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I need to find out about home birth midwives nearby. We're in a Western Chicago suburb, if anyone has any info about homebirth midwives. I haven't felt terribly rushed to find a care provider until now. I shouldn't have procrastinated!


Hey, I'm in a western Chicago suburb as well, Hanover Park actually.  I had a homebirth in 2010 when I lived in Aurora. We used an underground midwife because I didn't have insurance at the time.


But I know of some homebirth midwives around. Is Oak Park too far for you?  Also, where have you been looking for midwives that deliver at a hospital, I can probably help you with that too.  And please do not fret about not getting to see someone yet. 9 weeks really is still early as far as seeing anyone.  With my 1st child, I switched from an OB to a midwife at 20 weeks. With my 2nd child, I didn't see anyone until around 12 weeks due to insurance problems.  You'll be okay!

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Had my first appt yesterday. We saw and heard the heart beating away at 162bpm. I was 8w6d yesterday and they said i measured 8w1d which goes right along with my suspicions of ovulating/implanting late. Got the all clear though saying all was well at this point. 


I caved and accepted zofran to help me get through these days of dealing with funeral stuff around family. I don't want my nausea to be why I have to give up our secret so soon so I accepted and it worked nearly instantly. Last night I was able to focus on the Rosary without worry and I know I'll make it through the funeral today as well. I'm already an emotional wreck though so I know that part won't go well, but at least I wont feel sick!

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Met with my family doc this morning. She was very reassuring re: my ADD meds. Confirmed what I had researched (no evidence for increased risk of malformations, and taking it to function is an ok choice for me). So yay! That eases that unavoidable mom-guilt feeling that ya get no matter what you do as a parent, lol. No more worrying about not taking it and then not being able to feed myself properly or exercise, or get things done, or take care of DD, or...or...or... orngbiggrin.gif 


Regarding my knee, she went ahead and ordered an MRI, but it will probably be a year or so before I get one. That's fine. My knee's been better, and it's not super urgent. It's more important that people with, ya know, brain problems and stuff, are getting their MRI's asap. 


She also seemed really happy/supportive that I got into one of the midwife practices. She told me that's great, and that if they need any medical stuff from her, she's happy to help. love.gif I love my doc.


That's all got me in a MUCH better mood than yesterday. So hooray! DP and his younger brother (who lives with us), are going camping tonight. So DD and I are having a "slumber party." We're moving my mattress out to the family room and will watch movies, eat popcorn, have those little Lunchables pizzas for supper, etc. Should be fun! Then I'm making banana-chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Should be a fun weekend fueled by junk food. bouncy.gif

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Anyone else rockin maternity pants yet?  This bieng #3 and me bieng a smaller girl AND with a diastasis (split abs) I already look quite preg.  My regular jeans will not button and I was going to Trader joes- its always like 40 below in there, so I had to break out the elastic jeans LOL - at least they are a jean-covered waistband.... 


I will be 11wk this weekend, slowly telling friends and will be telling the kids tonight via a new BIG BROTHER t I got my 3yo. Ultrasound showed a boppin' lively little beanie baby, so I think we are OK to tell :)

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I'vebeen wearing maternity pants since the week I found out! redface.gif. I live the comfort.

I'm at 9 weeks 1 day, and finally have a symptom...exhaustion. Once I get to sleep I could sleep for literally 12 hours straight if I didn't have munchkins to care for.

Tiffany, I'm so glad you found something that works for you with the nausea. My thoughts are with you and your family during this loss.

Love, p
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I seem to fluctuate in weight a lot so I've just been wearing bigger sizes. Hoping I can get by with doing that for a long time.

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Yesterday was awesome... kept eating all day long at work and that kept my energy up. Felt great. Today I didn't get a chance to snack and I felt like crap by the end of the day. DH went to the local high school football game, I put DD to bed early, and now I'm watching DVRed TV and eating cheese, crackers, and strawberries. 


I was complaining about the belly today and DH asked "when do you get to wear your elastic pants?" SOON! I am only 7 weeks, but I can't wait. I am dealing with bloat... the stretch marks on my belly from DD changed color from this morning to this afternoon. My friend and I were looking at them this afternoon and I can't believe they went from silver/white to stretched red in one day.


So excited for the weekend! Story time at the library, maybe a stop at Starbucks, nap!!!

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I have been living in sweatpants..... I am so incredibly bloated that I already look and feel like I am four or five months pregnant.  Wah!


Went for a short hike with DD and some friends today, after not leaving the house for three days.  Then did this prenatal yoga video tonight (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCSFobwvQTg)... it was just the right amount of difficult for me since I am feeling so wiped out.  And, since I've given up on alleviating my nausea, I've been trying to practice mindfulness of my breathing and noticing the sensations in my body, whenever I notice it is getting really uncomfortable for me.  Kind of like the ice cube exercise.  Only I have the ice cube of my churning stomach available to me 24/7.  I've decided that I'm just going to treat it as free practice for labor..... lol.


DP is great and has really been catching the slack when it comes to chores but I think any day now he's gonna get tired of hearing me complain about feeling awful.  And we have 8 months to go! 

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I wear Lululemon yoga pants / capris constantly and hope to do so for most if not all of my pg!  The stretch like crazy and at least they stay up!  LOL  I can't stand anything on my belly but I always seem to have issues with the maternity jeans  & pants sliding off my butt (probably because it gets too big hahahah).


I did order a couple of those belly bands in black and white today.  I've always wanted them so when I saw them on babysteals this morning for so cheap I went for it!

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I'm only in week 6 (almost 7 I guess, ack, Saturday already)! Anyhow, I'm wearing my regular pants for now, though some I have to do the hair band trick. I'm going to try making some belly tube things when I get a chance to buy the right fabric. And down the line I'm going to try converting them to maternity pants with the tutorial from DIY maternity. But I'm also stocking up on leggings. I've heard you can just wear the waist band under your bump if your shirt is long enough (and I love looooong shirts).

There is some cute maternity for about half price on Zulily this am. So I'm about to order some stuff. They've got a lot of brown and I'm trying to focus on browns and greens for my maternity wardrobe. The more things coordinate, the less I have to buy to be able to make different outfits.

After this order I'm going to try resisting maternity shopping until I go to to the states next month. Then I'll hit target. I'll stock up on their nursing camisoles while I'm there too, since I won't be going back to the states before the birth.
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IronMam can Canadians order from zulily or only if you use a PO Box across the line?  My hubby is a dual citizen but honestly we really don't go across unless we have to.  lol

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Yup, they ship to Canada.

But this am they were gonna charge a duty fee. So I ended up not ordering anything after all.
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bummer!  i can't wait until Target is here! 

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I had that especially from 6-7 weeks...now that my uterus seems to be pushed up past my pubic bone it seems a lot less heavy!  It really stressed me out with my sch though.  I was really worried I would start bleeding again but haven't so far!

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So I finally had to tell my kids even though I didn't want to :( DH made me by saying that as moody as I've been, they were never going to forgive me if there wasn't a good excuse. I'm only 10 weeks so I'm not into the "safe" zone yet and really wanted to wait until we heard a heart beat in five weeks or so :(.  My thyroid meds were upped so that made the hormonal emotional rollercoaster even worse for me.

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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post

Anybody else have that sore, heavy, kinda "feel like my uterus might just fall right out" feeling?

yeah, for the last few days.  It is right at the cusp off popping out over the pubic bone.  I'm 10 weeks.

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at_the_hip: I am so excited for Target coming! There's going to be one within walking distance of where I live! That is going to be a dangerous thing for our family! lol


Actually, depending on if/where DP gets into school, we may end up in the States shortly after the first Canadian Targets open. duh.gif



How's everybody's weekend?  It feels like fall today, which makes me incredibly happy! Autumn is my absolutely favorite season. I'm excited for the equinox. I'll be making candy buckeyes again this year. :)  They used to be one of our xmas traditions, but with the vast amount of goodies available that time of year, I felt moving the tradition was a good idea. And autumn seemed like an appropriate time to make them. drool.gif


My boobs are getting slightly less tender, and I'm not putting on much weight at this stage. So, except for the rare, light nausea (usually only in the middle of the night) or an odd craving, I'm not feeling pregnant. So weird. Having a hard time bonding with my rapidly dividing clump of cells. lol  - Hope it gets easier once I've got an actual fetus in there. I am seriously suspecting I'm gonna have a boy this time. I'd love either.


Time is doing weird things. Part of me is all "oh my gosh, everything is so far off in the future" (finding out the sex, finding out if 2013 will be the year DH starts med school, giving birth, etc.) and part of me is all "OMG TIME! Why are you moving so quickly?!" (DD starts preschool tomorrow bigeyes.gif , I'm halfway through the first trimester, it's almost mid September already)! Just wow.

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