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Okay, so I'm moving in about 2 months. I've been here for 4 years and have accumulated lots of "stuff" the place I'm moving into is going to be smaller. I also have to clean really good before I leave this apartment, walls, floors, fill in holes from pictures. I have all mine and dds stuff to sort and pack. I've never moved with dd before been here since before she was born. Help I don't know where to start how soon to start. What I should take get rid of etc. help!!
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I have moved like 5 times since getting married 11 years ago and twice with my kids. It is not easy! Packing is not easy either with toddlers running around and "helping". We just moved in January and moving again in the spring! When I moved this last time, I started packing early. Few boxes here and there. I do what most people do, and I declutter as I pack. Have 3 or 4 boxes: "trash", "donate", "sell", "keep". Moving is  great opportunity to declutter! Start early and imagine your new place clean, organized  and simple/minimal. When I try to hold on to stuff, I try to imagine if there is place or use for them in my new home? If you haven't used it in 6 months, toss it. Especially clothes, shoes. If you don't wear them, get rid of them. This next move will hopefully be our last, we are trying to buy a house. I plan to only take with me things that I use and love, I don't want to start with a new home full of boxes and things that will just sit and clutter.With kids stuff, I set a limit too. My ds (5) has 2 bins, he can put whatever toys he likes, rest will go to Goodwill. My dd is 2 so I will do that for her. 2 bins of what she plays with. I hate moving, the packing, the unpacking, but I do start early and I welcome the opportunity to get rid of stuff.  Since you have 2 months, I would suggest make a plan, a timeline, lets say, one week to pack your bedroom, one week to pack your living room. Leave your kitchen last. Only leave unpacked what you need to use, few clothes, few toys, few dishes and pots and pans. And leave yourself a couple weeks to really clean well, it is hard to clean with kids around. And label your boxes well, that way you can take your time unpacking and organize as you unpack. Good luck with your move!

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We moved a little over a month ago with 5 kids. My advice, pack as much as you can early. All I did was declutter beforehand and then it was a mad dash to pack at the last minute. The ppl moved out 2 wks earlier then we thought so we moved in earlier.


I'd say declutter whatever you don't want to pack. Then start packing whatever you can live without for 2 months. Label all your boxes so you know what's in them. Wrap glass in newspaper or towels to keep from breaking.

Oh and I added up that I've moved 6 times in the last 8 years.

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If there is any way you can manage it, try to overlap possession of both places for a few days. Imagine how easy it is to clean, if you have everything moved out into the new place!

I would start packing today. Start with the non-essentials - out of season clothes, pictures off the walls, books you have already read. I don't know what you have that life can continue without, but start with a goal of, say, 2 boxes a day; one to move, one to donate. Label everything well, and don't tape boxes closed until moving day - you are bound to make some mistakes! My guess is you will be done with the non-essentials long before moving day. Let a week or so pass, then revisit the packed boxes. How important are these items? Have a goal of finding a few things to donate each day. Also look at furniture - miscellaneous extra little end tables or shelves might not have a place in the new smaller home. Try thinking of the donated stuff in a positive, contribute-to-the-community sense, rather than the negative "get rid of" kind of thought.


Although I hate moving as much as anyone, there is a fresh start kind of feeling to it.


Good luck in your new home, and in the process of getting there!

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