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Gifts for midwives/doula?

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I just thought of this and thought I'd ask.

This is my first time with a midwife (we had a doula last time, but for personal reasons she was never able to do the last meeting with us to get our little gift)

Just wondering if people get or make something special, and what kinds of things you are doing?

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Last time we did a copy of the CD that we did for labor/and the newborn period for the midwife and the student.  Our midwife also really liked this old milk pail that was lying around at the property that we had, so she dropped some hints about that so that was easy.  I haven't really thought about that this time around though...thanks for bringing it up.

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i have been thinking about this too because i adore my midwife, but i'm not sure what to get/make her!!! so i'm no help.. can't wait to see what others have done/will do!!!

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I made a stationary type form to keep track of things this pregnancy week by week. It compliments the half sheet size summary of my appointment she gave me each visit. I mentioned it last visit and she mentioned she'd like a copy so I'm going to have some printed on nice paper and give her the template for my gift.

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Can you post a pic of both things? I'd love to just see them.

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My midwife is expecting her own first baby next yr. I will probably give her something baby related. I still haven't sent a gift or thank you to my ivf dr...been too superstitious. So iplan to send chocolates or something to him as well as a birth announcement. Their walls are covered with cute announcements and Christmas cards...many many of which are twins!

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I need to add this to the list of things to plan.  My MIL is my midwife, and is not charging us for her services, so she really deserves a gift.  Last time, I was due right after her birthday, so we got her an extra-nice birthday gift and I knitted her a uterus, because I knew she'd get a giggle out of it.

This is the picture from the pattern, I can't find the picture of the one I made.

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Angel- Its awesome your MIL is a midwife! I wish I could get mine to see its not "risky" to give birth without an epidural. Shes surprised I haven't lost a baby since I refuse to get another epidural (felt forced with my first and it messed up my back)..


Not doing a midwife but gift ideas:

If you don't know her super well a gift card to a restaurant, a nice card and picture of the baby..

Knowing well:

if she likes to bake: a "bakers" basket: apron, measuring cups, cookbook and a "brownies in a jar" mix

gardener: make a garden bag and apron then get some gardening tools

a drawer:  a "art kit" with pencils and pads of paper etc in it


Honestly just about any hobby could turn into a nice gift idea and if I was doing a midwife Id probably do something that didn't have to deal with her job since she spends so much time at it.. Oh and I do mostly handmade gifts, which I guess isn't helpful for those who can't sew.. Any gift though Id put in a picture of the baby because I know most care providers love having pictures of the babies

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For our first birth we got our doula a huge LL Bean canvas tote with her initials... For carrying her stuff around, etc. she loved it!
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