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Vitamin deficiency, selenium and thyroiditis

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I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am battling some annoying symptoms. I think I'm fairly depressed, super tired most of the time, have pretty severe mood swings occasionally. Just generally feel like garbage.  I am MUCH heavier since having a baby, some cold/heat intolerance, lots of issues sleeping. I seem to shift from hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism which is common for Hashi's. I have an HMO and am also battling the docs I've seen to help when all they look at is a "normal" range TSH.


Levothyroxine is causing issues even at the lowest dose. I stopped taking it this week after another night of insomnia. My doc didn't want to prescribe it at all anyway. I decided to supplement with selenium instead since it's virtually side effect free.


I asked to be tested for vitamin D and others such as folate, b12, sodium. I could only get the Vit. D test which of course showed my levels very low at 17. I get outside pretty often, eat a mostly paleo diet which I'd think is very high in all vitamins. But I will admit that I get very irritable in summer weather and try to stay out of the sun.


Going to start taking a Vit. D supplement. Already taking selenium and a generic whole foods probiotic, some vitamin C and coconut oil pills which are almost gone. I use the oil to cook now so I won't be buying the pill form again. I get queasy from fish oil and some multivitamins as well so I'd rather just take what I specifically need.


Any advice for me? What supplements to take with this bugger of an auto-immune disease? Thank you much ladies!

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Anyone have advice to share? 

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