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26 month old & PLing regression

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We started PLing in June. After a rough 2 weeks, DS got the hang of it. We didn't have any accidents until the last 2 weeks. Now it is like he will pee at least a little in his underwear before letting me know that he has to go, or he will just flat out pee in his pants. 
I am pregnant (which he really doesn't seem to understand yet), and we also just got a puppy. I know that these two changes could be causing the regression, I just don't know what to do about it/how to fix it.
I want him to know that it isn't ok to pee in his pants without making him feel ashamed. I have just been trying to continue on like we have been, but it isn't getting any better.

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hey there,

I'm guessing you're onto something when you mention the puppy/pregnancy as a cause for regression. Puppies have accidents often, so he may be seeing this and trying it out too.

As for how to help him with it, I hear you - you want to help them through this but not attach shame to what they are doing. My ds went through a phase after a few weeks of being in underwear only where he had some accidents. My mother reassured me this was normal and sure enough, it passed without needing to give it attention. He will sometimes have a tiny bit of pee in his underwear when he's having fun and doesn't go to the toilet right away. I just don't even mention it. We did a modified version of Elimination Communication with him from a young age, so we've always just sort of went along with toileting without attaching much emotion to it, good or bad. If I see my ds has peed himself, I comment on it and on the fact that it must be uncomfortable (oh, your underwear are wet, that can't feel comfortable), change him and remind him to come to the toilet next time. simple reminders.

Good luck and I hope this settles soon for your ds.

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He had two accidents in the car yesterday, but has been really good this week about making it to the bathroom in time at home!

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