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Cramping 3 weeks after c-section

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I don't remember this happening the first time around - so I figured I'd ask if anyone else has experienced this. I've been having some pretty painful cramping today and passing some small blood clots. I've had random cramping before now, but today it's been bad enough to take an ibuprofen. This is my second c-section, so I don't know if that has something to do with it. I also still have dark red pp bleeding, which hasn't changed or increased. 


The clots aren't big enough to call my doctor, but if they get any bigger, I'm sure I'll go in. I just hope it doesn't get to that point. 

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Ten days later - how is it? If you're still having issues I'd call the doctor anyway to make sure. 

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I'm much better - thanks! I think it was just a random occurance that day. I've had a couple of strong cramps/contractions, but I think it's just taking a while for my uterus to shrink down to normal the second time around.

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I had one day of bad pain 6 weeks out.  I think I did too much since, well, I did do a lot the day before then I took it really easy and it was good again.  Either that or it was the sushi I had the night before.  No clots though.  

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I definitely do too much every day. ;) I find that it's impossible to follow the pp c-section rules with a toddler. I've been carrying him around for over a week now and I'm 4 1/2 weeks out. I don't have any more pain or anything, though. 

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I'm 4 weeks pp and can feel my uterus doing some sort of (painless) tightening when I exert myself or move quickly (like climbing stairs, or walking fast)...


How are you ladies doing overall w/your c-section recovery??  I feel like mine has been very slow, although I'm no longer feeling too much pain and can move around a lot more as of this week (the first 2 weeks were horrendous!).  I'm not sure if my surgery/recovery was "normal" ... but I really have nothing to compare it to!  I just figured it would have been more tolerable given how "routine" the surgery has become these days and that many mothers handle repeat c-sections for various reasons.  Right now, I don't see how I could ever go through another one again!


How's your swelling, incision site, mobility?  Any exercise yet?  I left the hospital still looking 9 months pregnant and now look about 4 months.  I still can't touch the incision, it's too tender and just grosses me out....

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How are you ladies doing overall w/your c-section recovery??  


I almost don't want to share since you have had such a rough time.  I have heard bad stories.  It seems common for it to be hard on mama's since it is a serious surgery.  

Overall mine has been surprisingly good, except that one day when I way over did the day before 6 weeks after.  I didn't even have to take harsh pain meds that they offered.  I was walking around great the next day.  I went home the next day and the first thing I did was swept since cat litter had tracked a lot.  


How's your swelling, incision site, mobility?  No swelling.  Incision site is healed and almost gone.  Mobility has been good.  


Any exercise yet?  No, but I barely even have time to consider exercise, lol.  I am more interested in eaing or brushing my teeth daily.  Does walking around, bouncing, and light dancing to help a fussy baby calm down count as exercise? 


I am sorry yours has been so rough.  I have had surgery before that was really hard on me in so many ways.  Adding a newborn as a FTM to that would have been SO incredibly hard.  I feel for you! I hope it is smooth sailing from here Joy!   


Edited: Today the bad pain cramping came back, it is awful.  I think it is since I carried something a bit heavy and paid for it dearly.  I am surprised I still have to care about that 8 weeks post op - guess that means my healing in there is quite slow.

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