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It's a....

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A few days ago I decided to splurge ($39) for an elective gender ultrasound, despite the fact that we are having the 20 week anatomy scan in a few weeks. I just couldn't wait any longer, especially when I could find out at a place a few blocks away for that price. :)


So yesterday we went, and it was awesome. My two-year-old was a little confused, but enjoyed the toys they have there. I was so glad that my husband could come since he probably can't make it to the anatomy scan. The technician was great at explaining everything (and even gave us a free peek in 3D, which we've never done nor plan to pay for so that was cool).


And I could not believe that we are having a GIRL.  Eeeeek.  So excited!  It was a magical moment.


Who else knows? It seems like there's a lot of girls to be had so far (twin girls!), but I know Chloe's Mama is having a boy. Anyone else?


I seriously thought I was going to be posting a slight gender disappointment thread here today, because I truly had convinced myself it was a boy. Which would have been great too; I just would have had to spend a couple days working through the disappointment of not having a daughter yet.  As excited as I am, though, I love the thought of a little brother for my son. Hopefully someday!

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Congrats!!! So excited for you!!!! Little sister for little man J!

Glad it went well and your dh was there.
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Congrats! that is exciting! 


I found out last week i'm having a BOY!!  that will make 2 girls and 2 boys! (not that we are 100% done) my DS(4) realllllly wanted the baby to be a boy - he would have been SO upset if it had been a girl! and my 6 yr old also wanted the baby to be a boy so DS could have a brother like she has a sister

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Congrats!! That's exciting.

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Yippee! Skippy!


Many of us are getting our wishes!


Now send me all your boy crap and Ill send you girl crap (hee hee I wish.. I got rid of most of my stuff :p)

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What happy news!! We're still in the team green stage & waiting for baby's birth which seems like a LONG time to wait this time around.

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so exciting!

i feel like i might explode waiting for the 20 week scan!


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