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thanks sunpath!

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Thanks 1babysmom!  I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens here.  So far plenty of milk.  Even though I'm tired and nauseous and just want a break, I am making a big effort to nurse dd every time she asks.  Life is ultimately easier that way. 

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I'm still nursing our 2yo. She nurses several times a day, and hasn't slowed yet. We'll see what happens as we progress. The thought of weaning makes me a little sad, but the thought of tandem nursing is a little overwhelming. I'm not opposed to the idea, though!

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I wish my milk would dry up, or change to where he doesn't want it anymore.  Weaning him the little bit I have, has proven to be a very hard thing indeed.  I co-sleep with my babies, and I just don't see how I can co-sleep with 2 demanding nursers! 

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We co-sleep too, and I have always nightweaned during pregnancy for this very reason, too!

 I'm trying really hard to night wean my 22 mth old, but he literally would nurse all night long if I let him. If he detaches from my nipple at all while sleeping he wakes up and is contantly wanting "the other side".  He starts off in his bed just fine but even if its a rare chance he sleeps through the night, he's up by 4am and wants to constantly nurse until 6:30am when I get up for work. Its so frustrating. I just don't think he is ready to wean...but I am!


Any suggestions on night weaning?

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I'm still nursing my 17.5 month old. I've noticed somewhat of a decrease in supply but DD wants to nurse just as often, if not more. She nurses about 4 times during the day and as often as she wants at night as we cosleep, which is never less than 4x a night, usually more like 6-8 times.. I love nursing her but am starting to wish she would wean soon, because she's become ultra needy boob-wise since I got pregnant. Every time she wakes in the night I hear "boogies!" (her word for boobies) and she's been pulling up my shirt during the day or grabbing my breasts and squishing them saying "boogies!!" We still nurse to sleep for naps and all night. I don't mind but I have no idea what'll happen when the baby arrives. Part of me hopes she weans before then because the thought of tandem nursing is overwhelming to me, especially if DD1 still wants to nurse this frequently! I'm not completely closed to the idea though. Any tips for gentle night weaning my little bedsharer would be much appreciated! Originally I wanted to wait until she self weaned but now I just don't know what to do. I can't say no to her boobie requests and she has trouble going to sleep without a boob..
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BTW here is a great article on nursing during pregnancy that I just read today: [=http://codenamemama.com/2011/09/07/bfing-pg-concerns-safety/][/]
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Nursing my 2.5 yo girl, and it is rough! She wants to nurse probably 10 or so times per day, and twice at night. I nearly lost my marbles this afternoon!

I am trying to hang in there and stay positive. I tandemed with her two older brothers, but my barely 3 yo boy (at the time) weaned when I was pg with my girl, and he didn't go back to nursing after the birth, as I thought he would. So, I am hoping Lucie will hang tough so that I can continue to nurse her with e baby.

I must say, though, sometimes I want to run away screaming! Lol

Cheers to all you nursing moms! joy.gif
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Yeah. Nursing here is getting rough and sometimes I doubt that I'm getting enough calories to both nurse and be pregnant. I'm eating way more junk food than I should so I'm sure that helps a little. We are really pushing sippy cups of milk but sometimes he pushes it away and just wants momma milk.

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Wow! There are so many nursing pregnant ladies here! I graduated from the Nursing Mamas TTC thread to the April 2013 DDC, and it just occurred to me that it would likely be so encouraging for the Nursing Mamas TTC to see how many of us there are. Yay for nursing while pregnant!

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I am nursing my 20 month old while pregnant and have some rough days lately. It really helps that I work FT and he's away from the boobs! The weekends are tougher. Mostly the worst phases are when DS is getting teeth and he wants to nurse constantly and pitches a royal fit if I don't let him nurse all day and night long. Lately he's been a bit better. It still hurts to nurse but not as much as it did last month! He will not drink milk from a sippy (only from a bottle, which I refuse to give him anymore), but I may try a sippy with a straw and see how that goes- he seems to like the one his little friend has. My supply has tanked lately so I worry that he is hungry and all he ever wants to eat at home is fruit and crackers nut.gif  I'm overwhelmed by the thought of tandem nursing but will do so over forcing a cold-turkey wean on DS. Over the next 6 months I'm going to try my best to slowly push him towards weaning...we'll see how it goes!

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I agree. Don't cold turkey wean! I did that with my 2nd because I had so much pressure to stop nursing her. I think it had a strong impact on her the way I did it. If you can slowly wean great, if that is what is best for you. That's what I'm working on myself. I know many women who can tandem and enjoy it, but I don't.

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Does anyone else worry they aren't consuming enough calories to support both the baby and the nursling?  I'm also becoming increasingly frustrated with nursing. I love him and don't want to take away his milk but I'd like more sleep.

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