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So scary!  Best wishes for her and your family, Real!!!

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Originally Posted by bec View Post

So, DH forwarded me this article.  It's just, well. Wow. Kip Litton

OK, so I almost missed class this morning as I was reading this.  Crazy.  I was reading it hoping that someone would just tail him through a marathon to figure out his tricks.


Of course, MDC has been victim to nearly as elaborate hoaxes from people. 

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Real~ prayers to your sister and baby.  As Geo said, my kiddos were all born early, ds1 at 29 weeks, although I didn't have pre-e. They had time for both celestone shots for the lungs (giving the second one a few hours early to get it in before he came out).  He was born at 3lbs 3oz amazingly and didn't have to be on vent.  He was in the NICU for 5 weeks, coming home at 4lbs 4oz.  I second what has been said about the NICU nurses, they know their stuff and one in particular said something along the lines of "I like to have **MY** babies wearing clothes" and I lost it.  It was hard enough to leave the hospital without MY baby, but to have someone else call MY child THEIRS on top of hormones was more than I could bare.  I did keep asking to do everything that wasn't nurse related such as taking temps, changing diaper, bathing, dressing, feeding (I pumped and he ate per NG tube, then bottle until he could nurse) because they didn't offer and I NEEDED that.  Eventually I could hold him!!  Boy was that the best day ever!!


Ds2 was born at 34 weeks at 6lbs 8oz and spent 24 hours in NICU just for observation due to being early.


Ds3 was born at  36 weeks at 6lbs 3oz and spent 20 minutes in the NICU.  :)  Phew!!



RR: none today due to working half day, then afternoon of school with ds1, now on to homework and prep for tomorrow.  Planned on calling the podiatrist to get foot checked, but just remembered at 5:07pm, so on to tomorrow's to-do list it goes. 


Peace out!  :)

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Sending the best vibes I can muster, Real! goodvibes.gif


Dh should be back tomorrow night. Time for things to get really crazy for a few days.


Kids are rocking school this week. thumb.gif

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Thinking of your sis and baby, real. hug.gif I was momentarily confused by "St. Luke's" and then I realized oh....P/SL. duh.gif P/SL has an awesome NICU, although I'm a little surprised they didn't take baby to Children's. Regardless, I'm so glad they caught the abruption and the pre-E. I feel like we've been having a run of pre-E at work lately, something in the air? 30 weekers really do well these days, although it will definitely be a long haul in the NICU. I'm not sure about P/SL, but I know that most NICUs these days are great about keeping parents involved in baby's cares and fostering attachment.

I have not been on here in days...I had something like 48 posts to catch up on. Sheesh. I feel like a slug. I ran a whopping 2 miles last week. I did go to spin class twice, but still. I had a horrible headache on Friday night that I almost think may have been a migraine, but I've never had one before. A prescription strength dose of ibuprofen didn't touch it, so I took a couple of percocet just to get to sleep. When my alarm went off to get up for my long run, I got dizzy when I got out of bed, so I called the nanny and cancelled. Somehow, the thought of running 18 miles while dizzy just didn't seem like a great idea. I contemplated calling in to work that night, but we've been so busy that I hated to leave them short. I ended up being fine, although I was intermittently dizzy and just felt kind of "off" most of the night. I've been fine since, but the end result is that I missed my long run. I've never missed a long run before. greensad.gif I'm thinking now that I'll skip my second 20 miler in order to make up for it. Not the end of the world, since I'd been thinking about it anyway.

On the work front: WHAT was going on 40 weeks ago??? TOO MANY BABIES. We have been slammed. Our schedule has been really screwy, too, with not enough nurses scheduled, but we've had to call in people almost every night for the last two or three weeks. Although, of course, last night when I was the admit nurse, we had a whopping two babies (for reference, they had 7 in 6 hours the night before!). rolleyes.gif

I have the nanny coming tomorrow before new grad class so I can run. So there. I WILL run. Oh yeah, and a half-marathon this weekend. So I guess that's something.
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RM--thanks for the helpful information. I will be sure to pass it along.

And thanks to everyone for the stories and advice.

Everyone's doing fine so far. My sister came off the magnesium tonight and they did get her up and moving. They were finally able to move her to a recovery room, too. The baby remains stable and is on 30 percent oxygen. All in all, good news. The baby looks good in pictures and was moving his hands and arms around in the video, which is also great. And my niece seems to be doing well. My parents are staying with her for the time being, and I'm thinking we might try to bring her to the mountains with us this weekend so she can have fun while her mother recovers and visits the baby.

tjsmama--yeah, I kind of forgot it was P/SL. BIL was referring to it as "St Luke's," but maybe that's because they were at St Anthony's so there was the Saint parallel? I don't know why they didn't take him to Children's either, though there was a reason. And apparently they were able to take him by ambulance after all, which is great. If there's any good news, it's that P/SL is a closer drive.
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That's good news, Real.  I hope it continues in this positive way!  I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions they must be feeling!


Gaye - I love how you just shrug off a half marathon as, "Meh, better than nothing." Marathon training changes people.lol.gif


Jo - transition time is always rough.  Hang in there, and OMG!  I get to see you this weekend!!!!!  So excited!


RR: I got out yesterday for a walk with a friend.  We took the kiddos to a cool park.  I had planned on going to boot camp (sort of, it's got more of a running focus this session), in the evening (which is why I didn't get out in the beautiful crisp air for a run earlier) only for the skies to darken and then unleash a thunderstorm about 20 minutes before class (outside, with no inside possibility).  Poo.  Anyway, did get up early for boot camp this morning! 

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Real, goodvibes.gif for your sister and family. It brings up all sorts of NICU memories but mine don't transfer to advice well.

Gaye, marathon training does change one's perspective as bec said.

Geo, I hope your dd is off to a good week and that issues don't head too terribly downhill.

jo, wishing you a beautiful weekend and fabulous party!

MelW, I hope the career/life decisions come clearer. I wish I had more to offer you.

RR: getting it done. I finally replaced the old 305 with a 210? It does the job including interval workouts but nothing too fancy. The running store was so busy with gadgets and stuff that it made me want to keep it simple: shoes, bra, run.
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Real - sending prayers for your sister and her baby. From the experts here, it sounds like 30 weeks means a good outcome. Not that I'd know since I saw my due date come and go three times.

Gaye - you are so blasé about a 1/2 marathon! Cracks me up!

Momma jb - shoes, bra, run. Good advice!

Jooj - so excited for your big weekend! Glad school is going so well for the kids. Obviously a good choice you made, Mama!

RR - finally feeling human, and headed to PT in 30 minutes.

NRR - well, that virus knocked me off my feet. Yesterday, around noon, I magically started feeling good again. I still have a slight cough, but otherwise, I feel good. Weird. Today I am actually teaching 5th graders how to use the online card catalog. I am unreasonably nervous/excited about it. I haven't taught a large group in about 20 years, and I was so bad at it then that I got asked to leave the teacher Ed program eyesroll.gif! Hope age has improved my skillz.....
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Real. I have no nicu experience, but wow. I'm holding your family in my thoughts.

Geo:  I was almost late waking my girls up for school because I was reading the darn article.

Plady: I have no idea how you do these plays. I'm so in awe.

Gaye: I heard some ladies talking about this last week, 40 weeks ago is ~New Years.



We dropped the clutch needing car off yesterday. Limped there. But made it. We could have called a tow, but we needed to either get it done *now* or in 3 hours. So dh tried to back car out of the driveway and get moving. Couldn't get the darn thing moving. I figured I'd give it a go and then got it started and yelled out the window: see you there!!! So come Friday we should have both a paycheck and a repaired automobile. biggrinbounce.gif




I drove my dh to work this morning so I could have the car. And from my house his work is up hill about 800 feet. I started driving up there and my van would.not.shift. urgh. And dh agreed: uh, maybe we need a new van before a new smaller car.Please send  goodvibes.gif that when they flush the tranny fluid Thursday all problems magically resolve themselves enough that we can save up at least a few $1000 to put down on a car.



My oldest has this recurring rash. Ya'll have heard me talk about it if you've been around since about 2003. She goes years with nothing and them, bam! So she has it right now. We switched peds last year from a FP doc to a pediatrician who works well with a naturopath. Erin's going in tomorrow to see Dr. Heather for an annual check up and to see what Dr. Heather has to say. I was thinking food allergy and then yesterday sought advice from Dr. Google and the original diagnosis is right on for what symptoms she experiences. Unfortunately  "Doctors are not too sure about what exactly causes Perioral Dermatitis."  Urgh. Thus far we've identified possibilities: cosmetic products including lotions, soaps, sunscreens, etc., sunlight, fluorine in toothpaste, hormonal changes, oral contraceptives. It has been super mystifying and thus far we have had success with fish oil caplets (it totally wiped it out when she was 4. like magic. but hasn't done a bit since). We also know that food items with MSG in them cause her skin to break out (not a normal symptom of MSG sensitivites, but I can tell if she's eaten anything because she gets a rash almost immediately). Anyhow, that's a lot of blahblah.gif about a rash. But I am so sick of dealing with this. And this is my super intense kiddo. So you can imagine it isn't a treat to deal with.


My youngest is having social issues at school. She's uber shy and keeps telling me she has no one to play with on the playground. She can't find the other first graders for the 4 other classes of big kids out there. I feel her pain. Really I do. She dreads recess. Every other piece of the day she loves. But recess? Not so much.


Mama needs a run. Clearly.





And we're coming up on the Griffin 5 k. What's the actual date?

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Of course, MDC has been victim to nearly as elaborate hoaxes from people.

Tell!  Tell!


Real - Glad to hear that things are looking good.  I'll keep sending out the vibes though.


Bec - I'm betting I'm not the only one but I'M SO JEALOUS!


Jo - Thinking of you and imagining the smoothest, most bucolically romantic fall wedding ever! 


Mommajb - I hear you on the gadgets!  I get overwhelmed just reading about it all.  It's a wonder I've figured out how to use my watch alarms.


RR: Back to boxing today!  joy.gif and yikes2.gif I'm sure to get my  a$$ properly handed to me today.


 Yesterday I had two interesting dr. visits.  The first to a rolfer who thinks she might be able to help my and my groin/hip/back pain and the other to a naturopath for a well-woman check up.  She spent an hour and 20 minutes with me and it was the first time in years that I felt like my doctor was actually invested in my concerns.  It was really interesting.  Made me think of our DrJen. love.gif

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Of course, MDC has been victim to nearly as elaborate hoaxes from people. 
Might be a ua violation to talk about it. who knows.
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Geo – hope you can get some rest – teaching 5 days is hard.


Sparkle- sorry things with the prof aren’t good.  Hope the leg feels better soon


Kristina – glad that you are enjoying the volunteer work – even with the rough spots. Even happier to hear that you got a good result at PT. The injection may be a step in the right direction.  Hopefully it will stay in place and continue to heal.


Plady – Holy great turn out for auditions!!!  And I’d love to do the no sugar thing, don’t know that I’d get any cooperation around here tho.


MelW – fingers crossed that if you get offered the job that the hours increase and can work around your other obligations. Oh and lice so sucks. L  I get itchy just thinking about it – we all had them a couple years ago.


Lisa – I totally get the not applying. Gotta make the decision that is best going to work for you and your family.  Keeping your sister and her baby in my thoughts and prayers.


Bec – Wow on your time – giving me hope for down the road.


Kerc – rollerskiing??? That looks really fun – must check and see if anywhere around here does that!


Jo – can’t wait to see pictures from your party, glad that your dh will be there.


Nick – sounds like organized chaos at your house. Hopefully things will level out now that the tri is done.


Geo – so sad to hear that bullying is a problem, but love that you are working on getting the problem addressed (and involving other parents with the same issues).


Shanti – so glad that the appointment went well and that your ds has a treatment plan that will help!  Is there any way to file a complaint/let the ped know that he messed up big time?  Love the idea of a chocolate cake once a month for you dds… I will have to file that away for when my girls are little older.


RE: Kip Litton… I too kept reading hoping that someone would shadow run with him on a race to figure out how he was cheating…. That’s a lot of effort to put into a lie.


Gaye – 40 weeks ago was the Christmas holidays…  I think there was a lot of celebrating going on… IYKWIM. ;)


RR: not today, not enough in bootcamp. really need to just suck it up and go.


NRR: just need to kick this cold. dosing up on Vit. C.  Trying to maintain sanity with schedule. So frustrated with the gap month in pay from teaching (classes started the semester on 8/23 and we don't get a check until 9/30).  Kids are doing swimming lessons and soccer. DD1 started piano lessons last week.  sigh.

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Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom View Post

RE: Kip Litton… I too kept reading hoping that someone would shadow run with him on a race to figure out how he was cheating…. That’s a lot of effort to put into a lie.

Yeah, that's where I thought the article was going, too.


There have been people in the past who have set up blogs or caringbridge pages for their terminally ill or very early nicu babies.  There were a few instances where the perpetrator was taking someone else's blog/cb photos and calling them their own, and then getting donations, including cash, from the MDC community.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Yeah, that's where I thought the article was going, too.

There have been people in the past who have set up blogs or caringbridge pages for their terminally ill or very early nicu babies.  There were a few instances where the perpetrator was taking someone else's blog/cb photos and calling them their own, and then getting donations, including cash, from the MDC community.
Sheesh, people really do suck sometimes greensad.gif.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Sheesh, people really do suck sometimes greensad.gif.

uh, indeed.

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Yuck.  That is so sucky.


DM - The no sugar has really been way easier than it sounded.  I'm still so impressed with my kids for being cool about it.  Now that school has started it's gotten a little harder for them since they see 'everyone else' eating sweets at school and at activities.  But, I figure that if they are sugar free at home, the little they may cheat when away won't kill them, still a net gain right?  Of course, here I am, off the wagon myself at the moment having succumbed to one of the beers that's been in the fridge since August, but I'm taking point on Back-to-School night tonight and I really saw no reason to go entirely straight. mischievous.gif  Of course I hadn't counted on being quite such a cheap date dizzy.gif, good thing I don't have to leave for it for a while yet.


A question for you gearheads: Can a digital watch get faster?


Kerc - Oy!  I'm sorry about dd's rash!  I don't have any advice you haven't undoubtedly heard a million times. 


JayGee - Glad you're feeling better.  How'd the big class go?


RR: Boxing was just as hard as I'd expected.  But I didn't puke so that's something right?  Hopefully I'll feel a little stronger when I go back on Thursday and not like a muppet like I do now.

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Lisa grouphug.gif to your sister and her family. I'm thinking good thoughts for you guys.


Jo, DH will make it home for the ceremony, yay! I can't wait to hear all about it, and hopefully see some pictures, too.


Plady, I love the sound of the naturopath who spent so much time with you. How wonderful, too, to find someone who wants to address the hip/groin thing.

Kerc, thanks for the reminder of the Griffin 5k. Let me know the date and I'll put something on our calendar. luxlove.gif


Sorry to hear about that skin thing, it sounds very frustrating to have to deal with it again and again over the course of years. And hug2.gif to your youngest for the whole recess angst. I hate that. 


Speaking of recess, that was pretty much the only bright spot in DS's day for the first 2 weeks of first grade. He cried every day. I couldn't believe it, after mostly enjoying kindergarten. Things have improved so much, but he is pretty down on himself about being one of the only ones who doesn't read yet. Today, he described taking a standardized test that they do at the beginning and end of the year. His take on it went like "well, there are lots of grown-up words - I mean, LOTS of grown-up words - so I just keep turning the pages, or else I pick a random word to copy down."  duh.gif He's just not ready, so I wish he could sit these assessment things out for another year.


So after my grand run on Friday, I've done nothing, nada, zilch, zero since then. Work has been busy, and I am feeling pretty down and frazzled lately. Maybe hormonal, but knowing that doesn't help it go away, does it?

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Real - definitely thinking of you and your family. 


Jo - I can't believe the weekend is finally here! I hope everything goes wonderfully for you.


It seems all I do is get it together, let it fall apart, then pull it back together again, rinse, repeat, ugh. I was doing really well with eating and then crashed right through my stress threshold last night and baked butter tarts while supporting ds through his homework. Butter tarts are a pretty Canadian thing so in case you don't know, they are pastry (gluten and lard all the way) filled with a dangerously delicious combination of butter, corn syrup, brown sugar, egg, vanilla and pecans. I went straight from an almost paleo diet to corn syrup wrapped in white flour, just like that. I am going to dig through my freezer for some healthy soup tonight to eat before bed to see if I can limit some of the damage and try to reset my body for better choices tomorrow. Of course I am only telling you this after I have had my fill of butter tarts this evening while dealing with all three kids' homework stresses. I am supposed to start my own classes in a couple of weeks. Something is going to have to change around here. dh leaves for two weeks on the weekend and I really need to get myself together and be well. The stresses I talked about in the spring have shifted in some ways but might actually be worse overall. It is a lot to deal with - marriage stress (understatement), teenagers, school, trying to run a business so I have some money, taking care of the lion's share of everything on the home front. I know butter tarts aren't the answer. I just wish I knew what the answer was! I am not sleeping well at all which just makes everything worse. 

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I think the Griffin run is right around now, isn't it? I can't believe how many years have gone by grouphug.gif

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