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Looking up a recipe for butter tarts now...Sheepish.gif

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sept 24, if i remember...
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jo~I'll be thinking about you this weekend. I so wish I could be there! love.gif

Hmm...butter tarts. Sounds tasty. yummy.gif

Christmas and New Years, huh? Shouldn't people be too busy during the holidays for baby-making? orngtongue.gif Come on people, keep your pants on! (But not TOO much, cuz then I wouldn't have a job, lol).

It's been a loooong day already, and I haven't even gone to work yet. I got up at 5:30 to get a run in before new grad class, spent 4 1/2 hours in class (and was SO disappointed...the NICU and birth center people were supposed to meet with the perinatal loss coordinator for our end-of-life discussion--FINALLY, something applicable to us!-- and it turned out she couldn't be there, so we were with the regular med-surg people again, sigh), a few errands, picked DS up from school, took a nap, and am now waiting to go into work in about an hour. Blah. DS is coming down with a cold, so he actually fell asleep with me for the first time in FOREVER and slept for about two hours. Here's hoping it just stays a cold and doesn't get worse.

rr~20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, which resulted in a semi-lame 3.5 mile run. At least it was something. And I didn't realize how late it was staying dark...I have pretty much zero reflective gear, but I wore a white fleece and ran almost entirely on a grassy median. Of course, that didn't help me see the cyclist who almost ran over me when I was crossing the street who had nothing reflective on, no lights, and was wearing dark clothing. rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by bec View Post

Looking up a recipe for butter tarts now...Sheepish.gif



Butter tarts

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I've been looking at several recipes.  I just printed out the one you posted.  I think this will be a fabulous Thanksgiving treat!  But, noticed, 233 calories per tart!!!!  11 grams of fat!  yikes2.gif

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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post

Butter tarts

Shanti - I hope the stress eases for you soon. In the meantime, take good care of yourself, and if that means butter tarts, so be it.

Mel38 - testing such little ones seems so ridiculous. Starting first graders usually aren't reading more than a few words, at least not in my DDs classroom. I think only 4 out of 25 kids are reading more than simple sight words. I hope school becomes more enjoyable for your DS.

Tjsmama - I need to ask, when exactly, do you sleep?! Hope your shift was uneventful.

RR - my back feels FABULOUS this morning!!! The chiro at my PT place is a miracle worker (and easy on the eyes too...). If I have a spare 30 minutes today, a run is totally happening.

NRR - feeling good finally, getting my carpets cleaned today, an hour in the library this afternoon, then the swim, soccer, carpool marathon. Not a big fan of Wednesday evenings.

Hoping for that run!!!!
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butter tart: so like pecan pie in your hand. geez. thanks. I didn't need to know that existed. <must stop obsessing>


Holy crap I'm tired today. Hills yesterday with the training crew. Then out for beers with friends. So. tired this morning. My goodness, I'm not 18, I mean 21 anymore.

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greensad.gif I think I pulled a muscle in my back. It really hurts. I can't run. 


Dh is being mean, and not just to me. censored.gif

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Yeah, this whole butter tart thing.  I mean I agree with JG, Shanti has every right to the butter tart treatment.  But hm.  They sound a little too much like my ideal dessert.  Maybe if they were topped with some whipped cream.  Or hard sauce.  I think I'm actually drooling.


Gaye - I was wondering that too, when do you sleep?  I can't even picture it. 


Sparkle - Yup, Sept 24 is what I was thinking too. 


Nic - hug.gif for your leg and hammer.gif for dh.


RR: Not today, but I sure can feel what I did yesterday.

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Eh, I could take or leave the butter tarts...they sound good, but I wouldn't be dying for them. Something with fruit and cream cheese, though...yummy.gif


jaygee~Glad your back is feeling better!

When do I sleep? Today, I slept from approximately 8am until 2:45pm. With about seven wake-ups to go to the bathroom, turn on the ceiling fan because it was getting hot, and for who knows what else. Actually, that was a pretty good day sleeping! I probably won't sleep as long tomorrow since I don't work tomorrow night...but then again, I do actually get to sleep tomorrow NIGHT! smile.gif

It is going to be a very, very, very looooooooong school year if this is how homework is going to go all year. Why does it take my child at least half an hour to write down the titles of the four books that only took him 15 minutes to read??
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Buttertarts, triple chocolate mint truffle cookies....

Just to be clear, how many extra pounds I'm carrying are due to recipies originating from Jeffi?
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Just to be clear, how many extra pounds I'm carrying are due to recipies originating from Jeffi?

It's probably cold up there north of the border. If you moved there you could shiver off the calories. errr, or something like that.

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hide.gif  Maybe I should share my recipe for dal or chick pea soup or some green smoothies or something...... and yes, I think shivering a lot for half the year does help!

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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post

hide.gif  Maybe I should share my recipe for dal or chick pea soup or some green smoothies or something...... and yes, I think shivering a lot for half the year does help!

well, there is the chicken....

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I had no idea that butter tarts were a Canadian thing. I'm not really a pastry person (you'll find me over by the salty snack end of the table at the dingo buffet, scarfing down potato chips) but my grandma makes a pretty good butter tart. hug2.gifShanti. I hope you're back on track with green smoothies today.


JayGee joy.gif for a happy back!!


Nic, big big hugs. You can do this. All of it. I hope you're running again soon.


NRR- Second round job interview tomorrow is a community meet and greet (contrast first round held 2 hours away from the community). First week of the fine arts e-cademy on site stuff is going well, though the distributed learning package came that came home this afternoon has a few things that need to be tossed out. We've found ourselves to be pretty unschooly over the past couple of weeks and it's working well. We've done a lot of baking as fraction lessons, plus a wonderful day on the beach drawing and re-drawing fractions in the sand and with rocks. Workbooks are looking pretty meh.


RR- I've done four days in a row of bodyrock workouts, which have left me with pretty tight hamstrings. My run post-night shift today was kind of pitiful- 7ish km turned walk at around the 5k mark because of tiredness and funny aches that I felt I couldn't ignore. I probably would have done less but had the ego of running with my husband to keep me going. On the trail home there was a very bold bear who wouldn't go back into the forest even when I yelled at it ( "hey stupid bear, get out of here"). We were downwind, and decided it was wise to take a different route home. 

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MelW - Good call on going around the bear!  I like the idea of baking for fractions practice except that it leads me back to thinking about butter tarts and whipped cream. lol.gif


Nic - Back!  Any way you could get into some water to float it out a bit?  I'd rest it, even if you're feeling itchy, it just seems like pushing a pulled back can drag it all out much longer.


RR: Off to box again today.  Oy are my calves and feet sore!  I don't like to take Vit. I before a workout but I'll certainly need it right after!

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Plady and Nic - Oral Arnica (you can get it at Whole foods or any health food type place, it's that Boiron tube...) works wonders! I avoid Ibu. b/c it's so bad for your gut, but I take Arnica liberally. I do it sometimes before a workout if I'm sore, or definitely after if I'm sore. Also Nic, maybe a hot pad, and some core exercise (planks, nothing with much motion) while you wait it out... Sorry greensad.gif Injuries are the worst!
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Thanks for the arnica reminder!  I did take some before class.  I don't know how much it helped but I made it through, even all the " 10 push-ups then hold the tenth for a slow count of ten." like 20 times. I need a muppet arms smilie.

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I should keep arnica in mind too. I have nearly weaned off the ibu here. Since cutting out grains/beans/dairy, I have a much clearer understanding of the back pain I had been medicating. Crazy.


Speaking of crazy.


I am as ready as I will be, I suppose, for this party. Dh is here. Clothes are clean and pressed and ready. Food ordered, tent to be set up today. We'll go out to the farm in the AM to decorate and set up, and the food people will arrive early to fry samosas on-site. Weather could be tricky, but I officially declare that I no longer care. There will be cold drinks and hot drinks, there will be apples and bars, there will be spicy food and mild food. A full team of Percherons pulling a wagon for hayrides and farm animals for petting. A bonfire after dark with halal marshmallows and chocolate bars and graham crackers. A guest book for everyone to sign. I've done all I can. lol.gif


I worked out one morning this week. It was pathetic and made me sore. eyesroll.gif Bright side, in spite of stress and some factors out of my own control, I didn't gain any weight this summer! Yay!

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I went to my training group last night.

Parting words from the coach (married, no kids, firefighter), "What would really help all of you a lot is to get out 3 x a week and just run/walk/ski for an hour a shot."



Apparently he missed the day when we all went around, told our jobs and other various info about ourselves and described how we signed up for this thing just so we had to go.

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