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Home Birth Moms... what are you wearing?

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So... I had a hospital birth with my daughter, but our plan is to have this baby at home. And I have no idea what to wear. I don't really want to spend the cash on any of the "birthing gowns" I've seen online and I don't know that they are that practical when there is a birth tub involved, anyway. So, maybe sports bra and some type of skirt until I get in the water? I'm fairly modest (which I know will go out the window as we get down to it- but still.)

I appreciate any input. Hope everyone is doing great! It's hard to believe we're getting so close.

Leigh Ann

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I think I'll be in a tank top and pajama pants that I don't mind getting grungy until things get intense. I'm sure after my first venture into the shower or wherever, I'll just end up naked. 


Last time we were in the hospital, but I kept my own clothes. I was in a longish tunic dress top...it hit the top of my thighs with socks for a good part of labor. Once I got into the shower, I never got my clothes back on. lol 

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I'm still trying to decide.  I've been thinking about maybe my tankini top and either old sweat pants or a dress that I don;t mind getting ruined.  Last time in the hospital I wore a horrible nursing gown till I took it off at some point.  I hated that thing but I guess it was better than a hospital gown.

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I am not doing a homebirth (I WISH!!!!)....but I am going to wear the same thing I wore for my last hospital birth an excercise bra top, and a water skirt. I still have the top from last time, but I threw the skirt away. I just bought a $15 swim skirt a few sizes too big and cut out the panty part. I can move and be "free" in the clothes, and still get a little coverage. Because I am delivering in the hospital where I work I just don't feel fully comfortable totally naked, and I would never consider wearing a hospital gown. smile.gif. all the items quickly dried, so I left them on after showers and the tub, etc. hoping it works as well as it did the first time, this time!
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Last time I kept my pants and shirt on until I got to the birth center about an hour and a half before she was born. I never put my pants back on once my midwife checked me. Was totally naked in the tub for the birth. I felt fine about being naked but I do think I'll put on an easily removable sports bra or bikini top i don't mind ruining by putting baby on my chest right away. My main reason for wanting a top this time is for photos. Id like to show the pics to people and not have them see my boobs hanging out.

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I'll be wearing my birthday suit, just like the baby :D


I'm not an exhibitionist at all, but I also feel very little weirdness at being naked when it's the most practical thing.  I find bras annoying during every day life (though I still wear one 99% of the time I'm in public) there is just no way I'm going to want one on during labor!  Also, I have a weird hang up about wearing a top and nothing on the bottom.  It just feels too much like going to the bathroom, which is somehow more shameful than just being completely nude, in my head.


Last time, I went into early labor in the evening, and I put my pajamas on and went to bed to get as much rest as I could.  Early in the morning my water broke and soaked my sweat pants.  I put on dry underwear then, stuffed with a prefold so I wouldn't leak water all over, but I totally stripped when I got in the birth pool a few hours later, and stayed naked after that.  In fact, ds and I were both pretty much naked (aside from our diapers, lol) for the next couple of days, because it was July and we had no air conditioner, and I had no visitors.  My friend who took pictures still managed to get a few shots with no boobs hanging out, even after I had stripped. 

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lol Angelorum about not liking the clothing on top, but nothing on bottom pairing!!! I completely agree...it's def. either all on or all off!! lol


I do plan to be more mindful though right when the baby is born. I'm hoping that pulling him or her right up to my chest and with a towel or receiving blanket will be enough to get us some good decent pictures we can share with others. Most of the pics we have from last time either have my crotch in them, or my boobs hanging out!

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I'm a big girl so I do not feel comfortable being naked at all.. I wore a nightgown last time and that worked great.. But they had me take it off when I was pushing and I felt so uncomfortable.. greensad.gif. with my previous home birth I was in the water the entire time and I wore a tankini top and felt very comfortable in that . I'm planning on wearing pj's or a nightgown, until I get in to the tub this time and with probably wear a tank top or nursing bra at that point!! smile.gif
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This is probably the best boob-free shot we got after the birth.  I flipped him over on my arm like that when he started coughing up a ton of fluid.  And we are both filthy with all the mec he passed right after he came out. 


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Angelorum- what a great photo! Gorgeous. And I totally agree about top and no bottoms. Weirds me out.


Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I'll go with a sports bra until after delivery and a stretchy, comfy skirt until bottoms-off time. 

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Angel-- amazing picture-- you can see the emotion on your face!!!!  Thank you for sharing.


My midwife urged us (at our 3rd trimester class), not to wear a tight sports bra b/c it can be too hard to take off when it's wet, you're in pain, and you want to nurse. Unless of course you have one that has a latch-- and then it would be easy to take off.  I am going to wear a bikini top that is easily removable and also can easily be pulled to the side to nurse.   I'll have on a short cotton skirt with a shirt the rest of the time-- until I get into the tub (when I'll have the bikini top only or nothing at all). I won't be uncomfortable being naked, but I might still want a bikini top on for pics...  Who knows!!


I just think it's exciting that we can talk about this now and our births are close!!!!!  :)

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I'm planning to wear a nursing bra that's not tight, tank top, and this skirt http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0079H1EB6/ref=twister_B004LR7SYO
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I'm planning to wear a nursing bra that's not tight, tank top, and this skirt http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0079H1EB6/ref=twister_B004LR7SYO
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