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18 mo and No AF

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My girls are 18 mo now!  I can't believe how time flies.  They have such cute, and slightly weird, personalities.  One's such a goofball and the other just loves to laugh, so they are a great pair.  Lucy loves to sing and Lily loves to dance.  Lucy puts things away and Lily dresses herself (almost).  The hardest part about twins at this age is the way they teach each other things.  One will figure out one fun, neato, dangerous new trick, and then the other will figure out something completely different, but then they are both doing everything...climbing out of playpens, cribs, baby gates...balancing on the top of the couch, the entertainment stand.  Whoa, boy.  They are still nursing, and even though they are (mostly) nightweaned, AF is nowhere in sight.  I have a strong feeling that we may end up expecting again before I ever get a period.  I've tandem nursed three other pairs, but they never resulted in this length of amenorrhea.  It's kind of awesome. LOL  How are everyone else's pairs (and more...) doing?

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My girls are 26 months (2 years and then some!) and it took 18 months to get a period.  We nursed, even through the night until 20 months. 

Glad to hear that yours sound as adventurous as mine are!  Their cribs were taken away (!) at 19 months because they would climb out and then, when we re-moved the side and had day beds, they would push them around the room and use them as step stools to climb up on things!  Ha!  Keep on having fun!

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My boys are almost 15 months!  Their personalites are really emerging and everday I find myself in awe of how special it is to have both of them at the same time! 


AF is still missing for me too.  I do feel like it will be here soon, I started noticing signs of fertility returning.  I have had some crazy mood swings so I think my body is trying to restart itself! 


We are still nursing but they have been nigh weaned since they were six months.  I was expecting AF to be back sooner but they nurse so often during the day, I guess my body still figures I don't need it back. 


How is it nursing them when they are so big?  I plan on nursing until 18 months for sure but I am already getting comments (which I ignore on a good day and on a bad day I educate) about how hard it must be too nurse two that are so big. 

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Nice to hear others are without AF!  My girls are almost 18 months and still nurse at least once at night plus daytime.  I have the moodswings star8kitten along with cramps, occasional spotting, but no more.  It's great really!


My girls are on the small size, but we still tandem feed most of the time.  Sometimes they pull hair and hit when eating, but for the most part they are content. 

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