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Plans for desks and chairs

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I am trying to design our homeschool space.  My husband is a former carpenter and will build it...and will build it sooner if I design it.  I want to have something for the last week in September when we start our school year.  I have a 4 and a 6 year old.  Some of the work we do is standing at the desk, some sitting.  And of course they are growing constantly.  I have a Tripp Trapp chair and a knock off, so I've considered desks that have adjustable legs (holes for bolts at different heights) and taking those chairs from the dining room and replacing with standard adult dining room chairs for eating.  It seems like appropriate height chairs matter even more for schooling than eating...? But then the school table won't be the right height for standing work (like form drawing - we're Waldorf inspired).  Or we could build chairs and tables with adjustable legs?

What do you do for your desks and chairs (outside of dining room option - I really want to use a separate space)?


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We built cubby desks for our kids -- sort of like university study/library carrels. They were lovely: built-in storage for books, art supplies, etc., adjustable stools. We built a lighted cozy-up space in the area underneath the work surface and filled it with a big cushion. But to be honest, the "fort" area beneath was the only area that got consistently used. They would go in there to read. The desks themselves didn't get used beyond the first few weeks. The kids preferred communal, open-concept space for their independent work, rather than a desk against a wall or in another room. We eventually dismantled the desks and used the space for other things.


Now that my older three kids are teens, they are enjoying using desks in the way I envisioned. They set up their space as they like, they settle in and focus on self-motivated studies with their music and their laptops and a pot of tea or whatever. But my 9-year-old is, as I type, working away on the breakfast counter in the kitchen like usual, even though she has a desk to use.



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I want to get 1 desk that the kids can share, mainly for times when they want to do something without being bugged.. We live in a super small place (around 800 sq feet and there is soon to be 6 of us) so having separate desks isn't possible.

We do the majority of our "school work" either in bed, on the porch, on the couch or someplace similar so the desk won't be used much anyway. My older two just wants a "quiet space" for when they need some time away from their siblings.

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We have been working at our dining room table and time at a table in chairs works well for us.  It is time that I'm working with the kids, rather than time when they are independently working. 

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I would have one table be set at the height you need it to be for standing work and one be at the height you need it to be for seated work.

I would think the one at standing height would be the one you needed to be the adjustable height table.

The seated work table could just be a standard desk or table height if you have adjustable chairs. I would use the Tripp Trapp chairs you have at the seated work table.


I personally would spend more time designing storage for a homeschool space than tables and chairs. I've found that over the years we use different areas/surfaces of the house so tables or desks aren't a big deal but we always need better storage for books and supplies.

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