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Favorite Maternity Pants?

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My first was born in August - so I just work skirts with stretchy elastic waists - and that worked perfectly.  Now that my regular jeans don't fit anymore, I'm looking for some pants ideas!  During the colder months (starting around now!) I usually wear jeans to work. 


Does anyone have any brand recommendations for either jeans or some kind of stretch pants?  I don't usually wear stretch pants, but since the sandal/skirt wearing weather is coming to an end I don't think I can be too picky. 


I took out a pair of my old 36W30L Levis to wear this morning - and let me tell you - I *can't* wear these again!  :)



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I got a pair of these pants from LLBean last year and if you are careful when you launder them, they hold up really well and look nice enough for business casual work, and are comfy enough to wear around home. Feels like yoga pants, but you can dress it up with a nice shirt.





Also, I was about a size 8 when I got them (bought size small, petite) and then lost a bunch of weight and went down to about a 2, and now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and they fit the whole time. The waist band sits low so I have no problems wearing them now. We'll have to see how much I "spread out" in the hips and butts during the second half of pregnancy. LOL.

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Good thread!  I typically hate all maternity pants, except comfy ones around the house :p  So no good recommendations for you there.


I will say that I wear skirts all year round - even in the snow (and we get a lot in northern MI).  I just wear the skirt with a pair of cozy capris underneath.  I have some larger ones that are still fitting my belly right now, but I might have to find some maternity capris by the end of winter.  The ones I have are made of light, knit sweat pant material but cut nicely so aren't noticeable under a skirt (in fact, I think they look really good, not like that "sweat pant" look at all).  Then I wear tall boots underneath so my legs are completely cozy under the skirt!


I'm converting a few skirts to maternity this year (picked up here and there at Goodwill for around $4 each), and using a few pair with drawstrings or that I'd stretched out in previous pregnancies, lol.  I did put away my favorite skirts I don't want stretched :p

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None. lol 

I hate maternity jeans. I've tried on a million pairs, different styles, different brands, below the belly, covering the belly, stretch waistband. None of them fit right, and none of them are long enough for me. I know this isn't helpful for you, but I've decided to stick to yoga pants this pregnancy because I don't want to spend money on jeans I'm not comfortable in and make me feel dumpy.


With that said, I don't wear skirts often, but if they were a regular part of my wardrobe and I was comfortable in them, I'd probably just wear those through winter with leggings underneath and warm boots. Kind of like this picture.  (<-- click)

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I have pair from gap that have a cute fabric for a fold down waist that I love and I also got a pair of motherhood maternity (i know, what?) cropped jeans that i get compliments on whenever I wear.  I work at a little boutique on the weekend so I try to keep up the cute. :)  mostly it is shift dresses, 60's style and I'll add leggings once the cooler weather comes in.

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Thank you for all the ideas, Ladies!


I like the LL Bean pants, but I like the idea of just wearing skirts through the winter. (I honestly didn't think of doing that before!)  The ones I'm wearing now are just thin summer things that I sewed myself, so I will need something that is more 'winter like'.  I didn't think about putting leggings with them - hummm....but that might be the easiest way to go for me since I'm most comfortable in skirts.  I think I'll check out Goodwill this weekend and see what I can find to work with.  Thanks for the ideas!


I'll stay away from the maternity jeans!  I don't even LIKE the way women's jeans fit, so I'm sure I wouldn't find a pair that would work for me. 

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I'm in the dresses/skirts with leggings and boots camp! DD was born in March, so I was big pregnant from like November on. Still working in the office, so I wore a dress with leggings almost every day (I live in the Midwest, so it does get cold).

I do have jeans from target with the full belly panel, the ones with the short maternity waist don't fit me at all. But mostly I wear fold over yoga pants everywhere I go smile.gif
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I finally caved and bought this pair of maternity jeans from Gap (on sale) a few weeks ago.  Last pregnancy, I had a pair with the full panel, and they drove me crazy - I was constantly tugging at it and readjusting.  This new pair is actually pretty comfortable, although even with my five-month belly right now, I find the shorter demi panel being pushed down, so I'm not sure how they'll work in a few months.


My son was a fall baby, so I did the same as lots of you and stuck with skirts for most of the time.  I'm guessing I'll do a lot of skirts with leggings and boots once it gets really cold.  Anyone have favorite maternity leggings?  Or non-maternity leggings that are comfy enough to do the trick until January? 

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Originally Posted by scotia View Post
 Anyone have favorite maternity leggings?  Or non-maternity leggings that are comfy enough to do the trick until January? 


Yes - this - I was wondering the same thing thing morning.  :)  I don't think I've ever had leggings in my wardrobe!

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my friend wore old navy ones her whole pregnancy.  

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I have a pair from Motherhood Maternity - they are super comfy.  I think I will be living in them for the next few months!

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I have a pair of maternity leggings from target that were awful, they always scooched down and I had to pull them up constantly. The other pair I actually liked we're just regular leggings from target, probably from the juniors section actually (I normally wear a women's 4 or 6, I'm not junior sized in general). I have a pair from Old Navy that are good too, even with my big belly already, they just sit below.
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My DS was born in February so last pregnancy I was huge through winter too. I like to wear skirts in the winter, I'm in Colorado so it gets pretty cold so what I do is I make a heavy jean skirt from men's jeans, I like floor length skirts best and then I put a skirt under it for extra warmth and then wear leggings, and snowboots. Like I said I like long skirts so all you can see is the snowboots peaking out and I stay toasty warm like this. Last pregnancy I had a pair of maternity duo pants from jc pennys that I loved, this time... Not so much. I have tried a few other brands but I have not found anything that fits me like I wish it would. Luckily I only leave the house 2-3 times a week.
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I've been on the lookout for some pants lately too. I'm at that awkward in between stage where my jeans are not fitting any longer but maternity jeans I have to pull up every other step. I'm ready for the cooler weather so I can wear leggings and long sweaters and tunics or dresses with tights.

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Speaking of tights- maternity tights?  cut the top band?  I can't buy a size up because I am short and so they just bag in the knees....

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I got a pair at Motherhood Maternity last time too, I just remembered. They sat below the belly so they didn't work their way down like the ones that came all the way over my belly did. Anilia, are you looking for calf length or full length leggings?  I can get away with a size bigger in the just-below-the-knee types because they end up being calf length on my short legs!

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I have some stuff from Gap that has lasted through3 now 4 pregnancies. I also like some of the old navy shirts but they are a hit or  miss. I really love my JC Penny maternity clothes. They surprised me. I am plus size so I was really surprised that the plus size maternity clothes were cute and lasted a long time.

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I was curious about tights.  I have a few pairs of leggings but I always feel weird in them...  

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I went into Motherhood and tried on a bunch of jeans until I found one that fit really comfortably and lucked out that they were on clearance, so I paid $20. I have found this time around that the full belly panel is the comfiest, I even get a little extra support for my back from the belly panel. Today I doubled up the jeans, with the bella band under the panel, and my low back hurts the least today. Since the weather will be cool enough to get away with it I think I will be doing this more and more. I have a couple of other pair of second hand maternity jeans that were given to me from friends, Gap long and lean and a couple of others. I'm going to have the comfiest ones tailored, because they are too long, I'm 5'4. Figured it's worth it since I didn't have to buy them. I foresee buying a pair of maternity leggings too, I've found the under the belly pants really uncomfortable this time, maybe it's my c-section scar. And I can throw leggings under a couple of maternity dresses I have too. A mom's group I belong to does a clothing swap every couple of seasons and I lucked out this time around with the fall/winter maternity clothes so I have to buy next to nothing.

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