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More Bajingo Juice, More BFPs in September 2012 - Trying to Conceive #1 in our 30s

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's September 2012 banana.gif

est. 2006

Last Month's Thread

  If You Would Like To Join, Welcome! 
Please give us your age, when you started TTC,
and a link to your chart if you have one.
And feel free to share a bit more - we are a really friendly group!
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JustJenny 36 5/11   10
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librarygirl 32 5/12   9


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Lee'sGirl 32 07/12   8
LivingSky 32 04/12 BFPChart2.gif 8
lizzilo 36 11/11   4
LottieLee 28 4/12   6
magoodoggy 36 4/12 BFPChart2.gif 6 bfp 8/1
megmoira 31 5/12   7
mexilady 29 04/11   2 bfp when?
NANandAUBIE 28 10/11 BFPChart2.gif 7
PoorUglyHappy 32 05/10   9
Shell77 39 08/11 BFPChart2.gif 5
suzmo 31 2/12   7
Taxlady 35 08/09  BFPChart2.gif 7
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Tickletoes 36 08/10  BFPChart2.gif 9
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  • Tropicalfever .....................pos.gif at age 28 after 2 months EDD 1/13


  • sweetmilk.........................pos.gif at age 32 after 8 months EDD 12/12
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This #1 In Your 30s Thread welcomes everyone who's interested to participate in this thread. You are welcome to come and go as you are able, just please be aware that in order to keep the list of members manageable, the username of those who haven't participated in the thread within the last 6 months will be removed. If your name is removed, you are always welcome to rejoin the thread at any time. Graduates are listed indefinitely for the joy it brings!




Members are most welcome to take a turn at threadkeeping for a month. It is easy and fun. All help you need will be happily given.

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Thanks for the new thread!

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Dropping by to say congrats to Kimble!   joy.gif Thanks for breaking the streak of BFNs.    I am still stalking hoping you all get BFPs soon!  

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Any ages or charts that I should update?  Let me know.  Onto another great day of TTC!

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Thanks, everyone for the good wishes. I am definitely not ready to move to graduates yet and will keep checking for more BFPs here!


Doularebekah, so sorry to hear about your niece. It sounds like she is a lovely, sweet girl and reminder of how precious life is.

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Lilac - I am really hopeful for your IVF, you have been a constant on these threads since I started and you truly deserve some good news soon.  I am 32 now, if you want to update my age.

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I'm not sure how to add my chart, but here's the link from FF:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3ed944


Met my new niece this weekend.  She's three weeks old and while she was occasionally fussy with me she did not make me want one any less.  It's official.  I want one.  Now please.

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Thanks for the new thread!


Okay, either I'm pregnant, going to have an AF from h***, or I'm just falling apart completely. 7DPO and I am periodically nauseous, back is killing me, boobs very sore, metallic taste in mouth, crampy, and sorry for TMI but my "girl parts" are swollen and a bit sore. Before everyone tells me it's too early for symptoms...I know, I agree. :) But I still don't feel very good.

Waiting to hear from doctor on my bloodwork results. I don't know how long it'll take though, because I had to go to an outside lab.

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Thanks for the new thread!  I made an appointment with an accupuncturist for the 18th.  Apparently she often works with my doctor for PCOS & fertility issues.  DH & I talked it over and decided that at the very least it won't hurt, and if it can help then it's totally worth the copay.  I'm also looking into joining a gym of some sort - time to get the exercise happening.  My thought at this point is that whenever the time is right for our baby (and however he or she joins our family - pregnancy or adoption) I want to be the healthiest, happiest momma I can be.

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Originally Posted by librarygirl View Post

Thanks for the new thread!


Okay, either I'm pregnant, going to have an AF from h***, or I'm just falling apart completely. 7DPO and I am periodically nauseous, back is killing me, boobs very sore, metallic taste in mouth, crampy, and sorry for TMI but my "girl parts" are swollen and a bit sore. Before everyone tells me it's too early for symptoms...I know, I agree. :) But I still don't feel very good.

Waiting to hear from doctor on my bloodwork results. I don't know how long it'll take though, because I had to go to an outside lab.


While I agree it's too early to tell, and hate to encourage symptom spotting, based on my recent experience I this this sounds very promising! I had a very weird bout of nausea at 4DPO (wanted to throw up in the shower in the morning, had some juice and was fine, didn't read any more into it until more than a week later) and just felt a little off a couple days before AF was due. I've got my fingers crossed for you and wish you a speedy answer, either way!


I now see the 2WW as an exercise in patience for the 12 WW.


good luck everyone! Go make some babies!  dust.gif

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lilac, thanks for the new thread.

Happy September everyone!

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Onto a new month for me - AF started today right on time. 


librarygirl, how are you feeling?


Hard to believe that we are a week into September already.  My DH has to get his biometrics (picture and finger prints) taken for his green card update.  So many things in live that require waiting.  Waiting for reimbursement.  Waiting to O.  Waiting for green card.  TTC and life really require patience.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone heartbeat.gif It's so nice to be part of such a supportive community!


lilac - I'm sorry AF found you :( It's always disappointing. Fingers crossed for you this new month, especially for the reimbursement and starting on IVF!


librarygirl - Hope you guys some positive answers soon!


Lee'sGirl - That sounds like a fantastic plan! I've been thinking the same thing myself, it's really easy to put things off and focus on TTC but really why not start getting ourselves as healthy as possible for when we are mums!


AFM - For the past couple of cycles there hasn't been the obvious O pattern that I usually have, I'm not too sure what's going on. FF hasn't given me crosshairs yet but my temp went up today....along with spotting? I'm wondering if I O'd on the 27th based on my chart (even though I was really bad at charting the beginning of my cycle) and I guess I'll just see what tomorrow's temp brings. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think!

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Doularebekah - you've been pretty stressed lately. Maybe that's what's making your cycle weird. Hope it sorts out soon!


Lee'sgirl - good luck on getting healthy! I think I'm going to start swimming again, myself. Always good to get ourselves healthy!



AFM - Still not feeling great, but less crampy. Lots of yellow CM the past few days and NO spotting on 9DPO this month! It's 10DPO and not even a hint of pink yet. Nauseous but that could also be the side effect of new medicine. I went to midwife this morning to follow up on my bloodwork. She said everything looked fantastic to her and even progesterone (original concern) was plenty high enough. She also offered to do a blood test for hcg since I got a BFN (expected, it's too early) this morning. I should hear back on Monday. Unless AF gets here first. She didn't see any reason to be concerned and said she fully expects me to be knocked up before year's end. :)


Off to my hometown's big festival weekend tonight. two days with all of my crazy family and lots of excitement with music, festival food, fireworks, etc. Should be a good distraction, right? I didn't pack HPTs or tampons (don't want AF to think I'm expecting her. ;) ), so no baby obsession for a few days.

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doula, yeah, I second the "you have had a stressful couple of months so your cycle could be affected".  Stress has a funny way of affecting the internal workings of our bodies.


library girl, sounds like you will have fun!  Here is to hoping that AF doesn't show up this weekend and maybe not at all if you are pregnant!


AFM, this has been the slowest build up to full flow AF I have had in a long time, really light all day, but seems to be getting stronger this evening.  Here is to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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Well, AF did build up to "full force" yesterday.  Today I think I am back on the downward flow direction.  It has been really cold here in Michigan compared to the weather we have been having.  It is so nice to have the windows open!  Had to put a pair of booties on to keep my feet warm.  How is everyone else?

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Lilac, it's wonderfully cool in northeastern Ohio today! I'm never cold and I'm sitting here thinking, "I could use some socks!"


Unfortunately, AF found me today. Hiding at my mom's house didn't work. I guess all the weirdness last week just came from new med side effects and wishful thinking.


On to a new month, I suppose. I considered taking this month off and we still might. If I get pregnant this cycle, I'll be due the week before my sister's wedding and I feel like it's probably not fair to her to take all the attention off of her wedding and onto me and a baby (this is my sister who lives to be the life of the party and was so subdued at my wedding, out of respect, to make sure I got all the attention). At the same time, at a 25% chance, I feel like we should just risk it and figure it all out later if it happens. I've got a couple weeks to decide for sure, I guess.


Hope everyone takes advantage of this cooler weather to do some BD'ing. :)

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tiphat.gifGreetings TTC ladies....  I am crossing my fingers for all of you lovely ladies, once you get your BFP's- (or before) stop by our thread, most of the babies have been born so we are so excited to welcome whomever to the table!!!!!


Here is the Fall 2012 thread- it will stay the same until Winter 2012- dust.gif



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librarygirl, sorry to hear that AF found you.  The challenge of timing is always a little crazy especially when you have been TTC for awhile and all you want is a BFP regardless of what is happening in other people's lives.  Do what feels right for you and your DH. If it means "not really trying" this month, then do that.  As a teacher, I know I had wanted to time getting pregnant strategically so as to have maternity leave at the end of a school year so I would have the summer too with my LO.  Well, now I just want to be pregnant regardless of when the baby would come. Since we are saving money for IVF, it looks like next summer 2013 will work out for having IVF done and hopefully I will get pregnant from that with a spring 2014 baby.  But if I get pregnant before that by the luck of nature, I will be happy for the pregnancy regardless!


2sweetsparrows, thanks for the heads up on the new thread.  I am glad Kimble headed over to it.  I know the ladies with babes check back in every now and then to give encouragement to those along the way.  Hopefully we will have another BFP soon to send on over.

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Hi Folks,


Lilac, I know what you mean about patience. I hope all turns out well for you.


Librarygirl, we took a month off after 1 full year of TTC. It was actually really nice. It could be a good thing to take the pressure off for a few weeks.


Doula, stress can really throw things out of whack. I did read in TCOYF that stress will affect the first part of your cycle and not the luteal phase, for what it's worth.


AFM, doing the unfun limbo. Between jobs, in the 2WW, a bunch of other stuff is in-between too. I'm feeling pretty over it. I was really bad about charting the past two weeks, but it appears I probably just O'd and we actually had relations at the right time this month. Might be the right time for pregnancy #2 and baby #1.

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