with DS so I was trying not to expect to go before today but I was up most of the night with ctx but the stopped around 4... I am getting pretty anxious but right now am o tired so it's probably for the best that nothing is going on yet...

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40+3 today.  I went to nearly 42 with DD and all the way to 42 with DS, so I'm expecting October.  I should know better than telling people my EDD - I am purposefully vague when people ask, but many people know I'm "still waiting"


One of DDs kindergarten teachers says "You're still here!?" at every. single. drop off and pick up.  Oy.


Labor vibes to all the mamas experiencing something!  I figure I'll be here for a long while...

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