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San Diego moms?

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I'll be in San Diego Sept. 9 - 16 and I'm looking for a few things...


1. Homeopathic Pharmacy or any place I can get homeopathic remedies. 

2. "Crunchy" clothes store, not expensive!


I'm travelling with my 6yo boy so we'll be going to Sea World, Zoo, Safari and Legoland. I don't think I will have any energy left to do anything else but, just in case, what else can you throw at me? We'll be staying at the motel 6 on Pacific Hwy.


Thank you very very much!


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Balboa Park is really awesome and worth a visit, even if you don't go to the museums!

You can buy homeopathics at any Jimbo's or Sprouts (Google to find one close to your hotel.) Not sure about the clothes--by "crunchy" do you mean like, organic fabrics, hemp and such?
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Thank you for your reply! I think I'll do great with Sprouts! 


And no, by crunchy I mean just laid back, maybe Indian-type, hippie-style, etc...



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The Children's Museum in downtown S.D. is fantastic and a good alternative to the outdoor amusement parks... there's also a little museum up in Carlsbad (close to Legoland) called the Museum of Making Music. It's small but a lot of fun for school-age kids. They have all kinds of unusual instruments from different parts of the world that kids can play with, so it's very interactive.
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