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anyone had luck reversing pregnancy high blood pressure?

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i had pregnancy induced high blood pressure with my dd, which led to all sorts of extra OB visits and hassle, and an unwanted induction at 39 weeks. my blood pressure has jumped up again, and i'm wondering if anyone has had any success using natural methods to get it back down. i've been sticking as close to the brewer diet as i can afford on a limited grocery budget, but i'm wondering if being more strict about it would be any help now that the BP is already up. i drink tons of water, and eat a high protein and high salt diet (even when not pregnant). is there anything else i can do? herbs that are safe while pregnant and breastfeeding? i am on an extremely limited budget, which makes a lot of stuff like holistic doctor visits and raw food bars not realistic. 

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I have a friend who had this a few years ago and I think I remember lots of rest and lying on her left side.... good luck!!

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Brewer diet recommends something like 52 eggs & 3 gallons of milk - eaten hourly in equal proportions - to reverse preclampsia. You'd have to look it up for the exact info, but it may be useful.

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yeah, but sadly the eggs and milk have been part of brewer that i can't do since dd is allergic to both and i'm still nursing. i've been doing the recommended calorie and protein amounts, but getting them from other sources. and since i can't afford organic milk i'd not be comfortable doing that much milk anyways. i'm going to step my protein waaaay up though, and add gatorade to the water i'm already drinking, and see how it goes. i may not be able to do anything drastic enough to reverse the blood pressure with current budget and allergy restrictions, but i at least want to make sure it doesn't get worse. 

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Mamadiamond - do you have any other signs of preeclampsia? Has your midwife or doc suggested that? Because I'd not, you might just have pregnancy induced hypertension, which there are holistic things you can do. I'm doing this from bed so need to look it up later. Have you had any bloodwork or urine tests? How high is your BP?
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Mamadiamond, I had pregnancy induced high blood pressure during the 3rd trimester in my last pregnancy. I do have PIH now, only this time it started in the 2nd trimester. My blood pressure hasn't reversed YET, but I wanted to share what I was trying. In the last month I've increased my magnesium and potassium, because both are shown to reduce high bp and can be easily done by eating the right foods. I also eat a lot of garlic and have (tried) to increase my protein. My bp will be checked tomorrow, and if it's not better then I will look more into taking passionflower and eating an hourly protein snack for every waking hour (roasted chickpeas, a handful of nuts, and anything else I can think of), per the Brewer Diet recommendation for high blood pressure.


I hope you find something that works for you!

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I didn't get a chance to look it up but what Madis said! :) I was thinking the herb was passionflower, but wasn't positive.

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My midwives have me on passion flower tincture for the high blood pressure. They also recommend eating  whole cucumber every day or a cup of watermelon. 

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i've been getting periodic blood and urine tests this whole pregnancy because i had PIH with my first. i don't have any PE signs, just the elevated BP. with my first pregnancy it never got severe and i never got any PE symptoms, and it even went back down on its own at about 36 weeks, but i still got shuffled into the "high risk, must do every single test possible and induce early" category. i'm not really worried about the BP as far as me and baby's health, since i have a feeling it will run the same course as last time, but i *do not* want to get stuck with the "high risk" label again. i have military OB care, and have too much going on with a cross country move to try to fight with my insurance to allow me to see a civilian provider. and no midwife practice or birth center that is covered will take me with high BP. so i need to try holistic and natural stuff on my own so that the OB doesn't have a chance to put me in the "high risk" category again. their only answer is bi-weekly stints hooked up to a monitor, and weekly ultrasounds, and a 39 week induction. they don't look at diet or lifestyle or anything. it's frustrating, but i have to make the best of the care that is available. so hopefully i can make some changes on my own and avoid all the needless hassle this time.

i am upping protein and calories, and just got a magnesium supplement to add to what is in my prenatal. i will have to get some passionflower. i used to take it for migraines years ago but always thought you weren't supposed to take it when pregnant. do you take the regular dosage while pregnant, or a reduced dose?

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There are so MANY good things you can do, if you read the midwifery archives at gentlebirth.org there are so many things listed there.


I'm trying to remember some of what I read, but some offhand.



I remember an upping of the cal/mag was one of them.

Immersion (aka) baths/swimming.  Lying down on the left side too.

Cucumber per day (natural diuretic), yellower (more overripe) even better supposedly.

There's also some sort of cream of tartar lemon juice remedy I remember, that one works fairly quick.

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thank you! i'm looking through the site and finding a ton of stuff to try!

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