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I had my first "appointment" with the nurses today. (Family history, pregnancy history, etc.) They took my weight, still at the same weight I was a couple of weeks ago, I guess that's not good, since they want me to gain at least 1 pound in my first trimester? But I'm eating a lot more than I normally do, and I feel like if I eat anymore, I'm going to explode. So I don't know what they are going to do about that, but I am trying.


Since they did an ultrasound yesterday at the Emergency Room, she said they don't need to do another one, but they still need me to go back and do labs and stuff sometime before my next appointment, which is on October 30. She also seemed impressed that I know/knew what I was talking about. That made my day. orngbiggrin.gif She said they do their best to do what I want, how I want it, unless there is an emergency, in which case, let's just make sure there's a healthy baby, and healthy mama, and that's what I would want, too. So I'm pretty optimistic that this is going to be a good practice/experience. :)

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bmcneal: I honestly wouldn't worry about not gaining anything in the first trimester. A lot of women- myself included- actually lose weight in the first tri because they are sick or have no appetite. I'm done about 4 pounds. I'm not worried though because I always gain PLENTY of weight. I'm sure you'll catch up as time goes on :) I'm so happy things look like they are sailing along smoothly for you and your wee one :)

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Yeah, my weight just recovered back to pre-pg weight. The first 9-10wks had me at a loss of 4lbs. I'm now @ 14wk & back up those 4 lb! So I'm @ 0 gained as well.
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Thanks, ladies. I was surprised, honestly, when they said they were concerned, I guess I'm overweight (220 lbs, 5'11") so I was like, really? I'm not terribly worried about it, the baby is as hyper as can be, mostly, I'm glad the worry has been lifted. smile.gif When I went to the ER, DD and DS were really worried, so when I called to update DF, he told them, "Baby is hyper like you (DD), and huge like you (DS), and that made them laugh, and they felt reassured.

They gave me a gift bag of stuff, including coupons for a free nursing cover and a free sling, and I'm super excited to order them. smile.gif Ijust have to wait until this weekend, because it doesn't take off shipping. There was also a magazine that has pictures of actual inutero babies, month by month, and DS was very excited to get to see "his" baby, exactly how it looks.
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Martha - it is so cool that we are both homeschooling mamas due with our 6th in April!  I love to hear your updates since we're in similar places in life LOL.  When we're done schooling for the day I'm pretty done as well - hence the mess.  :S  My oldest girls are at least old enough to do regular chores or this house would be in big trouble!  LOL


I wouldn't worry about your weight at all, bmcneal...from what I understand fluffier women gain less and often lose if they are eating healthier during pg, and baby can draw upon stores and be perfectly healthy!  I started at a normal weight but have lost 5 lbs due to the nausea and struggling to drink liquids.  I doubt the midwives will say anything (if I let them weigh me...I haven't for the last 3 pgs because it stresses me out and I am more likely to gain more than I should!).  I have had big babies and gained way too much for most of my pgs (eating healthy and exercising, just very hungry...oh and a ton of water weight at the end...I can't tell you how many lbs I pee off postpartum!!)...so I actually appreciate a bit of a head start so that my arse won't be so giant by the end!  hahaha  I am keeping close track this time though in the hopes that I might have a bit smaller baby...we shall see.  :S

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I am so mad right now. I have a midwife appt for 10/11 but need to change it because I won't have a babysitter that day. I made it for 10/12 the next day but kinda still don't have a sitter. I've been having problems with my babysitter and don't want to leave my kids there an extra day that week. I'm really hoping my mom can watch them, but she'd have to come to my house because my son has pre-k and the office is not open on the day my mom usually watches them. It seems so all messed up and making me re-think driving an hour for stupid appts when I also work most of the week and can't take off because then I don't get my 30hrs in and lose my insurance.


Plus, I really wanted to schedule an U/S. The stupid receptionist wouldn't schedule one for me the same day as my appt because she says they usually don't do one until the 20 week scan. I don't want to wait until 20 weeks for my first U/S and can't keep trying to find a sitter if they want me to come back in when the office is an hour away.


Sorry, just really needed to rant. I'm have a really bad day and just want to sleep, or throw up (my nausea is really really bad today), or cry :( Ugh.

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I am 10 weeks 2 days and yesterday I did the Gladiator Assault Challenge in Wisconsin. 7 miles, 36 obstacles. Insane! I was very happy I did it though. Alot of people felt like I shouldn't have being pregnant, and that I slowed down on exercising since getting pregnant and being so sick & exhausted. But I did the whole thing, all but 2 obstacles (2 tunnels I refused to crawl through because I'm claustrophobic.)  I felt awesome the 1st half with alot of energy. Then after I jumped into a lake from a 12-15 ft platform, I lost alot of my mojo.  I pushed through though and finished the 2nd half. Very proud of myself and can't wait to tell this little one what I did while pregnant with him/her.


I have my 1st real midwife appt next week. I had a consultation last week where we just talked but did nothing "medical".  I wasn't planning on getting an U/S until 18-20 weeks but I think I'm going to call and schedule one with next weeks appt. I've been having alot of cramping (which I know can be normal) but for piece of mind I'd like to see and make sure nothing bad is going on. And because my DP keeps thinking its twins, I'd like to disprove him on that so he stops talking about it!


My nausea has not let up at all. I've gotten alot of my energy back though which is nice.  But everytime I eat, no matter what it is or how much I eat, I get super bloated and feel super full the rest of the day. Really hope that goes away soon.  I'm still in regular clothes but when the bloat starts coming on, all I want to do is get into my pajamas. But I can't because I'm at work :(

That is so awesome! I'm jealous. I'm 13 weeks and 3 days going to have to back out of the tri I'd signed up for this weekend. I'm exhausted and I've just realized that this cough I have is actually acid reflux and is agrivated by exercise :(   I haven't been doing the workouts I'd like to do for about a month and instead am just muddling through short ones.


My husband is also still on his twins kick and he just keeps hoping for surprise ones so I don't think even an ultrasound will shut him up.undefined

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you rock!! I did the dirty girl when I was barely pregnant but I have no energy and am 10 weeks also..not sure how you did the gladiator challenge...though a friend of mind did it and I want to do it also some day LOL.

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