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Birth Invitation

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So, the midwife many of my friends have used in the past often assigns mothers to write a birth invitation as they look towards the birth of their children.  I so love this idea.  In a way it's similar to a birth plan, but it's written from the perspective of what you want present at the birth of your child, rather than what you do not want.  It's been one of those things that I've wanted to do for this birth that's been sort of hanging over my head.  In the next day or so I hope to get it printed over a watercolor picture of an angel that I painted for this baby early on during this pregnancy and then frame it. I plan on displaying it on a table with my labor candle and a few other items that I want to have in the room while I'm in labor/ giving birth.  This evening I decided to go ahead and write my invitation wording out and thought I would share it here. 


If anyone else does this I'd love to see what you come up with if you feel comfortable sharing it.  



To this birth I invite, the guardian angels of our family to watch over, guide and protect us.


I invite God’s divine life-giving forces to work through me to bring this child into the world.


I invite the love and support of my husband as we bring this new addition to our family into our home.


I invite feminine energy and support as I go through this essentially female process of labor and birth.


I invite movement and dance to help this baby to be born.


I invite the peace, comfort and security of our home and family to this birth.


I invite a sense of healing to accompany this birth.


I invite the strength and power I have inside myself to bring this child into the world.


I invite love and joy to grace this child’s birth.


I invite spiritual, emotional and physical health for both myself and the baby.


I invite the comfort and healing of water during labor and as I give birth.

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That is really beauitful! That is a sweet idea. I especially love that you are printing it over a painting that you did! I think at this point I am too lazy to do one. I didnt' do a birth plan this time either. I'm guessing we will hash one out at my big birth team meeting on Monday that will be my midwife, the 2nd midwife and her assistant and my doula.

When I am in labor I do have a few things I plan to put out. I made 2 beeswax candles - so I'll use those. At my shower they gave me a big candle and each person tied a dif colored thread around it. They also did this to small ones for each of them to light when I am in labor. So I will have my big one and a little one they gave to my daughter. I bought a fall themed "welcome" statue I plan to put out and also my mom gave me this cute baby blessing thing (it's a baby on a moon hanging from a pink ribbon). So I will have all of these things out to give me strength and something to focus on. :-)

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I LOVE that idea! I'm going to borrow it. :) Making a vision board with my doula tomorrow, so I think I can incorporate the two...

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I love it!

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Under--It's beautiful!!!!  I pray every night for my body and our baby to be ready for labor and then for breastfeeding.  It's a really nice routine that I love!  :)

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Thank you for this post - These are invitations I need to say, as I've been so distracted by getting house ready and working on deadlines.  I don't think my mind has been allowed to be in the space in order to invite these wishes.


Thank you!

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Thanks for the positive responses everyone!  It has been a really nice project to work on as I prepare mentally  and emotionally for this birth.  I shared it with DH,  my midwife, her assistant and my doula last week and I feel like it has also helped everyone to get on the same page in terms of what I really want from this birth.  


Cindy-We're having the same kind of big meeting tomorrow too!  I'm pretty excited about it!  It makes everything seem so real!  I've got several similar items I'm setting out to focus on during labor....a container candle that has birth art transfers I made on it, my birth invite framed, a pregnant needle felted doll that I made early on during this pregnancy, a crystal and a small silver angel (the last two have been on my night stand for this entire pregnancy).  I also have some birth art images that I may put some affirmations under and print and put up around the house in the rooms where I think I will be laboring.


Silly-I love that idea of having a nightly prayer about both you and the baby being ready for labor and breast feeding.  I feel like I pray once in a while about this birth/labor/baby, but I need to make a daily practice of having something specific that I pray during these last few weeks.


Babinogi-Glad you find it helpful.  I feel like this time around I really need to have my wishes/intentions for this birth to be put out in writing.

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